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( ) 26.--Peter, don’t play that kind of jokes any more?

--Sorry, I ________ do it again.

A. won’t B.can’t C. mustn’t D. wouldn’t

( ) 27. There are about two ________ students in the new-built school.

A. thousand B. thousands C. thousands of D. thousand of

( ) 28. Mrs Smith eats _______ meat, so he is ________ fat now.

A. too much, too much B.much too, too much

C. too much, much too D. much too, much too

( ) 29. He looks upset. He doesn’t know ________.

A. what to do it B. how to do it C. how to do D. do what

( ) 30. --How about your English?

--I found ________ hard to learn it well.

A. that B. it C. this D. one

( ) 31. The accident ________ a windy night last year.

A. took place in B. took place on C. happened in D. happened on

( ) 32. --What were you doing at 9 o’clock last Sunday morning?

--I ________.

A. did my homework B. am doing my homework

C. do my homework D. was doing my homework

( ) 33. You must be very tired. Why not ________ a rest?

A. to stop to have B. to stop having C. stop to have D. stop having

( ) 34. Tom asked my friend ________.

A. where was he from B. that the earth is bigger than the moon

C. when did he came back D. not to be so angry

( ) 35. There is nobody in the room,________?

A. isn’t it B. isn’t there C. is there D. is it

( ) 36. --Where is your father?

--He ________ Shanghai. He’ll be back next week.

A. has gone to B. has been to C. have gone to D. have been to

( ) 37. Tom will stay here ________.

A. two days and a half B.two and a half days

C. two and a half day D. A and B

( ) 38. --Would you mind passing me the book?

--________. Here you are.

A. Yes, I would. B. Sure. C. Not at all. D. No, that’s a problem.

( ) 39. We have been skating ________ two yeas ago.

A. since B.for C. in D. before

( ) 40. This film isn’t _______ so that nobody is ________ in it.

A. interesting; interested B. interested; interesting

C. interesting; interesting D. interested; interested


Dear Connie,

Thanks for your last letter. Everything is OK here now. I am __41__ to know that everything It is very hot here now, but it sometimes __44__. We love the rains very much. We are Time goes so quickly. I am having new experience all the time. It is difficult to __49__ The summer holiday is __51__. Here in Jinan the summer holiday usually __52__ about two months. So I'II be free for over sixty days. I hope you and Linda could to Jinan for a _ the famous “Spring City” in China.

Love to you and Linda.



( ) 41. A. glad B. angry C. surprised D. sad

( ) 42. A. Thanks B. Ask C. Hope D. Wish

( ) 43. A. slower B. taller C. shorter D. smaller

( ) 44. A. floods B. winds C. snows D. rains

( ) 45. A. fond B. disliking C. enjoying D. hating

( ) 46. A. shorter B. taller C. smaller D. bigger

( ) 47. A. libraries B. teachers C. buildings D. classrooms

( ) 48. A. rough B. friendly C. unfriendly D. rude

( ) 49. A. know B. find C. learn D. see

( ) 50. A. as B. under C. by D. with

( ) 51. A. finished B. coming C. going D. over

( ) 52. A. takes B. spends C. lasts D. costs

( ) 53. A. run B. walk C. go D. come

( ) 54. A. sight B. visit C. job D. work

( ) 55. A. around B. to C. for D. visit



A man was selling medicine at a fair(集市). At first he sold bottles of a cure(药剂) for colds for just a dollar a bottle.

Many people wanted to buy it and the man’s young assistant moved quickly through the crowd collecting money and handing out bottles of the cure.

Then, when he had a bid crowd, the man stood up, held up a very small bottle and said, “And now, ladies and gentleman, I am not going to charge you a hundred dollars a bottle for this wonderful medicine. I am not going to charge you fifty dollars a bottle. I am not going to charge you twenty-five dollars a bottle. Now, ladies and gentleman. I am not going to charge you ten

dollars, and you can live forever.

Most of the people in the crowd did not believe this. One person shouted, “ If you can make you live forever, why don’t you drink it?” Then the other man cried, “ Yes, you look as if you are at least sixty years.”

“ Thank you, sir, thank you,” the man answered, “ I am so glad you said that. My real age is three hundred and twenty-nine.” The crowd laughed at this but there were still some people who wanted to believe the man. One of them spoke to the man’s assistant as he passed by, “ Is that true?” he asked. “ Is he three hundred and twenty-nine?

