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1. This kind of apple tastes _____and sells _____.

A. well; well B. good; good C. good; well D. well; good

2. ----Mum, I want to buy this dictionary. It is good but not too _____.

----Let me see. It is really a useful dictionary. And the price is ____. Ok, I will buy it for you.

A. high; low B. expensive; cheap C. high; cheap D. expensive; low

3. The old lady lives _____, but she never feels _____.

A. alone; lonely B. alone; alone C. lonely; alone D. lonely; lonely

4. ---Did you find the small village yesterday?

----Yes, without any difficulty, for it has _____changed over years.

A. hardly B. greatly C. clearly D. nearly

5. Is this a photo of your daughter? She looks _____in the pink dress!

A. lovely B. quietly C. politely D. happily

6. This match made them _______at last.

A. happily B. quickly C. slowly D. friendly

7. I find joining the English club _____because it has improved my speaking skills quickly.

A. exciting B. boring C. relaxing D. frustrating

8. ----Don’t you think it _____for us to read every day?

----Yeah, reading can make us knowledgeable.

A. important B. popular C. strange D. possible

9. We will have a field trip this afternoon. The news makes everyone ______.

A. excited B. frightened C. happily D. luckily

10. ----Peter has good grades in all his subjects, but he never shows off.

----I agree. He is very _____.

A. easy-going B. imaginative C. modest D. generous

★★★★★1C 2D 3A 4A 5A 6D 7A 8A 9A 10C★★★★★

11. ----Hello! Golden Sun Hotel. Can I help you?

----Do you have a room _____for this weekend?

A. available B. useful C. empty D. possible

12. ----We all like Miss Wang.

----I agree with you. She always makes her classes______.

A. interested B. interest C. interesting

13. Chinese people were cheering at the most ______moment when Liu Xiang broke the word record.

A. excited B. to excite C. excite D. exciting

14. They look _____because they are twins.

A. same B. likely C. alike D. like

15. ----I’m really _____before the competition.

-----Take it easy. I’m sure you are the best.

A. cool B. serious C. nervous D. patient

16. Mary used to eat fast food. But now she _____eats them. So she is becoming much healthier

A. usually B. often C. seldom D. always

17. Last weekend many people went to the concert, _____young people.

A. hardly B. probably C. mostly D. really


18. ----Bob is ____late for school.

----Me neither.

A. always B. almost C. ever D. never

19. My father bought a new jacket for me .But it is _______too expensive.

A. very B. quite C. so D. a lot

20. Lucy doesn’t like cotton blouses, Lily doesn’t like, _______.

A. either B. too C. neither D. also

★★★★★11A 12C 13D 14C 15C 16A 17C 18D 19D 20A★★★★★

21We can’t see _____birds in the sky.

A. some B. any C. not…any

22. Would you like ____bananas, please?

A. some B. any C. another D. much

23. There isn’t ____water here, Could you get ____for me?

A. some; some B. any; any C. some; any D. any; some

24. ----Could I have _____eggs please, mum.

----Sorry, we don’t have ____these days.

A. some; any B. any, some C. some, some D. any, any

25. There isn’t ___paper in the box .Will you go and get ____for us?

A. some, much B. any, many C. any, much D. any, some

26. Mrs Smith has a cute baby. It often smiles at people ______.

A. friendly B. lovely C. happily D. lively

27. ---I often laugh when I see my grandma learning pop songs. But she says, “One is never ____old to learn.”

A. too B. so C. very D. quite

28. The match was really fantastic, _____when Smith scored in the last minute.

A. probably B. exactly C. especially D. mostly

29. ----Ms Lin is very popular among the students.

----Yes. Her classes are _____lively and interesting.

A. always B. sometimes C. hardly D. never

30. He said he would come to see us _____the next afternoon.

A. sometime B. some time C. sometimes D. some times

★★★★★21B 22A 23D 24A 25D 26C 27A 28C 29A 30A★★★★★

31. ---We are free this afternoon. Let’s go to play computer games.

---Well, I think I’d better watch an English program_____.

