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Unit 5 Our School Life Topic 1 how do you usually

go to school ?

1. at the school gate 在学校大门口

2. Happy New Year! 新年快乐 3. The same to you! 也同样祝你--- --- 4. looks very nice! 看起来漂亮 5. come to school 来上学 6. come by bike= ride(s) a bike 骑自行车

7. go by subway=take(s) the

subway= in a subway乘地铁

8. go by bus=take (s) a bus / in a bus /

on a bus 乘公共汽车

9. by plane / by air /in a plane / on a

plane 乘飞机

10. by car /in a car / take a car 坐小汽车

11. by train / in a train / on a train / take

a train乘火车

12. by ship/by boat / on a ship/boat /

take the ship 坐船 13. go on foot=walk to步行

14. walk to school 走路上学 15. watch TV 看电视

16. do one`s homework 做家庭作业 17. see a movie 看电影 18. Good evening 晚上好 19. want to do sth 想要做某事 20. what time 什么时间 21. get up 起床 22. on weekdays 周末

23. at about six o’clock在大约六点钟 24. come on 快点 25. It`s time for class 该上课了 26. It`s time to have class 该上课了


27. know about 了解--- --- 的情况

28. school life 学校生活 29. American students美国学生 30. take a yellow school bus 乘一辆黄色的校车

31. have/has lunch 吃午餐

32. at school 在学校,在上学 33. eat out外出吃饭,上馆子 34. on school days 在校期间 35. have a short rest 休息一会儿 36. after lunch 午餐后

37. after supper/after dinner 晚饭后 38. after class 下课后 39. after school 放学后 40. listen to music 听音乐 41. read books 看书 42. go to the park 去公园 43. go to the zoo 去动物园 44. go to the library 去图书馆 45. go to school 去上学 46. go to work 去上班 47. school is over 放学了 48. class is over 下课了 49. in one`s free/spare time 在某人的业余时间里

50. play basketball 打篮球 51. play soccer 踢足球 52. go swimming 去游泳 53. go shopping 去买东西 54. go fishing 去钓鱼 55. go skating 去滑旱冰 56. go skiing 去滑冰 57. go climbing mountains去爬山 58. go hiking 去远足 59. how often 多久一次 60. ball games 球赛

61. have ball games 举行球赛 62. four times a year 每年四次 63. meet friends 见朋友 64. once a week 每周一次 65. twice a week 每周两次 66. three times a week 每周三次 67. Work must come first! 工作(学习)必须放在第一

68. twenty past six 六点过二十分 69. at twenty past six 在六点二十分 70. have / has breakfast 吃早餐 71. have / has lunch 吃午餐 72. have / has supper 吃晚餐 73. have / has dinner 吃晚餐 74. half past seven 七点半 75. a quarter past five五点过十五分 76. get home 到家 77. go / goes to bed 上床睡觉 78. a quarter to ten 十点过十五分 79. drive a car 开小汽车 80. the Great Wall 长城

Topic 2 He is playing soccer on the playground

1. Computer room 电脑室 2. dining hall 食堂

3. teachers` office 教师办公室 4. classroom building 教学楼 5. swimming pool 游泳池 6. in the library 在图书馆 7. in the dormitory 在宿舍里 8. in the dining hall 在食堂里 9. on the playground 在操场上 10. at the moment = now此刻,现在 11. clean the dormitory 打扫宿舍 12. clean the bedroom 打扫卧室 13. clean the classroom 打扫教室 14. clean the blackboard 擦黑板 15. make cards 制作卡片 16. Would you like to --- --- ? 你想做--- --- 吗? 17. Good idea! 好主意 18. See you soon 一会儿见 19. play computer games 玩电脑游戏

20. May I borrow --- --- 我可以借--- --- 吗? 21. a few 几个,一些 22. Ren’ai Project English workbooks


23. of course= sure = certainly当然


24. on time 准时 25. in time 及时

26. many students 许多学生

27. do well in= be good at sth / doing

sth 在--- ---做得好

28. do better in 在--- --- 做得更好 29. on the shelf 在书架上 30. return = give back归还 31. It’s a pleasure 不用谢 32. Thank you all the same 还是要谢谢你

33. lost and found 失物招领处 34. looking for 寻找 35. some money 一些钱 36. a picture of my family 一张全家福照片

