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浙江省慈溪市范市初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit 1 Will people have robots(第2课时)学案

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Unit 1 Will people have robots(第2课时)学案


1.识记P4 单词

2. 运用What will there be ... in 100 years? 或 What will you do in 10 years ?来询问将来存在的状态或发生的动作。

3.会 使用There will be... 或 I Will + 动词原形回答。



1.写出下列单词或短语 1. 楼房__________2.上高中 3.踢足球 __

4 .上大学 5.弹吉他 6.十年后

7. a tall building 8.be a doctor

9 .play tennis 10.五年前

2. 完成3a (写在课本上)

3. 完成3c (写在课本上)



预习反思 Do you have any questions ?

二.课中实施 Step 1 预习交流 Step2 Warming-up(复习导入)

Step 3 Lead-in (pictures)

Step4 Pairwork practice 3b Step5 描述我自己 模仿Sally 写出自己的情况。

Step 6 拓展延伸 用few, little, less 或more填空

1.The more you are careful, the _______ mistakes(错误) you make. 2 ---Is there a ______ milk in the bottle? ---- Yes , there is.

3. Drinking ______ water is good for health. 4.They had ______ apples than we did.

5. If he uses ____ time to do the work , he will finish it on time. Step 7系统总结

三、限时作业 满分 10 分 得分 ________


1. There are a lot of b________ in our city. 2. I hope there will be more r ____ to work for us in the future. 3. We’ll have more f_____ time to play sports. 4. We can do the work with _____(little) money and ______(few) people than they


5. There _______ (not) be any paper books. Everyone will have books

on computers. 6. Where do you think Sally _____________ (work) ten years from now?

7.There a school show in the theater next month.

A. will be B. have C. will be D. Be

8.What do you think in ten years?

A. will she is B. will be she

C. she will be D. she be will

9.Don't drink coffee before you go to bed , or you sleep.

A. shall B. won’t C. are going to D. will

10. do you think you will be in ten years?

A. When B. Why C. What D. Who




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