“ Don’t ask me, ” the assistant said, “ I have only worked for him for a hundred and fifty years.”

( ) 56. What did the man sell at first? He sold ________.

A. a cure for colds B. bottles

C. a cure for old age D. a medicine that made people live forever

( ) 57. The people didn’t believe that the man’s medicine could cure old age because _______.

A. the medicine was too cheap

B. the medicine was too expensive

C. he looked quite old himself

D. he didn’t look honest

( ) 58. What does the word “charge” mean in this passage?

A. 变化 B. 付钱 C. 给……钱 D. 向……要价

( ) 59. How much did the man charge for the cure for old age?

A. one dollar a bottle B. twenty-five dollars a bottle

C. ten dollars a bottle D. fifty dollars a bottle

( ) 60. What does this passage really mean?

A. The cure for old age is very useful and not so expensive.

B. The man is not honest, and neither is his assistant.

C. The cheaper the medicine is, the more people will buy.

D. The two men are very honest, and they’d like to help people live forever.


A. one Chinese film B. two Chinese films

C. three American films D. a lot of foreign films

( ) 62. If a man with his child goes to Grand Movie Theater on Sunday, they

will pay ________ for the film.

A.$12 B. $9 C. $6 D. $5

( ) 63. If you are free on Friday morning, you can see the film ________.

A. Kungfu Hustle B. A World Without Thieves

C. Troy D. Harry Potter Ⅲ

( ) 64. You can see three films either on ________ or on ________.

A. Wednesday, Friday B. Tuesday, Wednesday

C. Thursday, Friday D. Saturday, Sunday

( ) 65. From the poster, we know ________ is a director and actor in the film.

A. Alfonso Caron B. Feng Xiaogang

C. Wolfgang Peterson D. Zhou Xingchi


Ted, my little brother, is in Grade One. Last Friday he came back from school with a letter. The letter was from his teacher. “I got a red flower today. Could you please sign this note?” he said to mum. The note showed that he had been talking in class.

Ted hardly gets top scores in his school work. The best he gets is “OK”, but he often gets “You can do better than this.” Mum knows what it means. She tells me “You can do better than this” means “Extremely bad” in China.

In the USA, teachers never say anything too bad about their students, even if the students are making trouble in class or not working hard enough. The worst they might say is “Please be nicer tomorrow”. Many parents are satisfied with a B-grade for each subject.

But things in Chinese schools are quite different. Parents have for their children. I sometimes felt that my second-grade cousin spend more time on homework than I did when I was 6th grade in the US! Yet his parents and teachers didn’t think he worked hard enough.

Is it too strict in China? Or is it not strict enough in the USA? Maybe both are true.

( ) 66.Why did Ted come home with a letter last Friday?

A. Because the teacher wanted to visit his mother.

B. Because he did something wrong.

C. Because the teacher was happy with his progress.

D. Because the teacher thought he was too lazy.

( ) 67.If a student in the USA gets “OK” in his schoolwork, it means ________.

A. he gets top scores B. he gets medium scores

C. he gets extremely bad scores D. he gets the worst scores

( ) 68. American parents will be ________ when their children get a B-grade in their school.

A. excited B. sad C. angry D. happy

( ) 69. The underlined words “high expectations” in this passage means “________”.

A. 很高的待遇 B. 很多的自由 C. 很高的期望 D. 很多的关爱

( ) 70. The writer mainly wants to tell us ________.

A. the differences between Chinese education and American education

B. Chinese students are better than American students

C. American parents are not strict enough with their children

D. what’s the best way to educate child

五、阅读理解填词(每小题1分,共10分) hospitals, orphanages (孤儿院) or homes for the old. They read books to the people in these places, Other young people volunteers go and work in the homes of people who are sick or old. They paint, clean up, or repair their houses, do their shopping or mow their lawns. For boys who no men take these boys to baseball games or on fishing trips and help them to get to know things that Some of these clubs show movies or organize short trips to the mountains, the beaches, museums

66. o________ 67. h________ 67. l________ 69. c________ 70. f________

71. n________ 72. i________ 73. b________ 74. h________ 75. b________

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