37. thank you all the same 还是要谢谢你

38. school student card 学生卡 39. a pair of pants 一条裤子 40. a pair of shoes 一双鞋 41. two pairs of shoes 两双鞋

42. singing in the room在房间里唱歌 43. dancing in the gym在体育馆跳舞 44. swimming in the gym 在体育馆游泳

45. show sb around 带领某人参观 46. in the center of= in the middle of

在--- --的中间,在--- ---的中央 47. on the left 在左边 48. on the right 在右边

49. next to 在--- --- 隔壁,在

--- --- 旁边,紧挨看,靠近 50. at the back of 在--- ---后部,在--- --- 后面 51. near the playground 在操场的附近 52. in the gym 在体育馆里,在健身房里 53. in the swimming pool 在游泳池里

54. talk about their families 谈论他们的家庭 55. Attention, please !


56. between --- --- and --- --- 在--- --- 和--- --- 之间

57. stamp collection show集邮展 58. school hall 学校大厅 59. every Saturday 每个星期六 60. he is running 他在跑步 61. in picture1 在第一张照片里 62. in picture 2 在第二张照片里 63. look(looks) happy看起来高兴 64. love swimming 喜欢游泳 65. talk to a Japanese girl 和一个日本女孩交谈 66. play the guitar 弹吉它 67. in the classroom 在教室里 68. in the office 在办公室里 69. in the dormitory 在宿舍里 70. on the playground 在操场上

Topic 3 our school is very


1. What day 用来提问“星期几” 2. have a music class上一节音乐课 3. at ten o`clock 十点钟

4. a quarter to eleven十点四十五分 5. have a biology lesson 上一节生物课

6. have a geography上一节地理课 7. have a P.E. lesson上一节体育课 8. have an art lesson上一节美术课 9. outdoor activities 户外活动 10. how many lessons 多少节课 11. every week 每周

12. singing and dancing 唱歌跳舞 13. drawing pictures 画画 14. Working on math problems 做数学题

15. speaking English 说英语

16. learning about the past 了解过去 17. an English book 一本英语书 18. What do you think of it = How do

you like it ? 你觉得它怎么样? 19. Difficult and boring



20. Which subject 哪一门课

21. Easy and interesting 容易又有趣 22. Favorite subject 最喜欢的科目 23. My school life 我的学校生活 24. At school 在学校里,在上学 25. Be friendly to sb = be kind to sb


26. In the morning 在上午,在早晨 27. In the afternoon 在下午

28. I aften speak English with my


我经常和我的同学说英语 29. After school 放学后

30. Play basketball with my classmates


31. On the playground 在操场上 32. Every Tuesday 每周二 33. Every Thursday 每周四 34. school newpaper 校报 35. School Time 校园时代 36. And so on 等等 37. Science Today 当代科学

38. Thank sb for doing sth 感谢某人做了某事

39. best wishes 致以美好的祝愿

40. read stories 看故事书 41. run on the playground 在操场上跑步

42. have a physics class上物理课 43. watch animals 观赏动物 44. play soccer at school在学校踢足球 45. read a book at home 在家看书 46. have dinner in the school dinning

hall 在学校食堂吃晚饭

47. have dinner at home 在家吃晚饭

Unit 6 Our Local


Topic 1 Is there a sofa in

your study?

1. On the second floor 在二楼 2. Why not =Why don`t you 为什么不--- --- ? 3. Go upstairs 上楼 4. Go downstairs 下楼 5. Have a look 看一看 6. A moment later 过了一会儿 7. Come in ,please 请进

8. So many books 这么多的书 9. On the shelf 在书架上 10. You have a nice study 你的书房真漂亮! 11. Dining room 餐厅 12. Living room 客厅 13. On the first floor 在一楼 14. Cousins 表姐妹,表兄弟 15. In the front of the hous在房子前面16. In the kitchen 在厨房 17. In the study 在书房 18. In the dinning room 在餐厅 19. In the bedroom 在卧室 20. In the garden 在花园 21. Behind the door 在门后面 22. Play with his pet dog 和他的宠物狗玩耍 23. Play games 玩游戏 24. Clean the car 清洗小汽车 25. Read books 看书 26. Have dinner 吃饭 27. Talk about 谈论 28. Near my desk 在我桌子旁 29. On your desk 在你桌子上 30. So on 等等

