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3.空闲的(adj) __________(反义词)________

4.有用(n.)__________(有用的adj) __________(反义词)_______


6.英语( n.)__________,英国( n.) __________

8.地理_________ 9.历史 __________ 10 数学 __________

11. 因为__________ 12.为什么__________


14.特别喜爱的(adj) __________=__________┅__________


1.最喜爱的课程 __________ __________ 2.最喜欢的一天__________


3.开学第一天 the _______day_______ school 4. 周一________ ________ ________

5.和我们做游戏_______games _______us. 6. 第二天 _________ _________

7.一位音乐老师_______ ________ ________ 8.音乐课见see you ________

________ _______

9.上午八点钟 ______ 8:00 ______ 10. 下午一点 ______ 1:00 ______

11.正午 _______ _______ 12. 足球比赛 ________ _______

13.生日派对_______ _______ 14.十二月三十号_______ ________ _______

15.周五很忙 _______ ________ _______ _______ 16.上地理课_______ _______

17.困难但有趣_______ ________ ________ 18. 在那之后_______ _______

19.从十二点到一点______ 12:00 _____1:00 20. 某人是个很有意思的人sb _______

________ ______

21.一节两小时的美术课_______ ______ ______ _______ ________ _____

22.怎么啦? What’s wrong?=_______ ______ ______ 23.有两节数学课_______ _____math ______

24.不得不做某事 _______ ________ _____ 25. 在星期五的下午______

________ ______


1. What’s your/her/his favorite …? My/Her/His favorite … is ….

2. Why do you like …? Because …

Why does he/she like…? Because…

3. Who is your favorite…?

4. When is your favorite…? It’s ….

5. Is that(it) OK with you?

6. Thank you / thanks for sth. / doing.



( )1. When’s your birthday?

A. birth B. date of birth C. date of born D. time of birth

( )A. I like math. B. I like math a little C. I like math best. D. I like math a lot.

( )3. I have lunch at 12:15, and then I will go back home.

A. after B. after that C. behind D. behind that ( )4 Today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday.

A. next day B. last day C. the next day D. the last day

( )5. This boy is 8 years old.

A. This boy is 5 year old. B. This boy is a 8-year-old boy.

C. This boy is 5-years-old. D. He is an 8-year-old boy.


( ) 1. What are your __________? My favorite days are Friday and Saturday.

A. favorite day B. like day best C. favorite days D. like days

( ) 2. Jake likes P.E and music, because he thinks ______are very _______.

A. they; interesting B. their; exciting C. them; exciting D. them; interesting

( ) 3. ______there ______milk in the bottle? Sorry. I don’t know.

A. Is; some B. Are; any C. Are; some D. Is; any

( ) 4. My mother says I can ______basketball only after I finish ______ my homework.

A. playing; doing B. play; doing C. to play; to do D. play; to do

( ) 5. I want ______your birthday party, but I am busy ______ my housework.

A. to come; in B. to come to; to do C. coming; with D. to come to; doing

( ) 6. ______do you have Chinese? I have Chinese _____the morning of Monday and Friday.

A. When; at B. When; in C. When; on D: What; on

( ) 7. I like white _________, because I think they look _______.

A. flower; beautiful B. flower; well C. flowers; well D. flowers; beautiful

( ) 8. Thank you for _____ me _____my math.

A. helping; at B: to help; with C. helping; with D. to help; at

( ) 9. I usually go ______home _____my parents _____Friday afternoon.

A. to; with; on the B./; with; on C. for; with; on the D. to; with; on

( ) 10. _______of my friends is from London.

A. Some B. Many C. One D. Two


1.Alice _________(play) sports every day.

2.That’s__________(she) favorite actor.

3.When is _________(Tom) birthday? How old ______(be) his parents?

4.Is May the _______(five) month?

5.How much _________(be) the blue shorts.

6.Come and join ________(we).

7.LiXin likes ______(China) Kung fu very much.

8.He ________(not have) a guitar, but his brother has.

9.We want some good ________(music) for rock band.

10.Here ______(be) a birthday card for you.


1.我每天真的很忙。I ____ _____ _____ every day.

2. 课后我玩一个小时的篮球。I play basketball _____one hour ___ ____.

3. 我妈妈周一到周六上班。My mother works ____ Monday___ Saturday.

4. 王小姐很忙但很快乐。Miss Wang is very ____ ____ happy.

5.我们自己周日见面吧!Let’s _____ ______ Sunday!

五、句型转换: 对划线部分提问)

___________________ _____________ __________________ science teacher? 对划线部分提问)

______________ ______________ he ______________ the bag?

3. She likes green very much. (同义句)

___________________ _____________ _________________ is green.

4. I think that subject is boring.(同义句)

I __________________ think that subject is ___________________. 对划线部分提问)

___________________ _____________ he ___________________ to bed? 对划线部分提问)

______________ _____________ _______________ Tom?


一、 完型填空。阅读短文,从A,B,C三个选项中,选出最佳选项。


Kate is __1___ 11-year-old girl. She __2____ in American with her family. She likes __3_____Chinese books and singing Chinese songs, because she wants __4_____ more

about China. Every morning she __5_____ to school on the bus early. She is not very happy these days, because she can’t understand her Chinese teacher. She calls her friend, Mary. Mary __6____ from China. She can always make Kate feel __7____. She __8___ Kate that she can help her __9___her Chinese. They can __10___ Chinese together. Kate is very happy.

