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浙江省慈溪市范市初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit 1 Will people have robots(第4课时)学案

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Unit 1 Will people have robots(第4课时)学案

学习目标: 1.掌握新词汇2.培养学生阅读能力

学习重点:words , phrases


一、自主预习:(一)预习任务: Task1. Translate these phrases into English

实现____________ 无声电影___________ 最大的电影公司之一___________

穿制服____________ 看起来机敏______________ 养宠物猪_____________


Task3. 尝试翻译以下句子:

1 当我长大后我想为我自己工作。___________________________________

2 我的朋友们在家里养了一只宠物鹦鹉_____________________________

4 我们必须穿校服去学校。_______________________________________




(三)预习反思:Do you have any question?


Step1.预习交流 Step2. Warming-up Step 3: Lead- in Step4 Practice

Step 5 精讲点拨: There are many famous predictions that never came true.有许多著名的从来都没有实现的预言。 come true实现,达到

Step 5 拓展延伸:词的适当形式填空

1. They ____( not have ) any classes next week.

2. Betty _________ ( write ) to her parents tomorrow.

3. Look at those clouds. It ___(rain ). 4. He ____ ( read ) an English book now.

5. Look! Many girls _________ (dance) over there.

Step 6 Summary

三、 限时作业 (每空一分,共10分) 得分率______

1 There ____ an English speech contest tomorrow afternoon in our school. A will have B will is C is going to have D will be 2 In ten years Joe ____an astronaut. A is B was C will is D will be 3 He is very happy , because he _____ in a big apartment next year.

A. live B lives C will live D will living

4.Kids will go school。(改否定句)______________________________ 5. I will fly rockets to the moon.(划线提问)______________________


6. What is the weather like today? (用将来时改写) What ______ the weather ______ ______ tomorrow? 7. There ________ (be) less free time in the future.

8. He __________ (ride) his bike to school tomorrow. 9.Tom ___ (write) a letter this morning, and he___(send) it to his father this evening. 10. Kate often ______ (watch) TV at night, but this evening she _______ (watch) a new movie in the cinema.

Homework: 按要求改写下列句子,每空一词.

1. They clean the classroom every day.(用tomorrow代替every day) They _________ _________ the classroom tomorrow.

2. Will the flowers come out soon? (作肯定回答) ______, _______ _________. 3. We'll go out for a walk with you. (改为否定句) We ___ ___ out for a walk with you.

4. Tonghua will have a fine day. (改为一般疑问句) ___Tonghua __ a fine day? 5. The students will work in the supermarket.(对划线部分提问) _________ _________ the students _________?

6 There will be robots in our home.(同4)___there ___ robots in our home?

7 I’ll be a robot scientist in five years.(同5) ___ ___ you ___ in five years? 8. She will go to college in five years.(同上) ____ ____ ____she go to college? 词的适当形式填空


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