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( )1. What’s wrong _____ John?A. with B. to C. for D. on

( )2. What’s _____ with you?A. the wrong B. trouble C. matter D. the matter

( )3. Would you please give me _____?A. an advice B. some advices C. some advice D. any advice

( )4. Is there _____ in today’s paper?

A. important something B. important anything C. something important D. anything important

( )5. He has _____ friends here. He often visits them on weekends.A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

( )6. He has _____ friends here. He like to stay at home alone(独自).A. a few B. a little C. few D. little

( )7. “What’s wrong with you?” “I don’t feel _____.”A. good B. well C. illness D. sadly

( )8. If you have a toothache, you should _____.A. see a dentist B. go to schoolC. drink a lot of water D. lie down and rest

( )9. I can’t go with you because I have _____ homework to do.A. too many B. too much C. much too D. many too

( )10. There are _____ books in the library.A. too manyB. too muchC. much tooD. many too

( )11. He is _____ heavy because he eats _____ sugar.

A. too much … too much B. too much … much tooC. much too … much too D. much too … too much

( )12. It’s easy for you _____.

A. to work out the problem B. working out the problemC. work out the problem D. worked out the problem

( )13. If you have a _____, you should go to see a dentist.A. headacheB. stomachache C. toothacheD. sore throat

( )14. The old man has _____.A. only three tooths B. three only toothsC. only three teethD. three only teeth

( )15. “ What’s the matter with you?” “ I have _____.”A. a sore throat B. sore throatC. a throat sore D. throat sore

( )16. Open your _____ and say “Ah”.A. nose B. mouth C. eye D. hand

( )17. There is something wrong with my _____. I can’t see clearly.A. ears B. eyes C. hands D. feet

( )18. “ I’m sorry to tell you I have got a toothache.” “ _____.”

A. Thank you very much B. What’s wrong with youC. It doesn’t matter D. That’s

too bad

( )19. _____, he exercises every day.A. To be healthy B. Being healthyC. For healthy D. For being health

( )20. _____ he is late for class, but very often he is early.A. Sometimes B. Sometime C. Some time D. Some times

( )21. Did you enjoy _____ in the country?A. to live B. living C. live D. lived

( )22. The woman has a pain _____ her back.A. on B. at C. by D. for

( )23. I’m afraid the medicine doesn’t _____ well.A. use B. work C. eat D. take

( )24. I don’t fell like _____ anything.A. to do B. doing C. do D. did

( )25. He eats _____ food, so he is _____ fat.

A. too much … too much B. too much … much tooC. much too … much too D. much

too … too much

( )26. You had better _____ at home. It’s going to rain.A. stay B. to stay C. staying D. stayed

( )27. When we heard the good news, we felt _____. A. happy B. well C. good D. happily

( )28. There is _____ with the bus. It can’t start.A. something wrongB. anything wrongC. wrong anything D. wrong something

( )29. Though the book is the same _____ yours, but it’s different _____ his.A. as; as B. from; from C. as; from D. from; as

( )30. Although he is tired, _____ he is still doing his homework.A. so B. but C. and D./

( )31. “I have a terrible cold.” “You _____ lie down and have a rest.”A. would B. could

C. should D. can

( )32. Although he eats _____, he doesn’t looks _____.A. well; wellB. good; goodC. well; good

D. good; well

( )33. I think you should drink some _____.A. tea with honeyB. teas with honey C. tea with honeys D. teas with honeys

( )34. What a _____ day! I feel really _____.A. tiring; tiring B. tired; tired C. tiring; tired

D. tired; tiring

( )35. _____ eat _____ snacks before meals.A. Don’t; some B. Not; someC. Not; anyD. Don’t; any

( )36. _____ is important to eat a balanced diet.A. This B. It C. That D. What

( )37. “My mother has got a bad cold. She has to go to hospital.” “_____.”

A. It doesn’t matter B. Don’t worryC. Yes, she has to see a doctor D. I’m sorry to hear that

( )38. “I’m sorry to trouble you.” “_____.”A. It doesn’t matter B. You’re welcomeC. That’s right D. Don’t say that

( )39. “I’m sorry to hear that your brother is ill in hospital.” “_____.”

A. It doesn’t matter B. Thank youC. That’s all right D. Don’t worry about him

( )40. You don’t look well. _____ go to see a doctor?A. Why don’tB. What aboutC. Why not

D. Why you don’t

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