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尤溪县2013—2014年八年级(上)期末学习效果评价 英 语 试 题







1. wo do you likes ____.

A.home B.dog C.cat D.famter

2.Ann and Tommy have_____ sons.

A.one B.two C.three D.no


A. home B.dome C.three D.no

4.Susan’s full name is____.

A.Susan Ann B.Susan ann C.Susan Brown D.Susan Black

5.—What does Mile White do?


A. He is a teacher B.He is a farmer

C.He is a actor D.He is a doctor

2013—2014年八年级(上)期末试题 英语试题 共7页,第1页。

6.—What’s the essential to health?


A.wo do you like home B.Yes, the does

C.Fresh must D.Freshs musts

7.What ____ weather! Let’s go and visit the West Lake.

A.an nice B.nice C.bad D.a nice

8.Tom is a ____ boy. He never cleans his bedroom by himself.

A. clever B.ugly C.lazy D.funny

9.He was just looking out of the window ____ the teacher called him.

A.while B.when C.until D.since

10. He and his friends ____ much time _____ the work last month.

A.spends; doing B.apent; doing

C.took; to do D.cost; do


No air means death. There is air around us we can’t see it. Air is everywhere and it gives to every living thing. We can’t live it. Bad air makes people ill. We must have fresh air to keep us . In the city there are a lot of people and there are too many running on the road. The gas which the car sends out is made up of(组成—out. This makes us feel sick.There are many , too. From the chimneys(烟囱) of these factories, we 18 get the smoke in black color. This kind of smoke is to our health. So in order to keep us healthy, we have to go out to the to breathe more fresh air. Or we can go up hills to get more fresh air.

11. A. because B. though C. so

12.A. life B. name C. pleasure

13.A. with B. without C. below

14.A. quiet B. tall C. healthy

15. A. dogs B. trains C. cars

16. A. breathe B. draw C. bring

17. A. animals B. people C. factories

2013—2014年八年级(上)期末试题 英语试题 共7页,第2页

18. A. usually B. never C. seldom

19. A. helpful B. dangerous C. necessary

20. A. office B. city C. Countryside



Did you hear of the city of Shenzhon? It is in the south of china. Many people are very interested in(对??感兴趣)it. It is not very big. But it has attracted (吸引)people all over the country and the whole world , too.

I have been there many times. Juse about twenty years ago, it was only a small village. There were not many people there. Most of them were fisherman. Because of the open policy (开放政策),it has become the first special economic zone(经济特区)in china. It is a very good example to many cities in our country. 任务一:选择题。(4%)

21._____you hear of the city of shenzhou?

A. Did B.did C.very D.world

22. It is a very good example to many cities in our ______.

A. country B.Did C.did D.citise


23. Where is the city of Shenzhou?

It is _____ ______ ______ _____ ______

24.Is it very big?

______, _____ ______

25.How many years ago was it only a small place?

_______ , _______ ________ ago.


We will use more land to build new cities and less land for cows and sheep. This will make meat more expensive. No one will eat it every day if we eat more fruit and vegetables, and we will become healthier.


26.we will use _____ land to build new cities and____ land for cows and sheep.

A.more ; less B.less; more C.mores; less D.more; lessd

27.This will make meat _____ expensive.

A.will B.mores C.more D.make 2013—2014年八年级(上)期末试题 英语试题 共7页,第3页

28.No one will eat it every day if we eat _____ fruit and ______.

A. more ; vegetables B.vegetables ; more

C.mores ; make D.make ; vegetables


29.we will ______ hathier

30.wo do you ________


Life in the future will be different from life today. Scientise will make computers much smaller and more useful. People will work fewer hours than they now and this will make life easier. Travelling will be much cheaper and mores people will go to other coutries for holidays.


31. Life in the ______ will be different.

A. future B.more C.make D.fewer

32.people will ________ other coutres for holidays.

A.home B.no to C.go to D.to go


( )33.Life in the more will be different from life today.

( )34.People will work fewer hours than they now and this will make life easier.



36.We should use the Internet _______.

37.Math is very _____ . It can help us a lot in our everyday life.

38.Lucy is only 35kg. She is even ______. Than her younger sister Lily.

39.My brother likes sports and he has a sports.


40.Mr. Black bought an________(昂贵的)car last month.

41.I don’t know whether the news is ________(确实的)or not.

2013—2014年八年级(上)期末试题 英语试题 共7页, 第4页

42.We can use the Internet to________(搜索)for information.

43.I don’t like English ________(语法)because it’s diffmation and boring.

44.As a studay, you shouldn’t vis it any unhealthy ________(网站)online.



He is ________ young _______ join the army.


Pandas _______ ________ bamboo


She always _______ ________ on waching TV.


_______ ________ people are watching the soccer game.


The more you take exercise, ________ ________ you will be.


50.以Internet为题,用英语写一篇80词左右的短文,谈谈你对互联网的看法。 写作点拨:1.可以参考英语课

2.参考词汇:more and more ; fast and convenient(快且方便) Information ; talk to different people ; in trouble Use it correctly.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2013—2014年八年级(上)期末试题 英语试题 共8页,第5页




2013—2014年八年级(上)期末试题 英语试题 共7页,第6页





1.______2._______3._______4.________5._______6.________7.______8.________9.________10._______ 二、完形填空。(10%) 11.______12._______13._______14._______15.______16.______17.______18._______19._______20._______ 三、阅读理解。(30%) 21._______22._______23._______ _______ _______ ______ ______ 24.________ ________ ________25.________ _________ ________ 26.________27.________28._______29.________30._________31.________32.________33.________34._______ 四、填空题。(30%) 35.________36.________37._________38.________39._________40.____________41._________42._________43.__________44.____________ 45.__________ ___________46.__________ ____________ 47.___________ ___________48.___________ _____________ 49.____________ ____________ 五、书面表达。(10%) 50._________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

2013—2014年八年级(上)期末试题 英语试题 共7页,第7页





1.A 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.C 6.C 7.B 8.C 9.B 10.B


11—15. ABBCC 16—20. ACABC


(A)21.A 22.A 23. in the south of china 24.No it can’t

25.Twenty years

(B)26. A 27. C 28.A 29. use 30.like

(C)31. A 32.C 33. F 34. T


(A)35.funny 36. safely 37. useful 38. thinner 39. collection

(B)40. expensive 41. true 42. search 43. grammar 44.website

(C)45. too ; to 46.feed ; on 47.spends ; time

48.Thousands ; of 49.the healthier



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