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1.【2013江苏连云港】7. From March 23rd 2013, anyone under the age of 14 ________ go into Disney's US parks alone.

A. couldn't B. mustn't C. needn't D. mightn't

2.【2013四川宜宾】34.—Li Lei, hurry up! The bus is coming.

—Oh, no. We ______ cross the street until the traffic lights turn green.

A. mustn’t B. may not C. needn’t D. have to

3.【2013山东烟台】21.—Whose book is this?

—It our geography teacher’s. You see, his name is on it.

A. can’t be B. can be C. mustn’t be D. must be

4.【2013山东临沂】29. —May I play computer games now, Mom?

—A. must B. can C. could D. may

5.【2013山东临沂】25. —Do you know the song Gangnam Style?

—A. tastes B. smells C. sounds D. feels

6.【2013浙江杭州】23.--Pauline has lost her phone.

–No. It’s in her bag. I _________ hear it.

A. must B. can C. may D. shall

7.【2013重庆】30.Hurry up,or you ____catch the train.

A.can’t B.needn’t C.mustn't D. shouldn’t

8.【2013湖南邵阳】27.—Must I hand it in today?

—. You can do it tomorrow.

A. mustn't B. can't C. needn't

9.【2013 浙江衢州】18. ——Hurry,Mum! The bus is coming。

——Wait a minute, A. must B. need C. mustn’t D. needn’t

10.【2013四川内江】28. —_____I finish my homework now?

—No, you_____. Your work is over today.

A. Can't; must B. Must; don't have to

C. May; couldn't D. Couldn't; could

11.【2013福建福州】37. —Is that girl Susan?

— It _________ be her. She left for Beijing yesterday.

A. needn't B. can't C. mustn't

12.【2013山东菏泽】9. —Can we run across the road now?

— A. needn't B. mustn't C. couldn't D. shouldn't


A. shouldn’t B. are supposed to C. would like to D . will

14.【2013浙江宁波】27. That T-shirt _______ be expensive because it’s by a famous designer.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. must D. should

15.【2013浙江丽水】22. —How many English words do you think I should know?

—As many as you ______. Then you will find reading quite easy.

A. will B. must C. can D. might

16.【2013山东泰安】28. —May I smoke here?


—No, you _______. This is a no-smoking room.

A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. couldn’t D. wouldn’t

17.【2013山东青岛】7. Excuse me, sir. You ______ open the door before the train stops.

A. mustn't B. needn’t C. may not D. don’t have to


1.【2013浙江舟山、嘉兴】23. Drivers ________ wear seat belts while their cars are running on the road.

A. need B. can C. must D. may

2.【2013四川遂宁】34.―Must I return the book this week?

― No, youit for 20 days.

A. mustn’t, keep B. needn’t, borrow C. needn’t, keep

3.【2013四川南充】32. — Excuse me, whose book is this?

— It ________ be John’s. It has his name on it.

A. must B. need C. can’t

4.【2013四川广安】34. —____I swim here?

—No, you _____. Look at the sign ―No swimming‖.

A. Must:can’t B. Can; don’t C. Can; mustn’t

5.【2013 上海】40. —Must I go to medical school and be a doctor like you, dad?

—No, you _______,son. You’re free to make your own decision.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. needn’t

6.【2013 上海】35. A lot of foreigners ______ familiar with the famous places if interest in China.

A. am B. is C .are D. be

7.【2013山西】21. A country has dreams. We teenagers ________ also have dreams. With dreams and hard work,

anything amazing can be created.

A. may B. must C. should

8.【2013山东济宁】19. According to the new traffic law, everyone in a car_______wear the seat belt.

A. can B. may C. must D. will

9.【2013江西】30. There's only one day to go. You _____finish your schoolwork by tomorrow.

A. can B. will C. must D. may

10.【2013 湖北黄冈】37. —Who’s the man over there? Is it Mr. Black?

—It ______ be him. He’s much taller.

A. may not B. can’t C. will not D. mustn’t

11.【2013山东潍坊】21. You mustn’t go off on your own, because you_______get lost in the mountains.

