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八年级英语下册 Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park Period 5 Reading学案

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Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park Period 5 Reading学案

Teacher’s words: Where there is a will, there is a way.有志者,事竞成。

一、Goals:1. New words and Key phrases:

New words:southeast,wonderful,holiday,quarter,population,simply,fear,brave,excellent,

Indian, dark,daytime,wake,fox,natural,environment,temperature,equator,whenever,spring,


Key phrases:three quarters,Night Safari,wake up,all year round, take a holiday,on the

one hand…on the other hand,outside of China,during the daytime,wake up, be asleep, all year

round, wake up, be close to

2.structures (1) Singapore is a wonderful place to take a holiday.

(2) More than three quarters of the population are Chinese.

(3) You won’t have any problem (in) finding rice, noodles or dumplings.

二、【Teaching key and difficult points】 To use present progressive as future


Task1.阅读课文,从课文中找出下列词组并加以翻译: 1. in southeast Asia ______ 2. be a wonderful/good place to do ______________

3. take a holiday ________ 4.three quarters of the population ______________

5. have any problem finding sth.____________________6.feel brave _____________

7.during the daytime/night _____ 8. wake sb. up ____________________

9. be awake/asleep _________________10. be close to ______________

11.three quarters __________________12.all year round __________________


1.Where is Singapore? ___________________________

2.What languages do people speak there? ____________________________

3.Why can we speak Chinese in Singapore ? ____________________________

4.Can we speak English there? Why?___________________________

5. Can we find any Chinese food there ?___________________________

6.What kind of Chinese food can we find ?___________________________

7.Can we try any kind of new food there?___________________________

8.What kinds of new food can we find?___________________________


① Singapore is a wonderful place to take a holiday.

② It’s also a good place to practice your English. ________________________________

Task4 知识梳理(p74-75)


Eg: 五分之三 three fifths 六分之五 five sixths 一半 a half 四分之一 a quarter 四分之三

three quarters

②Population:当表示人口的整体时,视为单数; 当前有分数或百分数等修饰时,视为复数。问“人口多少

“用what或how large 人口多少用large,small Eg. The population of China ________ 1.3 billion.


Three quarters of the population ________Chinese. (be)

What’s the population of the city? The population of India is larger than that of America.


③ Whenever = no matter when 无论何时 However = no matter how 无论怎样 注:however但是=but Whatever = no matter what 无论什么 Wherever = no matter where 无论哪里

Eg.He is funny.Whenever I see him,I’ll laugh. Wherever you go ,I’ll go with you.

④have problems /difficulty (in) doing 做某事困难

Eg.I had some problems in learning English, so I was surprised to pass the exam.

⑤whether…or 不管…还是…

Eg.She didn’t know whether he slept or not. Whether sick or well, she is always cheerful. ⑥This is the best time to do sth是干某事最好的时间. 表建议,忠告的句型。

Eg. This is the best time to plant trees. This is the best time to prepare lessons.

四、合作探究:我们一起来完成3a-4。 Task1.Have you ever been to these places? Discuss in groups.

Task2.Listen to the recoding, and find the key words in each paragraph. Task3.Read each paragraph and answer the questions.

Task4.3c. Correct the mistakes in the following statements.

Task5.After reading, write down three or more things you have learned. We always remember things

better if we take time to reflect.



( )1、The population of Shanghai is ______ than that of Tianjin.

A. biger B. bigger C. more D. less

( )2.In our class ______ of the students _______ girls. A. three fifths ; are B. three fifth ; are C. three fifths; is D. third fifths ; is ( )3.We had some problems _________ the top of mountain.

A. getting to B. to get to C. got to D. got

( )4. You can ask for help ____you need. I will try my best to help you.

A. whenever B. however C. whether D. until

( )5. Your father is sleeping. You’d better not ________. A. to wake him up B. wake him up C. wake up him D. to wake up him

( )6. My friend Lisa is good at all the subjects at school, ________ English. A. really B. mostly C. especially D. exactly

( )7. This is a foreign language bookstore, and ______ of the books are English books.

A. third four B. fourth three C. three quarters D. three four

( )8. –Lisa, your English is very good. ________ have you been studying it?

---since I was 10.

A. How far B. How long C. How soon D. How often

( )9. –I haven’t been to the space museum. --________. A. So do I B. Me too C. Me either D. Me neither

( )10. England, Australia, and the United States are all ________ countries.

A. English-speaking B. English-spoken C. speaking-English D. spoken-English


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