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1. ---When is Henry’s birthday party, Lynn?

---The 18 th, _____about three o’clock in the afternoon.

A. in B. at C. on D. to

2. ----When did Hong Kong return to our motherland?

一____July 1st,1997.

A. On B In C At D For

3. ---Oh, so many people in the amusement park!

--- Nobody likes to stay at home __ Sunday morning. A. in B. on C. at

4. It’s nice to have a walk _____ a cool summer evening.

A. in B. at C. for D. on

5. We will never forget what happened _____the afternoon of May 12, 2008.

A. in B. by C. at D. on

6. Marie Curie, the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, was born _____November, 1867, in the city of Warsaw in Poland.

A. at B. on C. in D. to

7. Both my parents were born _____1970. A. at B. in C. on D. to

8. ---When will the party be held?

---_____two week’s time. A. After B. In C. On D. At

9. The teacher will come back ______ an hour. A. in B. after C. on

10. He returned _____a month... A. in B. after C. for

★★★★★1B 2A 3B 4D 5D 6C 7B 8B 9A 10B ★★★★★

11. We’ll play football _____two o’clock. A. after B. to C. since D. in

12. He will start ____ten o’clock. That means he will leave _____twenty minutes.

A. after; after B. in; in C. after; in D. in; after

13.--–Is the manager in?

---Sorry, he is out. But he will be back _______ three o’clock.

A. in B. on C. until D. before

14. You must finish the work _____seven o’clock this evening.

A. by B. till C. until D. to

15. ----Do you know where my teacher lives?

----She lives ______150______Renmin Road.

A. at; in B. at; on C. on; at D. in; at

16. Taiwan is ______the southeast of China. A. in B. to C. on D. at

17. China lies______ the east of Asia and______ the north of Australia,

A. to; to B. in; to C to; in D. in; on

18. Korea is _____the east of China. A. in B. to C. on D. at

19. Connie arrived _____the village _____a snowy night.

A. at; on B. at; in C. in; at D. in; on

20. The old woman lives _____a small village. It is _____two hills.

A. in; among B. at; among C. at; between D. in; between

★★★★★11A 12C 13C 14A 15B 16A 17B 18C 19A 20D★★★★★

21. If you try to sit on two chairs, you will fall _____them. For life, you must choose one chair.

A. between B. under C. among D. into


22. ----Do you know the differences _______the three words.

----Sorry, I don’t know.

A. among B. between C. with D. about

23. Don’t tell anybody about it. Keep it _______you and me.

A. among B. between C. in D. with

24. The football match is _____the USA, Germany and France.

A. between B. among C. in D. during

25. Be careful when you come _______ the street, because the traffic is very busy at the moment.

A. across B. behind C. between D. over

26. The moon light is coming in _________ the window and the room seems quiet and beautiful. A, across B. through C. over

27.--Look, a blind man is in the middle of the street, It's too dangerous.

--Let's go and help him _________the road.

A. through B. along C. across D. over

28. The singer’s sweet voice comes in our classroom _____the window; all of us stop to listen.

A. in B. over C. across D. through

29. The young men walked ______the forest and came to a big river at last.

A. on B. over C. through D. across

30. Granny took a look at us _____glasses. A. by B. with C. through D. in

★★★★★21A 22A 23B 24A 25A 26B 27C 28D 29C 30C★★★★★

31. _____our eyes, we can see more than ______stars on a clear night.

A. With; two thousand B. In; two thousand C. With ; two thousands D. In; two thousands

32. ----Show me the letter, please.

----Which one? The one ______pencil?

A. in B. with C. by D. on

33. ----Can I write the letter _____pencil?

----No, you must write _____ a pen.

A. with; with B. in; in C. in; with D. with; in

34. He makes a living ____selling newspaper.

A. in B. for C. by D. with

35.一How are you going to the Summer Palace?

一We're going there _____bike.