31. My family photo 我的全家福照片 32. On the wall 在墙上 33. Put them away

请把它们收起来放好 34. Put it away, please 把它/它们收起来放好 35. Look after = take care of 照看,照顾

36. In front the house 房子前面

37. In the bottle 瓶子里 38. Near the window 窗户边 39. In the glass 杯子里 40. Model planes 飞机模型 41. Under the bed 床下 42. How many pairs 多少双 43. In the tree 树上 44. On the tree 树上 45. On the shelf 书架上 46. On the river 河里 47. A small garden 一个小花园 48. Many beautiful flowers 许多美丽


49. In the garden 花园里 50. A big tree 一棵大树 51. Under the tree 在树下 52. Very beautiful 非常漂亮 53. A large living room 一个在客厅 54. A dining room 一个餐厅 55. A kitchen 一个厨房 56. A bathroom 一个卫生间 57. I like watching TV in the living


58. I love playing on the computer in

the study我喜欢在书房里玩电脑 59. In the drawer 在抽屉里 60. On the chair 在椅子上 61. Under the chair 在椅子下 62. In picture A 图A里 63. In picture B 图B里 64. On the walls 在墙上 65. In 在--- --- 里面 66. On 在--- --- 上面 67. Behind 在--- --- 下面 68. Near 在--- --- 附近 69. Next to 在--- --- 旁边 70. In the front of 在--- --- 前面 71. Don`t put it / them here 别把它/它们放在这儿 72. Write a letter 写一封信 73. Describe different rooms in your

home 描述你家不同的房间 74. The things around your home 房子周围的事物


75. I`m very glad to 我很高兴 76. Get a letter from sb= hear from sb


77. Tell sb about st告诉某人关于某事 78. Tell sb to do sth 告诉某人做某事 79. Tell sb sth 告诉某人某事

Topic 2 What`s your home


1. What`s your home like? 你家是什么样的?

2. An apartment building 一座公寓 3. A town house 城镇住宅 4. Live with sb 和某从居住在一起 5. Your grandparents 你的爷爷和奶奶 6. A big farmhouse 农舍 7. In the country 在农村 8. Look for 寻找

9. Let`s help him 我们去帮助他吧 10. In our group 在我们小组 11. For rent 出租 12. Wanted 求租

13. Small apartment for students 小型学生公寓

14. ¥850 a month 每月850元 15. Call Ms. Zhang 联系张女士 16. House with three bedrooms 一套三居室的房子

17. House with furniture for a family of


适合三口之家,家具齐全的房子 18. Looking for a quiet double room 求租一间安静的双人间 19. under ¥300 per month 月租低于300元

20. Apartment for a family of two 适合两口之家的公寓

21. House with four bedrooms 四居室

22. Quiet double room安静的双人间 23. Excuse me 打扰了,打扰一



24. Your new neighbor 你的新邻居 25. I`m looking for a store 我在找一家商店 26. On the street corner 在街道拐角处 27. Post office 邮局 28. Bookstore 书店 29. Museum 博物馆 30. Parking lot 停车场 31. Supermarket 超市 32. Hospital 医院 33. Bank 银行 34. Train station 火车站 35. Park cars 停车 36. Keep money 存钱 37. Take trains 乘火车 38. See a doctor 看医生 39. Buy food 买食物 40. Mail letters 邮寄信 41. Buy books 买书 42. Keep and show things 保存和陈列物品 43. Bookstored 书店 44. Restaurant ['rest?r?nt] 饭店 45. I hear you playing the piano 我听到你在弹钢琴

46. The music is beautiful音乐很优美 47. I`m afaid it`s too loud 恐怕声音有点儿大

48. I`m really sorry about that 十分抱歉 49. Mr. Smart 斯马特 50. At the end of Elm Road 在榆树路的尽头 51. On the right 在右边 52. A tall tree 一棵大树 53. Mr. Jackson 杰克逊先生 54. Mr. Lee 李先生 55. Mr. Jones 琼斯先生 56. Mr. Watson 华桑先生 57. I live in Yushancun 玉山村 58. A quiet community 一个安静的社区

59. Many old people and famillies with

young children

许多老人和有小孩的家庭 60. Lot of = lots of 许多 61. Tall buildings 高楼 62. Small gardens 小花园 63. In an apartment building 在一幢公寓里

