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八年级英语下册 Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived(第4课时)学案

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Unit 3 What were you doing when the UFO arrived(第4课时)



1、 准确地朗读并能默写下列单词和词汇:ran, met, happen, anywhere train station,

run away, come in, think about doing sth.

2、 能够运用下面句子进行对话:


1、过去进行时 was/ were doing、



2、Read and answer.

⑴What was Linda doing when Davy ran away? ________________________ ⑵Why couldn’t Linda see Davy?_____________________________________

⑶Where was Davy while Linda was looking for him? _____________________ ⑷What happened while Linda was looking for him? ______________________ ⑸What was Davy doing when Linda finally saw him? ____________________


1. Father _____ still ______(sleep)when I _ _____(get)up yesterday morning. 2. Grandma ________(cook) breakfast while I _____( wash)my face this morning.

3. Mother ______(sweep)the floor when I ______(leave)home.

4. The students ______(have)a biology class when the visitors ______(come).

5. The driver __________(drive )home when it ______(rain)last night.


Step 1 预习交流

Step 2 reading (3)

Step 3 writing (4a) Step 4 pairwork

Step 5filling the blanks (self-check -1) Step 6 (self-check -2)

精讲点拨 ——at the doctor’s 在医生的诊所, 英语中有时习惯使用名词的所有格来表


示该名词生活或工作的地方,例如:at the barber’s 在理发店 at Jim’s 在吉姆家 at the teacher’s 在老师的办公室

I was _____ my aunt’s last night. ( 介词填空)

Step 7circling (self-check -3)

Step 8语法回顾

Step 9系统总结



1.Some students from Class Four _________(play)basketball when I ______(see)them on the playground.

2. Doctor Liu was on duty last night. He ______still ______(talk)with his patients in the hospital at 10 p.m.

3. The street seller _______(sell)clothes when he ______ (find) a purse on the ground.

4. Mr Wang spends a lot of time writing his novel every day. He ______still _____(work)at midnight last night.

5. I ______(read)a history book when someone ______(knock)at the door.



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