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1. When people move to another country, they often try __a__ the customs of their native land.

A. to keep on B. to keep off C. to keep up D. to keep back

2. He is very tired working all day. Don’t b him waiting outside in the rain any longer.

A.continue B.leave C.make D.remain

3. The telegram message about his father’s illness ____b____him hurrying back home.

A. drove B. caused C. made D. sent

4. He ____b____the person referred to be put in prison.

A. said B. suggested C. agreed D. thought

5. Keep your passwords safe: Most on-line sites ____c___a user name and password before placing an order.

A. suggest B. request C. require D. ask

6 --How is Dennis getting along with his work?

--Well, he could always ____a___a new idea for increasing sales.

A. come up with B. come about C. get away with D. get up

7. I'm afraid these new trousers are so tight as not to ________.

A. take on B. have on C. put on D. go on

8. My watch goes wrong again , so I have to have it ______right.

A. set B. mended C. repaired D. fixed

9. Although they are very busy, our parents still _______ a lot of time to us.

A.devote B.offer C.spend D.provide

10. Reportedly yesterday a group of American soldiers were walking along the road in Iraq when a bomb was ____b____ , three of whom were killed.

A.set about B.set out C.set up D.set off

11. She always spoke the truth. She never said one thing and ____d___ another.

A. did B. meant C. changed to D. referred to

12. The second runway of Hong Kong International Airport was officially _b___ on May 26,1990.

A. put into effect B. made use of

C. taken notice of D. put into use

13. I'm not _b___ my best tonight. I'd better not have anything for supper. Perhaps you'd _____me some tea.

A. trying; give B. doing; offer C. making; bring D. feeling; make

14. Very few experts have _c___ with complete new answers to the world’s economic problems.

A. come down B. come around C. come up D. come to

15. There are many inconveniences (不方便) that have to be _c___ when you are camping.

A. put up with B. put up C. put off D. put away

16. No sooner had he got home than he _b___his coat and sat down at the table.

A. threw off B. threw out C. threw about D. threw away

17. Dressed untidily and speaking in a strange way, Father must have a to the people present to be a silly old man.

A.shown B.suggested C.appeared D.thought

18. Off to the east, the sky looked pale enough to __c________ the storm would be passing quickly.

A. suggest B. report C. prove D. explain

19. The book has nothing to do with my subject, so I will _______ for a change.

A. dip into it B. check it out C. refer to it D. look it up

20. Isn't it time you _____ some serious work before the examination?

A. got down to B. took up with C. got off with D. put down to

21. He was to be a musician, but he became a lawyer.

A. thought B. considered C. said D. supposed

22. When you rewrite the paragraph , I advise you to the last sentence as it is rather misleading .

A.point out B.make out C.leave out D.put out

23. Why do we have to ______d__Sue’s bad behavior? We have to teach her to care for others.

 A. get over with B. keep up with

C. make up with D. put up with

24. — How do you like the curtains?

—Well, I’m afraid they don’t ___d _____ very well with the wallpaper.

A. go B. match C. suit D. fit

25. He was suddenly _____with a strange illness when he was about to finish his work.

A. seized B. caught C. hit D. controlled

26. —Will this fish b until tomorrow?

—Only if you put it in the fridge.

A.keep B.last C.stay D.remain

27. As a famous Chinese saying ____a_, he who doesn't reach the Great Wall isn't a true man.

A.means B.goes C.speaks D.works

28. --Mum, it is nice weather. I want to skate this afternoon.

-- Don't you think the ice on the lake is too thin to c your weight?

A. stand B. bear C. catch D. take

29. --Your furniture looks nice indeed, but you b too much for it.

-- I'm afraid it can't be any lower.

A. offer B. pay C. charge D. sell

30. I'm not ___b_ my best tonight. I'd better not have anything for supper. Perhaps you'd _____me some tea.

A. trying; give B. doing; offer

C. looking; bring D. feeling; make

31. She always spoke the truth. She never said one thing and ___c____ another.

A. did B. meant C. changed to D. referred to

32. You'll soon ___d___ after you take a rest for a month.

A. hold up B. pick up C. bring up D. take up

33 . I ____a__ from the crowd an old friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen for ten years.

A. figured out B. picked out C. gave out D. went out

34. Rita a two hours every Sunday afternoon to spend with her son.

A.set out B.set away C.set aside D.set off

35. Cold tea ____d_____ an excellent drink when it is very hot in summer.

A.makes B.produces C.serves D.turns

36.He has been fired and will have to ____a___ over charge of his office tomorrow.

A.take B.hand C.get D.go

37.—Are you ready to leave?

—Almost. I'll be ready to go as soon as I______b__ putting the clean dishes away.

A.get through B.give up C.go on D.set about

38. Eating too much fat can ______c__ to heart disease and high blood pressure.

A. devote B. attend C. contribute D. turn

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