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1. It is very important for us ________ English well.

A. learn B. learning C. to learn D. learned

2.—I often have hamburgers for lunch.

— You’d better. It’s bad for you ______ too much junk food.

A. eat B. to eat C. eating D. ate

3. It's very nice ______ pictures for me.

A. of you to draw B. for you to draw

C. for you drawing D. of you drawing

4 Many people think it's very important _____us ______learn English well.

A. for, to B. to, to C. with, for

5. It is our duty _______our hometown clean and beautiful. We must do something for it.

A. to keep B. keeps C. keeping

6. —Don’t forget ______ your homework. John.

—Ok. I'll do it right now.

A. doing B. do C. to do

7. —Please remember ______ the lights when you leave the room. —OK, I will.

A. turn off B. to turn off C. turning off

8. -- —--- _______ a volunteer is great.

--— I think so. Some of us want_______volunteers for the London Olympics.

A. Being; being B. To be; being C. Being; to be D. To be; to be

9. What bad weather it was! We decided _______.

A. to go out B. not to go out C. to not go out D. not going out 10. Tony wants _______a job as a language teacher in China.

A. to find B. finding C. find

11.—Please tell the boys any noise. My baby is sleeping.

—OK. I’ll do it at once.

A. not make B. to make C. not to make

12.Teachers always tell me computer games too much.

A. not to play B. to play C. not play D. plays

13. Boys and girls, attention, please. Now let me tell you ____ to the Bird Island.

A. how to get B. what to get C. whom to get D. where to get

14. Tom’s mother told him_____ eating too much meat.

A. stopping B. to stop C. stops D. stopped

15. — The doctor told me____ too much but I find it difficult.

— The doctor is right. The less you drink, ______ you will be.

A. don't drink; the healthier B. not to drink; the healthier

C. not to drink; the more healthier D. don't drink; healthier

16. Bruce often asks me ______ him to play the guitar.

A. teach B. to teach C. taught D. teaches

17.My mother asked me _____ the room.

A. clean B. cleans C. to clean

18. Parents often ask us _____ water in our life.

A. save B. savin C. to save D. saves


19. My parents often ask me _________ too much time ______ computer games.

A. not to spend; playing B. not to spend; to play C. to not spend; play

20. Please tell the students ________ too much noise in class.

A. to make B. to take C. not to take D. not to make

21. The final exam is coming. Our teachers tell us _____ time.

A. not to waste B. not waste C. don’t waste

22. Teachers often tell us _____ in the river after school.

A. don't swim B. not swim C. not to swim

23. The teacher told the students_______ any food into the computer room.

A. not to bring B. not bring C. don’t bring D. bring not

24. I’d like you ________ for a picnic with us.

A. go B. to go C. going D. went

25. our English teacher encourages us part in all kinds of after-class activities.

A. to take B. take C. taking D. to taking

26. —Why are you so excited?

—Peter invited me____ on a trip to Yuntai Mountain.

A. to go B. go C. going D. went

27. Take time lo relax by listening to music, reading a book or just spending some time alone. Relaxing allows you to your students with more energy.

A. return B. to return C. returning

28.What time do you expect her________?

A. arrive B. is arriving C. arriving D. to arrive

29. What bad weather it was! We decided _______.

A. to go out B. not to go out C. to not go out D. not going out

30. We have two rooms ______, but I can’t decide ______.

A. to live, to choose which one B. lived, choose which one

C. to live in, which one to choose D. live, which one

31. We can't work out the physics problem. Can you tell us ?

A. how to do B. what to do it C. how to do it D. what should to do

32.This math problem is too difficult. Can you show me________, George?

A. what to work out B. to work it out

C. how to work it out D. how to work out it

33. "For your coming vacation, why _________ corning to Guiyang?" "Good idea!"

A. not consider B. don't consider C. to consider

34. Why not ____ an English club to practice ____ English?

A. to join; to speak B. join; speaking C. join; to speak D. to join; speaking

35. — Don’t forget _____ your history and politics books tomorrow morning. — Thanks. I won’t.

A. bring B. to bring C. bringing

36.— We all like Miss Wang.

— I agree with you. She always makes her English classes ______.

A. interested B. interest C. interesting

37. Nick, would you mind ______ those old jeans? They look terrible.

A. not to wear B. not wear C. wearing not D. not wearing

38. The new treatments ______by Norman Bethune helped a number of soldiers.


A. invent B. invents C, inventing D. invented

39.At least 300 million people are using QQ _________ by Ma Huateng to chat on line.