A. too B. either C. then D. instead

31. It’s almost impossible for _____few people to do _____much work in _____a short time.

A. so; so; so B. so; so; such C. such; such; such D. such; such; so

32. Can you imagine that _____little ants can carry _____many big worms?

A. so; so B. such; such C. such; so D. so; such

33. ---Whose T-shirt is this?

----It ____be John’s. It’s ____small for him.

A. can’t; much too B. can’t; too much C. mustn’t; much too D. mustn’t; too much

34. ----____do you play football?


----_____Once a week.

A. How much B. How long C. How often D. How far

35. -----_____do you watch TV every week?

----Less than two hours. I often have much homework to do

A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How often

36. ----_____will you be away?

----In a couple of weeks.

A. How much B. How soon C. How long D. How often

37.The light in the room wasn’t _____for me to read.

A. enough bright B. brightly enough C. enough brightly D. bright enough

38. ---Is there _____in today’s menu?

---Yes. We have Beijing Duck.

A. anything special B. special anything C. nothing special D. special nothing

39.Guo Yue did quite _____at the World Table Tennis Championship(锦标赛),but Zhang Yining did even _____.

A. better; well B. well; well C. well; better D. better; better

40. Listening is just as _____as speaking in language learning.

A. important B. more important C. most important D. the most important

★★★★★31D 31B 32C 33A 34C 35D 36B 37D 38A 39C 40A★★★★★

41---How are you feeling today?

-----Much _____. I can go to school next week.

A. good B. better C. best D. well

42. The picture on the right is _____ of the three.

A. more beautiful than B. very beautiful C. the most beautiful

43. Now telephones are very popular and they are much _____than before.

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. the cheapest

44. ---What do you think of the dress?

---Wonderful. I don’t think I can find a ____one.

A. good B. better C. bad D. worst

45. (1) David is taller than ________in his class.

A. all the other girls B. any other girl C. any girl D. any other girls

(2) David is taller than ________in his class.

A. all the other boys B. any other boy C. any boy D. any other boys

46. Though your sister is ____of you two, she is fatter than _____in her class.

A. thinner; anybody B. the thinner; any other girl

C. the thinner; all the girls D. thinner; any of the other girls

47. The more you smile, the ____you will feel.

A. happy B. happier C. happily D. more happily

48. “As middle school students, we should study hard for the future.” “I think so. _____we study now, _____future we’ll have”

A. The hard; the good B. The hardest; the best C. The harder; the better

49. The car is running _____. It seems to be flying.

A. more and faster B. more and fastest C. fast and fast D. faster and faster

50. I’d like to know if Lin Tao is the second _______boy in his class.


A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

★★★★★41B 42C 43B 44B 45C B 46B 47B 48C 49D 50C★★★★★

52. China has ______population in the world.

A. bigger B. larger C. the biggest D. the largest

53. My ____sister who works in the bank is two years _____than I.

A. older; elder B. elder; older C. elder; elder D. younger; older

54. ----Jenny said hello to everyone _____. She looks much than her brother

A. polite; more polite B. politely; more polite

C. more politely; polite D. politely; more politely

55._____we plant, _____our city will be.

A. The more trees; the beautiful B. The less trees; the more beautiful

C. The more trees; the more beautiful D. The less trees; the beautiful

56. ----Where did you go last month?

-----I went to Guangzhou, one of _____in China.

A. lively city B. livelier city C. the liveliest city D. the liveliest cities

57. ----Do you think it is _____city in China?

----Yes, I think so.

A. the bigger B. biggest C. third biggest D. the third biggest

★★★★★52D 53B 54B 55C 56D 57D ★★★★★


1C 2D 3A 4A 5A 6D 7A 8A 9A 10C 11A 12C 13D 14C 15C 16A 17C 18D 19D 20A 21B 22A 23D 24A 25D 26C 27A 28C 29A 30A 31D 31B 32C 33A 34C 35D 36B 37D 38A 39C 40A 41B 42C 43B 44B 45C B 46B 47B 48C 49D 50C 52D 53B 54B 55C 56D 57D


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