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A B Ball A is ______ _____ Ball B. bigger than Ball B is _______ _____ Ball A. smaller than



Liu Xiang is shorter _____ Yao Ming. ______ than Yao Ming is _____ ____ Liu Xiang. taller than

Lucy and Lily are twins (双胞胎). Lily is _______ _____ Lucy. funnier than

Write the opposite words 1a according to the pictures.

1. _____ → ____ short tall

2. ____ → _____ fat thin

3. ______ → ______ loudly quietly

4. _________ → _________ long hair short hair


Listen and number the pairs of twins in the picture. 1



Practice the conversation then 1c make conversations about the other twins. A: That’s Tara, isn’t it? B: No, it isn’t. It’s Tina. Tina is taller than Tara. And she also sings more loudly than Tara.

形容词或副词的比较级形式: 原形 比较级

tall fast nice thin early outgoing

taller faster nicer thinner earlier more outgoing

tall fast nice

taller faster nicer (一般在词尾 + er )

(以不发音的字母 e 结尾的 + r ) thin thinner

(重读闭音节词词尾只有一个辅音 字母时,先双写辅音字母再 + er)

early earlier (以辅音字母 + y 结尾的单
词,变 y 为 i + er ) outgoing 前加more) more outgoing


funny friendly outgoing

Listen. Are the words in the box used with –(i)er or more? Complete the chart. (run) fast
(jump) high (work) hard

hard-working smart

(get up) early

-er / -ier friendly funny — funnier smart — smarter lazy — lazier fast — faster high — higher hard — harder early — earlier

more outgoing hard-working — more hard-working

Listen again. How are Tina and 2b Tara different? Tina … is more outgoing than Tara.

is friendlier and funnier.
runs faster and jumps higher than Tara. is smarter than Tara. is lazier than Tara.

Tara … works as hard as Tina. gets up earlier than Tina.

Student A, look at the
chart on the right.

Student B, look at the
chart on page 81. Ask and answer questions about Sam and Tom.

Is Tom funnier than Sam?

No, he isn’t. Sam is funnier than Tom.

Is Sam more hard-working than Tom?

Yes. He’s more hard-working than Tom.


Read the conversation and match the people with the right things.

a. sang better
b. with shorter hair c. practice more and really wanted to win Lisa d. sang more clearly e. danced better

Role-play the conversation. Did you like the singing competition yesterday, Anna? Oh, it was fantastic! Nelly sang so well.

1. outgoing adj. 友好的;外向的 一般修饰人,指人的性格。 在句子中可做定语或表语。 e.g. Mary is an outgoing girl. 玛丽是一位外向的女孩。 My brother is not very outgoing. 我弟弟不善与人交往。

2. better adj. / adv. (good和well的比较级) 较好的(地);更好的(地)。 e.g. The red bike is better than the blue one. 红色的自行车比蓝色的好。 Mike can play the guitar better than

Bob. 迈克弹吉它比鲍勃好。

3. loudly adv. 喧闹地;大声地;响亮地 quietly adv. 轻声地; 轻柔地;安静地 e.g. Don’t talk so loudly. 不要这么大声说话。 All the students are sitting quietly in the library. 所有的学生都安静地坐在图书馆里。

4. which

pron. & adj. 哪一个;哪一些

指上文或下文提到的几个名词 中的一个或一些。 e.g. Which is your bike, Mary? 哪一辆是你的自行车,玛丽? Which girl runs faster? 哪一名女孩跑得更快一些?

5. competition n. 比赛;竞赛;竞争 e.g. The singing competition was very interesting yesterday. 昨天的歌唱比赛很有趣。 6. fantastic adj. 极好的;了不起的 e.g. Look! Our English newspaper is really fantastic. 看!我们的英语报真是太棒了。

7. clearly adv. 清楚地;清晰地;明白地

e.g. Can you see the words clearly?
你能清楚地看到那些字吗? 8. win v. 获胜;赢得 e.g. It’s easy for us to win the game. 我们赢得这场比赛很容易。

写出下列单词的比较级。 funny funnier quiet serious smart outgoing quieter more serious smarter more outgoing


more quickly

tall nice big funny outgoing old



more outgoing


expensive thin smart high fat interesting


more expensive
thinner smarter higher

more interesting

Write about the things that are the same and different between you and your best friend.

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