A.create B.creates C.creating D.created

40. ------What are on show in the museum?

-----Some photos _____by the children of Yushu, Qinghai.

A. have been taken B.were taken C. are taken D. taken

41. It took my daughter two weeks ________the novels _______by Yand Hongying.

A. read; written B. to read; written C. reading; to write D. to read; wrote

42. I spent a lot of time ______ English last weekend.

A. to practice speaking B. practicing to speak C. practicing speaking

43.----- What do you usually do at weekends?

-----I often practice ____English.

A. speak B. to speak C. speaking

44. If prices rise too high, the government has to do something _____ it.

A. stop B. stopped C. stopping D. to stop

45. —I feel tired and sleepy.

—Why not stop ______ for a while?

A. rest B. to rest C. resting D. rested

46. Drivers shouldn’t be allowed _____ after drinking, or they will break the law.

A. drive B. driving C. to drive

47. James, I’m too tired. Let’s stop ____ a rest.

A. having B. have C. to having D. to have

48. Danny did all kinds of things to make the baby ______.

A. to stop crying B. stop crying C. to stop to cry D. stop to cry

49. Many students said that they were willing to work hard to make their dreams _______ true.

A. come B. came C. comes

English words?

A. tell; to remember B. telling; remember C. telling; to remember

51. The thief was noticed _____the office building by the back door on the screen.

A. enter B. enter into C. to enter D. to enter into

52. The mountain ______ with snow all year round, so it’s hard to climb it.

A. covered B. was covered C. is covered D. covers

53.—I think teenagers should ___ to get their ears pierced.

—I agree with you.

A. are allowed B. not be allowed C. not allowed

54. Mom!Would you mind me _____table tennis ?

A. play B. played C. to play D. playing

55.The old man is ill and he doesn’t feel like _________.

A. to eat something B. to eat anything C. eating something D. eating anything

56.Why not _________ your teacher for help when you can’t finish ________ it by yourself?

A. ask; write B. to ask; writing C. ask; writing D. asking; write

57. Sam likes cars. He enjoys _________ all kinds of model cars.

A. collects B. collecting C. to collect D. collected

58. One of the difficulties we have English is how to remember new words and 3


A. to learn B. in learning C. learn D. learned

59.---Mr. Wang,I have trouble _______the text.

一Remember ____it three times at least.

A.to understand;reading B understanding;reading

C understanding;to read D.to understand;to read at night.

60. We went to the beach last Sunday, and we had great fun _____ volleyball.

A. play B. playing C. played D. to play

61. The old men are playing chess. Would you mind __________.

A. turning down B. turn down C. turns down

62. —What could I get my father for Father's Day?

—___________getting him a tie?

A.Why not B. How about C. Why don't you

63.Remember ________ the book to the library when you finish _______ it.

A. to return; to read B. returning; reading C. to return; reading D. returning; to read

64.She used to in the morning, but now she is used to at night.

A. read, read B. read, reading C. reading, read D. reading, reading

65.The young man used to ________ to work, but he is used to ________ to work now.

A. drive; walking B. drove; walked C. drive; walks D. driving; walk

66.----______ you ______take a bus to school?

-----Yes.But now I usually go to school on foot.

A. Did; use to B. Were; used to C. Do; use to

a good time after the exam.

A. to have B. has C. having D. have

68. Jack took an interest in _____ ping-pong soon after he came to China.

A. playing B. plays C. play D. played

69. During the Spring Festival, the heavy snow stopped many people from _________ back home.

A. go B. goes C. went D. going

70. The book is well worth I plan______one.

A. read, to buy B. reading, buying C. reading, to buy

71. Tom's mother is busy _____ breakfast for Tom.

A. cook B. to cook C. cooks D. cooking

72. ---What about________ a rest?

---OK. Let’s go out and have a walk.

A. to take B. takes C. taking

73.— We don't have much homework this weekend. Shall we go out together?

—OK. What about _______ a movie?

A. to see B seeing C. to see D. sees

74. May I have a rest? I have already finished ______ the report.

A. write B. writing C. to write D. written

75. I spend much more time playing basketball than I _______ for my lessons.

A. spend to prepare B. do preparing C. do to prepare D. spend prepare

76. If you see the cartoon film, it will make you ______.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughing D. laughed


77.The movie" Mr. Bean" made us _____a lot last night

A . laugh B. laughed C. to laugh

78.The boss made him work 14 hours a day.That means, he _______ work 14 hours a day.