A. should B. must C. need D. might

12.【2013江苏盐城】4.—Are you in a burry?

—NO, I’ve got plenty of time I wait.

A. can B. can’t C. must D. mustn’t

13.【2013江苏苏州】11. ______ a beautiful car! I’ve never seen it before.

A. What

A. can B. Which C. How B. may C. must D. will D. Whether 14.【2013江苏苏州】10. If you ______ go, at least wait until the rain stops.

15.【2013山东济南】40. —_________ I help you, sir?

—Yes. I want a T-shirt.

A. Can B. Should C. Must D. Would

16.【2013湖南株洲】24.-Oh, it's raining hard.

be wet.

A. could B. must C. might


17.【2013湖南长沙】25. —_______ I have lunch now, Mom?

—No. You must wash your hands first.

A. Would B. May C. Ought to

18.【2013福建泉州】36.— Have you decided where to go for your summer vacation?

—Not yet. We _______go to Qingdao . It's a good place for vacation.

A. may B. need C. must

19.【2013湖北武汉】34. —Honey, stay home before I return.

—I ________, mum.

A. must B. can C. will D. should

20.【2013甘肃兰州】36. — Look at the boy playing basketball on the ground. Is it George?

— It ______ be him. He told me he would play basketball after class, but he’s not sure.

A. mustn’t B. must C. can’t D. may

21.【2013广东广州】20.—Must I finish my homework now?

—No, you ______. You can go home now.

A. needn’t B. mustn’t C. shouldn’t D. can’t

22.【2013广东】37. —Someone is knocking at the door. Is it Ann?

—It ______be her. She is giving a performance at the theater now.

A. may B. must C. can’t D. mustn’t

23.【2013天津】37.— Where are you going this month?

— We______ go to Xiamen, but we're not sure.

A. needn’t B. must C. might D. mustn't

24.【2013山东威海】33. —May I go out for a while, Mom?

—A. shouldn't B. needn't C. mustn't D. won't

25.【2013山东莱芜】28. Students in our school ________ know shouting is not allowed in the library.

A. can B. may C. must D. need

26.【2013广西贺州】 39. The woman who is talking with Mr. Brown ______ be Miss Li. She has gone to England.

A. can’t B. must C. may D. mustn’t

27.【2013江苏徐州】12. —Can I borrow your ruler,please?

—Yes,. But you must return it to me before lunchtime.

A. have B. can C. must D. used to

28.【2013江苏淮安】9.—Can I park my car in front of the building?

—No, you ________.

A. won't B. can't C. needn't D. couldn't

29.【2013江苏常州】4.—Shall I take my swimming suit?

—No, you . We will just go hiking in the mountain.

A. mustn’t B. couldn’t C. needn’t D. can’t

30.【2013湖南益阳】24. The man ______be my English teacher. He has gone to Canada.

A. might B. must C. can’t

31.【2013湖南娄底】25. —Must I start now?

—No, you_________

A. mustn't B. can't C. needn't

32.【2013湖北宜昌】31. —Difficulties always go with me!

—Cheer up! If God closes a door in front of you, there ______ be a window opened for you.

A. would B. must D. could D. can

33.【2013湖北十堰】28. —Two hundred years for such a T-shirt! You _____________ be joking!

—I’m not joking. It’s made of silk.


A. can’t B. can C. need D. must

34.【2013湖北孝感】30. —Look at the young lady in red. Is it Mrs. King?

—No. It _____ be her. She is wearing a white dress today.

A. can B. may C. must D. can’t

35.【2013湖北咸宁】26. It’s rather hot in the room. You’d better _______ the windows or the door.

A. close B. not to close C. don’t close D. not close

36.【2013湖北随州】22. —Hello, Lisa. What's the matter?

—I ______find my mobile phone. _______ you seen it?

A. couldn't; Did B. can't; Have C. need ; Had D. must; Are

37.【2013黑龙江绥化】15. — Whose T-shirt is this?

— It ________ be John’s. It’s ________ small for him.

