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23, 减肥 24, 失去信心 25, 竭尽全力 26, 放弃 27, 乘出租车 28, 放轻松

Ⅰ、英汉互译 29, 英语演讲比赛 30, 上网冲浪 1,超级市场 2,perfect 31, 毕业于 32,犯错误 高二Unit1-3英语试题

3,物质,资料 4,available

5,顾客(n) 6,receipt 7,延伸 8,certainly 9,大学 10,recommend

11,毕业(v) 12,cotton

13,部,系 14,province

15,条件 16,famous

17,选择,挑选 18,foreign

19, 国家的,名族的 20,force

21,可爱的,美丽的 22,locate

23,重建(v) 24,engineer

25,时期,时间段(n) 26,population

27,保护 28,confidence

29,昂贵的,花钱的 30,museum 31,赞赏,夸奖 32,expression

33,量,总数 34,several

35,兴奋的(adj) 36,fluent

37,古代的,从前的(adj) 38,capital

II、汉译英 1,如…那样的 2,担心,忧虑 3,合计,总计 4,继续,坚持 5,流行,时尚 6,加入,参加 7,用手,以手工 8,害怕,恐怕 9,搭载,开车接… 10,等等 11,现金支付 12,在…的开始 13,因…而著名 14,红绿灯 15,位于,坐落于… 16,名胜 17,长城 18, 为…树立好榜样 19, 充满信心 20,仔细考虑 21, 清点登记 22,付款


III、 阅读理

(A) Sunny English Club

For students

16:00—18:00 Every Saturday

200 yuan a month

9 Zhou Yu Street

Tel: 3785290

Foreign teachers, English songs and films, and more!

Ocean Museum

9:00---17:00 From Thursday to Sunday

Ticket: 50 yuan

132 Xue Yuan street

Tel: 4539871

Come learn all about sea life!

Health Center 9:00——17:30 16 Yong Le Street Tel: 3801451 Free examination for those over 70 Helping you to stay active and healthy! ( ) 1.Sunny English Club is for_________. A. students B policeman C businessmen D nurses ( ) 2.You will pay_______ if you want to be in the English club for half a year. A1200yuan B 3600yuan C 4800yuan D 2400yuan ( ) 3.You can visit Ocean Museum _________.

A on Wednesday B on Saturday C on Monday D anytime ( ) 4.One can get free examinations in Health Center if he or she is___________.

A 9 B 17 C 67 D 73

( ) 5.If you are interested in the life of fish, you should go to __________.

A Health Center B Ocean Museum C 16 Yong Le Street D Sunny English club


Doctor and Robber

One night about nine o’clock, Dr. Eyck, a surgeon (外科医生), had a phone call from Dr. Haydon at the hospital in Clens Falls. The surgeon was asked to go there at once to operate on a very sick boy who shot himself while playing with a gun.

The doctor was soon on his way to Clens Falls. It was 60 miles away. And it was snowing heavily in the city. The surgeon thought he could get there before 12 o’clock. A few minutes later, the doctor was stopped by a man in an old black coat. Gun in hand, the man ordered the doctor to get out. Then the man drove the car down the road, leaving the doctor in the falling snow.

It was after two o’clock in the morning when the doctor arrived at the hospital in Clens Falls.

Dr. Haydon told him that the boy had died an hour before.

The two doctors walked by the door of the hospital waiting room. There sat the man in the old black coat with his head in his hands.

"MR. Cunningham," said Dr. Haydon to the man, "This is Dr. Eyck. He is the surgeon who came all the way from Albany to save your boy."

( ) 6. Dr. Haydon asked Dr. Eyck to come to Clens Falls because________. A. the boy wounded by a shot was Dr. Eyck’ patient B. the boy needed his help

C. Dr. Haydon was not a surgeon D. Dr. Eyck was his assistant

( ) 7. The surgeon was late because________. A. he was stopped by a beggar B. the weather was rather terrible

C. Clens Falls was far away from Albany D. His car was taken away

( ) 8. Choose the right order of the events given in the story.


a. Dr. Eyck was asked to come to the hospital in Clens Falls. b. Dr. Eyck arrived at the hospital. c. The boy shot himself. d. The boy died.

e. The man in an old coat reached the hospital. f. Dr. Eyck was robbed (抢劫) of his car.

A. c, e, f, a, b, d B. a, c, f, d, b, e C. c, a, f, e, d, b D. a, c, f, e, d, b ( ) 9. The boy died because________. A. he was too far away from hospital

B. Dr. Haydon didn’t do anything to save him

C. Dr. Eyck was not able to arrive at the hospital in time D. something was wrong with Dr. Eyck’s car

( ) 10. Who should be responsible for (对……负责) the boy’s death?

A. The boy’s father. B. The hospital. C. Dr. Eyck. D. Dr. Haydon.

IV 翻译句子

1, 长城就在上顶上。

2, 那个女孩用伞来保护自己不受雨的伤害。

3, 老师要求我们做大量的家庭作业。

4, 玛丽想和我们一起打篮球。

5, 她吃得少是为了减肥。

6, 我肯定你在哪里能找到你想要的东西。

7, 她们正在清点登记所有的商品。

8, 你读的越多,你学到的越多。

9, 如果努力学习,就会成功。不要失去信心。

10, 请记住:有志者,事竟成。

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