64. Close to 离--- --- 近,紧挨着的 65. Near Xinhua Bookstore 在新华书店附近 66. Far from 离--- --- 远 67. Not far from 离--- --- 不远 68. A community service center 一个社区服务中心

69. Call it for help 打电话向它求助 70. How is the community? 社区是什么样的?

71. Living near your home 住在你家附近

72. Do you like living there? 你喜欢住那里吗?

73. Green Community Service Center


74. This is linda speaking.我是琳达 75. Apartment 606,building A A幢606号房间

76. What`s the matter? 有什

么事吗? 77. Kitchen fan 厨房排气扇

78. There is something wrong with =

Something is wrong with 某人/某物出问题,有毛病了 79. Get someone to check it 派人去检查一下 80. Right now 立刻,马上

81. From--- to--- 从--- --- 到--- --- 82. The traffic is heavy 交通拥挤 83. The cost of living is high 生活费用高

84. Houses with big yards 带大院子的房子

85. A house with a garden 有花园的房子

the bookstore?

1. Go up this street to the end 沿着这条街一直走到尽头 2. On your left 在你左边 3. How can I get to--- ? 我怎样才能去--- --- ? 4. Go along Xinhuan Street 沿着新华路走

5. Turn left at the first street 在第一条街口向左转 6. Go across the bridge 穿过桥 7. It`s about one hundre meters along

on the right 顺着右边走大约100米(就到)

8. Which is the way to--- ? 哪一条是到--- --- 路? 9. The post office 邮局

10. I`m new here 我对这儿不熟 11. On 在--- --- 上面 12. On the corner of 在--- --- 拐角处 13. Across from 在--- --- 正对面 14. Between--- and --- 在--- --- 和--- ---之间 15. Near the bridge 在桥的附近 16. Yuanmingyuan 圆明园 17. Tsinghua University 清华大学 18. Peking University 北京大学 19. Haidian Bridge 海淀桥 20. Beisihuan Road 北四环路 21. Ren`ai Education Institute 仁爱教育研究所 22. Bayi School 八一学校 23. Haidian Road 海淀路 24. Haidian theater 海淀影剧院 25. Dinghao Building 鼎好大厦 26. Turn left and walk on 向左拐并一直往前走

27. You can`t miss it 你不会错过的 28. Beitai Road 北台路

29. Be --- away from 离--- --- 远 30. Need to do sth 需要做某事 31. Take bus No.718 乘坐718路车 32. Change to the No.108 bus at


Topic 3 How can I get to

Anzhen Bridge


33. The way to Shuanxiu Garden 去双秀花园的路

34. At Liuli Bridge 六里桥 35. How far “多远”,问距离。 36. Sidewalk 人行道

37. Public phone 公用电话 38. Traffic lights 交通灯 39. Crosswalk 人行横道 40. Turn left 左转 41. No right turn 禁止右转 42. No left turn 禁止左转 43. Turn right 右转 44. Go straight 直走 45. No parking 禁止停车 46. No U-turn 禁止调头 47. Crosswalk 人行横道 48. Parking 停车 49. Danger 危险 50. No swimming 禁止游泳 51. No smoking 禁止吸烟 52. Make the road safe使道路安全 53. Every year 每年 54. Get hurt 受伤

55. Lose their lives 丧生,失去生命 56. In traffic accidents在交通事故中 57. Obey the traffic rules 遵守交通规则

58. In most parts of China 在中国大部分地区

59. Keep on the right of the road 遵守右行原则

60. Before we cross the road 在我们过马路之前

61. Stop and look both ways 停下来左右看看

62. Look left 向左看 63. Look right 向右看

64. Must never play on the street 绝对不能在街上玩耍 65. It`s good to do sth 做某事是助人为乐的,好心的 66. Cross the road = go across the road