( ) 1. A. an B. a C. / D. the

( ) 2. A. live B. lives C. like D. likes

( ) 3. A. to read B. reads C. reading D. read

( ) 4. A. to know B. knows C. knowing D. know

( ) 5. A. take B. go C. takes D. goes

( ) 6. A. be B. comes C. come D. goes

( ) 7. A. well B. good C. sad D. unhappy

( ) 8. A. speaks B. says C. talks D. tells

( ) 9. A. with B. at C. about D. on

( ) 10. A. like B. ask C. study D. play


Mike likes music very much. he was young, he wanted But now he is a plays light music when he is working. He finds patients are happy if they the beautiful music. So he puts a CD player the waiting room and plays the All his patients ( )1. A. What B. When C. Where

( )2. A. to B. / C. for

( )3. A. actor B. musician C. doctor

( )4. A. often B. never C. doesn’t

( )5. A. a lot B. lot C. lots of

( )6. A. hear B. listen C. listen to

( )7. A. under B. in C. on

( )8. A. music B. movie C. opera

( )9. A. date B. today C. day

( )10. A. think B. like C. want

二、阅读理解. 根据短文内容,选出正确的选项。

Mum gives little Tom ten yuan. Then little Tom goes shopping. He gets on the bus and sits down next to an old woman. Then he sees the old woman’s bag is open. There is ten yuan in it. He quickly looks into his pocket. The money isn’t there now! Little Tom is sure that the old woman is a thief(小偷). He decides(决定)to take back the money from the old woman’s bag. So he carefully puts his hand into the old woman’s bag,takes the money and says nothing. Suddenly(突然地)the old woman shouts,“Where is my money? I can’t find it. There is a thief in the bus.” Little Tom feels strange(奇怪的). Then he sees his own ten yuan under his seat. Little Tom is thinking a question now,“Am I a thief ?”

( )1. is sitting beside little Tom.

. A young woman B. An old woman C.A young man D. An old man

( ) 2. Little Tom sees in the old woman’s bag.

A. a wallet B. a packet C. ten yuan D. ten dollars

( )3. Little Tom is sure that the old woman is a A. thief B. teacher C. rich woman D. poor woman

( ) 4. Little Tom sees ten yuan under his seat.

A. his own B.the old woman’s C. the thief’s D.the driver’s

( ) 5. Which of the following is right?

A. Little Tom is a bad boy. B. Little Tom often steals(偷)things.

C. Mum gives little Tom twenty yuan.


Lucy: Hi! Tom. How ______ things? Are you Ok?

Tom: Not good.

Lucy: _______ wrong?

Tom: I am late ________ my English test this morning. And _______ Friday.

Lucy: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Most of us ________ Friday. Why don’t you like it? the afternoon!

Lucy: Haha…Poor Tom! I don’t like math, either. But my mother _______ it’s important. Tom: Yes, I know. _______ do you have your math classes?

Lucy: On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Tom: _______ is your math teacher?

Lucy: Mr. Brown. He is great fun. Everyone in our class ________ so.

Tom: I guess he must be very cool.


Do you __ 1____ any hobbies? If students don’t have __2_____hobbies, they may __3____ sad. And they can’t learn well.

We should have many different __4_____ in our free time. We should do things we like. Some students like singing, drawing picture and ___5___ football. Other students ___6___ reading or shopping. But before doing other things, we have ___7___ doing our homework first. Some students may complain(抱怨) that we are so busy every day. We have no time. Of course, as students, we should be busy ___8___ our study. But that __9___mean we have no time to have fun. If we listen to our teacher carefully in class and finish our homework effectively (有效地) after class, we can have our happy hours. So, in order to study well and play__10____, we should learn to use our time well.


Everyone wants to be good at his subjects. But how can you do it well? __1___. Then you have enough energy to study well. ___2___ Now let me tell you. On the one hand (一方面) , You have to have good living habits. Don’ t stay up late at night. ___3____; Eat more vegetables and fruits. It’s good for your health; 4_______. You can do it at any time in the day if you like. On the other hand (另一方面), 5_______. If you are happy and bring happy to others, you will get on well with others.

A. I hope these ways can help your study better.

B. You should get up and go to bed on time.

C. How to keep healthy?

D. Then you can do your work quickly and well.

E. If you want to study better, you must be healthy.

F. you have to keep good mood (好心情).

G. take exercise as much as possible (尽可能多地).


Cindy is my good friend

A.Cindy can also play the guitar, but Jennifer can’t.

B.Jennifer is her sister and Victor is her brother

C.Victor, Cindy and Jennifer can play chess

D.She has a sister and a brother.

E.He is in the school sports club.

F.Victor plays sports every day. He can play basketball very well.

G.And he often plays in soccer games.

H.But Victor’s favorite sport is soccer, not basketball

I.but Cindy doesn’t play with Victor. She likes playing with Jennifer because Jennifer play worst (最糟糕) of the three.

J.They are in a school. Cindy and Jennifer can sing and dance

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