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浙江省慈溪市范市初级中学八年级英语上册 Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister(第1课时)学案

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Unit 6 I’m more outgoing than my sister(第1课时)学案 〖学习目标〗

1. 理解下列单词和词组 outgoing, more, than, short, calm, wild, thin, heavy, short, long hair, thin, funny, quiet, serious, smart, athleti

c, more athletic


1预习 P 93比较级构成的规则变化及不规则变化


smart _______quiet_______ funny_________ tall_______thin______ outgoing_____________ athletic____________ interesting __________

many ____________good___________

3填空: 1.Tom's bike is new, but John's bike is__________.

2.Tom's schoolbag is big, but John's schoolbag is even__________. 3. The weather today is __________ (warm) __________ the weather yesterday. 4.This summer is __________ (hot) __________ last summer. 5.This exercise is __________ (easy) __________ the last one. 6.She is a __________ (good) student __________ her brother is.

7.John likes sports.He is _____________(athletic)than his brother Ron.

8.This book is __________________(interesting)than that one.




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