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1. A. 用 already或 yet

1) Have they taken down the old pictures ______? No, not ___________.

2) Most of us have finished our compositions ________

3) He said he hadn’t visited the exhibition ________.

B.用 since或 for

1) We have learned five lessons ______ the beginning oF this term.

2) Mrs Liao has been in hospital ______last week.

3) I have stayed at my aunt’s _____two weeks.

C. 用have gone或 have been

1) Where are the boy students ? They _____ to the school factory.

2) Is your father in ? No, he ____ to Shenzhen.

_______he ever ______ there before ? Yes, he ___ there several times

3) He asked me if _____ to Hangzhou before.

I told him that I wanted to go there for a visit as I ______ never ______ to that city before.

2. 选择填空

1.Mother ____me a new coat yesterday. I ______it on. It fits me well.

A. had made…have tried B. made…have tried

C. has made…tried D. made…tried

2“He ____to draw horses already”. “When ______ he ?” “ Last year “

A. learned…has B. learned…did

C. has learned…has D. has learned…did

3.Tom _____up into the tree. Look, he ____ high up there !

A. has got…is B. has climbed…was C. got …was D. climbed…is

4.____ you _____ the text yet ? Yes, we ____ it two hours ago.

A. Did…copy…did B. Have…copied…have

C. Have…copied…did D. Did …copy…had

5. “Why ______ she _____ angry ?”“Because he _____ at her just now .”

A. did…get…shouted B. has…got…shouted

C. did…get…has shouted D. has…got…has shouted

6. ______you __________ the film before? Where _____ you ____ it ?

A. Have …seen…did…see B. Did …see…did…watch

C. Have…seen…have…seen D. Did …see…have…seen

7.You ____ me waiting for two hours. I ____ for you since five.

A. kept…waited B. have kept…waited

C. kept…have waited D. have kept…have waited

8.Where ______ John _______ ? To the library. He _______ there for an hour.

A. has…been…has gone B. has…gone…has been

C. did…go…went D. did…be…went

9.______ the baby still _____ ? No, it _______ crying.

A. Has…cried…has stopped B. Is…crying…stopped

C. Did …cry…stopped D. Is…crying…has stopped

10. I _______ the way. I ________ here for quite many years.

A. knew…have lived B. knew…live

C. know…have lived D. know…live

11. _____ you ever _____ America ? Yes, I have.

A. Have…gone to B. Have…gone in C. Have…been to D. Have …been in

12. My brother ____college for over three years.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. has been in D. has been at

13.He ______ the Army by the end of 1989. He ______ in the army since then.

A. joined…is B. has joined…has been

C. had joined…is D. had joined …has been

14. By the time I _____ back they ____ up ten satellites.

A. came…have sent B. came…had sent

C. come…have sent D. had come…sent

15. Jack ____ over five lessons by seven o’clock. Then he ____ a rest.

A. went…took B. went…had taken

C. had gone…took D. had gone…had taken

16. We ____ out by that time that he ____ a spy for a long time.

A. had found…had been B. had found…was

C. found…had been D. found…was

17. Before the news ____ him, he ____ to know about it.

A. reaches…has got B. reached…had got

C. reached…got D. had reached…got

18. I _____ him a second letter before I ____ from him.

A. wrote…heard B. wrote…had heard

C. had written…heard D. have written…hear

19. People ____ that the soldiers _____ fighting.

A. say…had stopped B. said…has stopped

C. say…stopped D. said…had stopped

20. We ____ in a good harvest because we ____ enough rain.

A. didn’t get…hadnot had B. got…had had

C. had got…had had D. got…hadn’t had

21. They _______ for five hours when they ______ in New York.

A. flew…arrived B. had flown…had arrived

C. flew…had arrived D. had flown…arrived

22. She ____ that it _____ for two days by that day.

A. says…has rained B. says…had rained

C. said…had rained D. said…rained

23. John _____ there since the year before, so he _____ them.

A. had worked…knew B. had worked…had known

C. worked…knew D. worked…had known

24. He _____ angry because he ____ for a long time.

A. had got…had waited B. got…waited

C. had got…waited D. got…had waited

I.用所给动词的适当形式填空。 I____ already ____ (see) the film. I ___ (see) it last week. ___ he ____(finish) his work today ? Not yet . ___ you ____(be) to Hong Kong ? Yes, I _____ (be) there twice . ____ you ever ____(eat ) chocolate sundaes ? No, never. My father ____ just ____ (come) back from work. He is tired now. Where’s Li Ming ? He ____ (go) to the teacher’s office. Shanghai ___ (be) a small town hundreds of years ago. Now it ____ (become) a large city. I ____ (work) here since I ____ (move) here in 1999. So far I ____(make) quite a few friends here. How long ____ the Wangs ____(stay) here ? For two weeks. II.句型转换(每空一词)。 1.I have been to Macau before.(改为否定句) I ___ ____ been to Macau before. 2.He hasn’t come to school because he’s ill (就划线部分提问) ____ _____ he come to school? 3.He has learned English for 5 years.(就划线部分提问) ____ ___ ____ ____ learned English ? 4.I bough a new bike just now.(用just改写) I ____ just ____ a new bike. 5.We began to learn English three years ago.(改为同义句) We ____ ____English ____three years 10. The factory opened ten years ago.(同义句) The factory _______ ________ ______ for ten years. 11.They have cleaned the room twice this week. (就划线部分提问) _____ _____ ____ ______ they ______ the classroom this week? 12. My father went to England in 2003 and 2005. (同义句) My father _____ ______ _____ England _____. 13. John left Beijing three years ago. (同义句) John_______ ______ ______ Beijing_____ three years. 14. His company closed in 2003. (同义句) His company _____ _____ _____ _____ 2003. 15. My father bought the car half a year ago. (同义句) My father ______ ______ the car _______ half a year. 1. Every student _________________ (see) the film already. 2. Kent and I __________________ (write) a song before. 3. Dick _______________ (do) the work these days. 4. The people in the mountains ________ never ________ (see) films. 5. Patty _______________ (buy) a magazine about the school life. 6. The actress ________________ (live) here all her life. 7. The glass is broken. Who ________ (break) this glass? 8. Finally the workers ______________ (finish) that job. 9. ________ you ________ (borrow) the book we talked abut last time? 10. There’s no more wine in the bottle. They ________ (drink) all of it. 11. Tom ________ (leave) a message for you. He ________ (call) last night. 12. I ______________ (see) the movie once before. I __________ (love) it a lot. 13. A: __________________ you (hear) the news? B: yes, I ________ A: Who _______________ (tell) you the news? B: Li Ming ________ (do) A: When ____________________ (he/tell) you? B: Two hours ago

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