A for B at C of D.by

36--- How are you going to the train station to meet your aunt?

--- I'm going there ________ my car. A. by B. in C. to D. on

37. Please let me know _____.

A. in telephone B. by telephone C. on telephone D. by the telephone

38. We are doing better ____English _____our teacher’s help.

A. in; at B. at; in C. in; with D. with; with

39. Mr. Smith has bought a large house _____a swimming pool.

A. in B. with C. of D. at

40. Boys and girls, wish you to do well in the English exam _____a light heart. Good luck to everyone! A. on B. with C. without

★★★★★31A 32A 33C 34C 35D 36D 37B 38C 39B 40B★★★★★


41. ---Mr. Hu, can you tell us how to learn math well?

---Sure. But remember nothing can be learned _____hard work.

A. by B. at C. without D. for

42. Where’s Lily? We are all here _______ her.

A. besides B. about C. except D. with

43. _____English, she can speak German, Japanese and French.

A. But B. Besides C. Except D. Besides

44. ---Your coat looks very nice. What’s it made_____?

----Cotton, and it is made _____Wuhan.

A. from; in B. of; in C. from; on D. of; on

45. It’s very kind _____them to pick me up at the railway station and drive me home.

A. for B. to C. of D. with

46. ---It’s very import ____us to make plans before a new term.

---Yes. You must try to make it carefully. A. of B. for C. to

47. These coats are different _____ size. A. from B. of C. to D. in

48. Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo won the gold medal for China so we’re proud _____them.

A. in B. on C. of D. for

49. We must be strict ____ourselves ____our work.

A. in; in B. with; with C. with; in D. in; with

50. Don’t read ____the sun. It’s bad ____your eyes.

A. in; to B. at; to C. under; for D. in; for

★★★★★41C 42C 43B 44B 45C 46B 47D 48C 49C 50D★★★★★

51. Since you’re ____danger, why not ask ____help?

A. in; for B. in; to C. with; for D. with; to

52. We looked at each other _____surprise when we heard a bird singing “Happy Birthday to you”.

A. in B. to C. by D. at

53. I really can’t see anything. His head is ____of my view.

A. on the way B. by the way C. in the way D. out of the way

54. I’d like to buy a big and morden house. _____, I hope it’s in a quiet neighborhood.

A. After all B. Above all C. As a result D. At that moment

55. ---Shall we go to the museum?

---All right! I hear there are many first-class photographs ____.

A. on show B. on board C. on sale

56. What a nice day! We should go sightseeing _____watching TV in the hotel.

A. because of B. instead of C. together with D. out of

57. The famous actor often plays ____his children in the park. A. about B. in C. at D. with

58. It's necessary for us to take one hour's exercise every day. I agree _________you.

A. at B. to C. on D. with

59. The two monkeys are playing _____the tall tree. A. in B. on C. with D. against

60. She had to sell the house even though it was _____her own wishes.

A. above B. on C. against D. for

★★★★★51A 52A 53C 54B 55A 56B 57D 58D 59A 60C★★★★★

61. ---Who is the young boy playing the piano?

---He is Niuniu. ____a talented pianist, he is very famous.


A. For B. As C. At D. With

62. Meimei is better than me _______singing. A. on B. to C. at D. for

63.一I hear you have got a ticket ___________the 0pening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. 一Yes.I got it __________my uncle.

A. of;from B. to; by C. to; from D. for; to ★★★★★61B 62C 63C ★★★★★

KEY: 1B 2A 3B 4D 5D 6C 7B 8B 9A 10B 11A 12C 13C 14A 15B 16A 17B 18C 19A 20D 21A 22A 23B 24A 25A

36D 37B 38C 39B 40B

51A 52A 53C 54B 55A

26B 27C 28D 29C 30C 41C 42C 43B 44B 45C 56B 57D 58D 59A 60C 4 31A 32A 33C 34C 35D 46B 47D 48C 49C 50D 61B 62C 63C

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