A. was made B. made C. was making D. was made to

79.Betty is often seen _______the old man with his housework.

A. help B. to help C. helped D. helps

80. The assistant won’t let you ______ the cinema if you haven’t a ticket.

A. enter B. to enter C. entering

81. When I was walking past the window, I noticed Wang Fei________ my homework. I really got_______.

A. copying, annoyed B. copying, annoying C. copy, annoyed D. copied, annoyed

82. I saw Li Ming near the river on my way home.

A. plays B. playing C. to play D. played

83 –Where’s Mr. Yu, do you know?

-Well, it’s hard to say. But I heard him _________ loudly here just now.

A. was reading B. reading C. had read D. to read

84.Jane’s mother preferred __________ TV at home to __________ to the concert.

A. to watch; go B. watching; going C. watching; go D. to watch; going 85. When he arrived at the office, he found all the workers ________.

A. working B. work C. to work D. worked

86. When we practice speaking English, we often end up _________ in Chinese.

A. to speak B. speaking C. spoken D. speak

87.–In the movie Love Me Once More, Mom is moving.

-Yes. Every time I see it, I can’t help _________. A. cry B. crying C. to cry D. cried

much time on computer games.

A. not to spend B. to not spend C. not to cost D. not take to

89. While we were running on the playground, Jack suddenly stopped and lay on the what was wrong with him.

A. to run; to see B. running; seeing C. running; to see

90. Since you are tired, you’d better_______ and have a good rest.

A. stop to study B. stop study C. stop studying A. talking B. to talk C. talk

92. Water Park is a good place________.

A. to have fun B. have fun C. having fun D. to have a fun

93. Plan your time carefully and make sure you have some time what you like every day.

A. do B. to do C. doing D. done

94. _______English well, he practice speaking English every day.

A. Learn B. Learning C. To learn

English, you should take it.

A.speak B. to speak C. spoke D. speaks

96. Mr Wang does what he can ________ us improve our English.

A. help B. to help C. helping D. helped


97. How kind you are! You always do what you can_______ me.

A. help B. helping C. to help D. helps

98. We can make a fire ______ the room warm so that we can chat for a while.

A. to keep B. keeping C. keep D. kept

99. — Do you know why he left so early?

—_______for the English test, I guess.

A. To study B. Study C. Studied D. Studying

100. When people want to relax themselves, they or listen to music rather A. watching; read B. watching; to read C. to watch; read D. to watch; reading

101. —How about going shopping this weekend, Peter?

—Sorry. I prefer ______ rather than ______.

A. to stay at home, go out B. to go out, stay at home

C. staying at home, go out D. going out, stay at home

102. Kitty would rather ______ to the park than watch TV.

A. to go B. go C. going D. goes

103. At present, many people would rather _________ in the country because there is _____ pollution in the city.

A. live, more B. to live, less C. live, less D. to live, more

104.As teenagers,we’re old enough ______ with housework.We can help set the table,wash the dishes and clean our own rooms.

A.to help B.helping C.helped

105. Li lei is sure _______.

A. coming B. come C. to come D. comes

106.Let’s hurry ! There are only two minutes _____.

A. leave B. to leave C. left D. leaving

107.(1)Would you please ____in class?

A. don’t talk B. not to talk C. not talk D. not talk to

(2)Please _____!The teachers are having a meeting in the next room .

A. don’t shout B. not to shout C. not shout D. not shout to


1C 2B 3A 4A 5A 6C 7B 8C 9B 10A 11C 12A 13A 14B 15B 16B 17C 18C 19A 20D 21A 22C 23A 24B 25A 26A 27B 28D 29B 30C 31C 32C 33A 34B 35B 36C 37D38D 39D

40D 41B 42C 43C 44D 45 B 46C 47D 48B 49A 50C 51C 52C 53B 54D 55D 56C 57B 58B 59C 60B 61A 62B 63C 64B 65A 66A 67C 68A 69D 70C 71C 72C 73B 74B 75B 76A 77A 78D 79B 80A 81A 82B 83B 84B 85A 86B 87B 88A 89C 90C 91A 92A 93B 94C 95B 96B 97C 98A 99A 100C 101A 102B 103A 104A 105C 106C 107(1)C (2)A


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