A. can’t; much too B. can’t; too much C. mustn’t; too much

38.【2013黑龙江齐齐哈尔】8. -Must I return before dinner, Mum?

- A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. may not

39.【2013河南】26. —Dad, must we wait until the light becomes green?

—Yes, I'm afraid we______ .That's the traffic rule.

A. can B. may C. have to D. need

40.【2013河北】 A. May B. Must C. Should D. Need

41.【2013 甘肃白银】37. Finish your homework first, then you’ll _______ watch TV for an hour.

A. can B. be able to C. able D could

42.【2013广东梅州】35.—Amy, I hear you’ve got many foreign coins. ______ I have a look? —Of course, I’ll fetch them for you.

A. May B. Must C. Should D. Need

43.【2013北京】26. —____________ you sing an English song?

— Yes, I can.

A. Can B. May C. Must D. Need

44.【2013浙江义乌】18.—Mum, can I finish the work tomorrow?

—No, you finish it today. Don’t put off today’s work till tomorrow.

A. may B. can C. might D. must

45.【2013山东淄博】29. —Honey, how are you feeling now?

—I am much better, Mum. So you ________ take me to see the doctor.

A. can't B. mustn't C. needn't D. couldn’t

46.【2013贵州铜仁】30.—May I play computer games, Mom?

—No, you ____________.

A. don’t B. can’t C. wouldn’t D. won’t

47.【2013贵州遵义】29. —Jim is reading a book under that tree.

— It be Jim. He has gone to Hainan.

A. may B. mustn't C. can't

48.【2013吉林】 43. Now you __________ stop your car when the traffic lights turn yellow.

A. must B. can’t C. might

49.【2013辽宁锦州】8. you please give me a hand? The box is too heavy.

A. Should B. Could C. Must D. Need

50.【2013新疆】34. After a long walk, the old man ______ be tired now.

A. can’t B. must C. has to D. need

51.【2013黑龙江龙东】 33. Clothes made of silk _______softer than those made of cotton. 4

A. are felt B. feel C. are feeling

52.【2013黑龙江龙东】32. ---Could you please tell me how to improve my spoken English?

---Certainly, I___________.

A. can B. could C. must

53.【2013黑龙江牡丹江】 7. —Someone will come to our music club tomorrow. I guess it's Mary. —It__________ be Mary. She left for England yesterday and will stay there for a week.

A. mustn't B. needn't C. can't

54.【2013湖北恩施】27.-Miss Li,must I finish my writing today?

-No, you _______.You ________give it to me tomorrow afternoon.

A. mustn’t; can lt. can't; must C. needn't; may

55.【2013江苏宿迁】12. The lady in the sitting room be over sixty. She looks so young.

A. can’t B. must C. may D. needn’t

56.【2013江苏宿迁】4. The cake delicious. I can’t wait to eat it.

A. feels B. sounds C. becomes D. Smells

57.【2013辽宁大连】7.The British Museum is very serious. Visitors _______ keep quiet.

A. may B. might C. can D. must

58.【2013内蒙古包头】26.-- Is Jack on duty today?


A. mustn’t B. won’t C. can’t D. needn’t

59.【2013内蒙古包头】35.I like seeing kids happy and, if they A. are B. do C. have D. will

60.【2013青海】32.—Must I stay at home the whole afternoon?


A. may not B. mustn’t C. needn’t

61.【2013四川成都】43. --- Can I finish my homework tomorrow?

--- ______. You must finish today.

A. Yes, you can B. No, you needn’t C. No, you can’t

62.【2013云南】39.—Where is my watch? I_______ find it.

—Don’t worry. It must be somewhere in your room.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. shouldn’t

63.【2013新疆乌鲁木齐】28. —I think the girl under the tree must be Alice.

—No, it _______be her. She is in the gym now.

A. can’t B. mustn’t C. may D. may not

64.【2013新疆阜康、米泉】37. —Is Mr Brown driving here?

—I’m not sure. He ______ come by train.

A. may B. shall C. need D. must


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