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八年级英语下册 Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park Period 4 Section B 3a-4学案

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Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park Period 4 Section

B 3a-4学案

【Teaching aims and demands】

1.Knowledge goals

New words:attendant,discover,requirement,guide

Key phrases:flight attendant,tour guide ,rather than

Key structures: (1)I’ve been a flight attendant for two years now.

(2)It was because I could speak English that I got the job.

(3)I discovered that the most important requirement was to speak English well.

(4)I want to travel, especially to English-speaking countries such

as ?.

(5)So I’ve started taking lessons at Hilltop Language School.

3. Ability goals

To learn to talk about past experiences

【Teaching key and difficult points】

To learn to use simple past tense



1.最好的方式 ___________________2.空中服务员 ___________________

3.旅游全世界 ___________________4.说好英语 ___________________

5.导游 ___________________ 6.而不是 ___________________

7.例如 ______________ _____8.相当___________________

Task2:Answer the following questions 1.What does Mei Shan do? ____________

2. How long has she had the job?________ 3.Why did she want the job?_______

4.How long did she study English?__________ 5.What kind of job does David want? 6.Has he never been to an English-speaking country?_ _ 7. How long has he been studying at the school?___ __

8.What other job is he thinking of doing?________

Task3: 知识链接

1. ? and I decided that the best way to do this was to become a flight attendant. The best way ________ (learn) English is to use it as often as possible.


the best way to do sth is ? 表示“做某事

最好的方法或途径是??”。如: The best way to keep healthy is to do exercise every day.

2. It was because I could speak English that I got the job.

It is Mr Li who has been to Europe many times.




“ It is / was + 被强调部分 + that / who +其他成分”是一个强调句型,此结构强调的成分

通常是主语、宾语或状语。被强调部分是人时, 可用who替代that。

如:It was a book that he bought yesterday. 昨天他买的是一本书。(强调“book”) It was he who bought a book yesterday. 是他昨天买了一本书。(强调“he”)


Step1.Sharng in the class.

Step2. Leading in T: Have you ever traveled to another province of China? S: Yes, I have.

When did you go there? What did you do there?

Step3. 3a. Have you ever heard of the Hilltop Language School? Here’s an article from the Hilltop Language School newsletter.

Listen and answer the questions.


Write an article about yourself for the school magazine. (3b)



1. These flight __________ (服务员) come from Canada.

2. Mona and her sister want to be tour _______ (导游) when they grow up.

3. Columbus __________ (发现) America in 1492.

4. Susan thinks the most important ____________ (要求) is to learn math well as a scientist.


1. Jenny likes to eat lots of fruits, ________________ bananas and oranges.

2. I want to be a teacher _____________________ a scientist in the future.

3. The two runners took different routes, but they both_________ in the same place.

4. When I_________________ this morning, it was already nine o’ clock. 5. We are________________ a school trip next Sunday.


1. 你去过说英语的国家吗?没有去过。

________ you ever ______ English-speaking countries? No, I ________.

2. 学好英语的最好方法是尽可能的多说。 ____________ to study English well ____________ speak as often as possible.

3. 我妈妈在这家医院已经当医生十三年了。

My mom ________________ a doctor in this hospital ___________ 3 years.

4. 我发现足球赛确实很精彩。 I found the football match ___________________.

5. 我正在考虑飞往上海而不是乘火车。

I’m thinking about ___________ to Shanghai rather than ___________ there ______ train.


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