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浙江省慈溪市范市初级中学八年级英语下册 Unit 1 Will people have robots(第3课时)学案

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Unit 1 Will people have robots(第3课时)学案

励志小木屋:Today must borrow nothing of tomorrow.今日事今日毕。

学习目标:1、知识目标:重点:words , phrases


2. 能力目标:(1)进一步巩固运用will+动词原形来语言将来要发生的动作。



Task1. Translate these phrases into English

宇航员_______ 太空站_______ 爱上某人或某物_____________在十年内 _______ 穿一身套装_______ 会做某事____________ 穿着更随意_______ 去某地度假_______ 总有一天_______ Task2、通过预习3a回答以下几个问题:

Task3. 尝试翻译以下句子:


2.我将住在上海,因为去年我去过哪里并且爱上了它。 3. During the week I’ll look smart, and probably will wear a suit. ________________________________________________________ 4.On the weekend, I’ll be able to dress more casually._____________________.

(二)预习诊断:单词拼写 1. Will people l to be 100 years old? 2. Yang Liwei is the first a____________ in China.

3. I f________ in love with the weather here last year.

4. In autumn, the leaves f to the ground.

5. He lives a in the large house, but he doesn’t feel lonely. 6. If you become a professional player, you’ll be a __to make a living you love.

(三)预习反思:Do you have any question?


Step1.预习交流 Step2. Warming-up Step 3: Lead- in Step4 Practice Step 5 精讲点拨: I don’t like living alone.

Alone既可用作副词,也可用作形容词,它表示客观上只有一个人没有人做伴。 Lonely的意思也是一个人,但它表示心灵的孤独,寂寞。 Eg: I feel at home, I have no friends. She lives in the mountain.


Step 5 拓展延伸:词的适当形式填空 1. Where ___ you ___(live) five years ago? I ___(live) in Anqing.

2. He ____(be ) a teacher after he leaves college.

3.Now he ___(have) lots of leisure time, but he___(have) leisure time in ten years.

4. There ____(be) fewer children in people’s homes in 10 years.

5.____they____(play) football after school next Monday? No, they____.

Step 6 Summary

三、 限时作业 (每空1分,共10分) 得分率______

1. I___ rockets to the moon when I grow up.

A. will put B. will fly C. will take D. will be fly 2. If there are___ trees, the air in our city will be _________cleaner.

A. less; more B. more; more C. more; much D. much; more

3. There is_______ meat but_________ cakes on the plate. Please have one.

A. a little; a few B. a few; a little C. few; little D. little; a few

4.What do you think________ in ten years? A, will Sally be B. Sally will be C. is Sally be

5. —Will there be more people in 100 years, do you think?

—___,I hope.

A. No, there isn’t B. No, there aren’t C. No, there won’t

6. How many people _______there fifty years ago.

A. will B. were C. are D. will be

7. —I think that China will win the World Cup one day.

—I____. The Chinese team is becoming stronger and stronger.

A. agree B. disagree C. am not agree D. think


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