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浙江省慈溪市范市初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister(第4课时)学案

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Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister(第4课时)学案

〖学习目标〗I、理解并掌握下列单词,词组 opposite, view, interest, most of, though, be different from

between......and, be like


〖基础练习〗词形转换:请将下列词转换为比较级形式. 1.calm 2. happy 10. thin

用适当介词填空 1. Thank you your letter. 2. There are some similarities Liu Li and Liu Ying. 3. My best friend Wang Ping is good sports.

4. That’s not very important me. 5. I like to have friends who are me. 6. She is quite different her brother. 7. Lily likes to do the same things me. 8. some ways we look the same. 9. He always beats me _________ basketball.

10. She is good________ children.


1.Mike is taller than Jack. Jack is __________ __________ Mike. 2.Li Ping doesn't run as fast as Wang Lin.

Wang Lin __________ __________ __________ Li Ping. 3.I study science very well.I am very ____________ ____________ science.

4.Miss Li is popular in our class.Mr.Wang is more popular.) Mr.Wang is ____________ _________

___ ____________ Miss Li. 3. athletic 4. important 5. little 6.many 7. funny 8.good 9. bad


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