67. A ticket for speeding超速行驶罚单 68. A ticket for drinking and driving 酒后驾车罚单

69. A ticket for parking in the wrong


70. A ticket for making a wrong turn 拐错弯罚单

71. Don`t drive too fast 车不要开太快 72. Wait for 等候 73. Turn right 向右转

74. Don`t park here 不要在此停车 75. Be careful 小心 76. Don `t play on the street 不要在街上玩

77. Keep quiet in class 在课堂上要保持安静

78. Do your homework after school 放学后做家庭作业

79. Don`t be late for school 上学不准迟到

80. Don`t eat in the classroom 在教室里不准吃东西

81. A public phone 公用电话亭

82. On the corner of Zhixchun Road

and Qiuzhi Street 在知春求知拐角 83. Go down this road 沿看这条路往前走

84. Come to a small park 来到一个小公园

85. Many apartment buildings 许多公寓楼

86. I live in Apartment 309, Building 8


87. Excuse me, is there a(an)--- near


打扰了,请问这附近有--- --- 吗? 88. Yes.go up/down this street to the

end and 是的,沿着这条街一直走到尽头,然后--- ---

89. Excuse me, how can I get to--- ? 打扰了,请问我怎样才能到--- ---? 90. Go along--- and turn left at the first


沿着--- --- 在第一条街口向左转。 91. Excuse me,which is the way to---?

打扰了,请问去--- --- 走哪条路? 92. Sorry, I don`t know. I`m new here.

对不起,我不知道。我初来乍到。 93. Excuse me, could you tell me the

way to---

打扰了,你能告诉我怎样--- ---? 94. Go along this roada until you get


沿着这条路走,直到你到达--- ---? 95. Excuse me, where is ---? 打扰了,请问--- --- 在哪里? 96. You need to take bus No.718. 你需要乘坐718路车。 97. How far is it from here? 离这里有多远?

98. It`s about --- away from here. 离这里大约--- --- 远。

Review of units 5—6 5—6单元复习

1. At the foot of 在山脚下 2. Along both sides of the river 在河的两旁

3. Some of them 他们中的一些 4. Are playing volleyball 在打排球 5. Like the red one best 最喜欢红色的那个

6. Three times a week 每周三次 7. Here you are 给你

8. Goes there on foot 步行去那里 9. Go to the library 去图书馆 10. May I use your eraser? 我可以用一下你的橡皮擦吗? 11. Do some shopping 购物 12. A photo of Kangkang `s family 一张康康的全家照片 13. On the sofa 在沙发上 14. What a happy family1 多么幸福的一家人啊!

15. Get to the library from the gym



16. Get to the hospital from the bank


17. The way from the zoo to the park


18. The way from the school to the

supermarket 从学校到超市的路 19. An old man 一个老人 20. A young man 一个年轻人

21. Have a short break = have a short

rest 休息一小会儿 22. Begins to run 开始跑 23. Don`t sit on the bench1


24. Comes over 走过来 25. Wet paint 油漆未干 26. Outdoor activities 户外活动 27. Activities on weekdays

周一至周五的活动 28. Activities on weekends


Unit7 The Birthday Party Topic 1 When were you


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

May the thirteenth 五月十三日 Next Tuesday 下个星期二 Next year 明年 Next week 下一周

How do you plan to celebrate it? 你打算怎么庆祝? 6. Plan to + 动词原形+sth 打算/

准备做某事 7. Want to do sth 想做某事 8. Have a birthday party 开个生日聚会

9. Would you like to come? 你想参加吗?

10. I`d love to 我非常乐意去 11. Work alone 独立练习 12. What day is it today? 今天是星期几?

13. What`s the date today? 今天是几号? 14. January first 一月一日 15. February second 二月二日 16. March third 三月三日 17. April fourth 四月四日 18. May fifth 五月五日 19. June sixth 六月六日 20. July seventh 七月七日 21. August eighth 八月八日 22. September ninth 九月九日 23. October tenth 十月十日 24. November eleventh十一月十一日 25. December twelfth十二月十二日 26. All the rest have thirty-one 其余都是31天

27. But February`s all alone 除了二月不一样 28. Be born 出生

29. In 用于表示周、月、季节、年,


30. On 用于星期,某日,某一天的上


31. Nineteen hundred 1900年 32. Nineteen o four 1904年 33. Nineteen seventy-six 1976年 34. Two thousand 2000年 35. Two thousand and two 2002年 36. Kangkang`s birthday 康康的生日

37. A model plane 一个飞机模型 38. Guess again 再猜一下

39. What`s the shape of your present ?=

What shape is your present?你的礼物是什么形状的? 40. It`s round 它是圆的 41. What color 什么颜色 42. Black and white 黑白相间 43. A soccer ball 一个足球 44. Have a look 看一看 45. Have a rest 休息一会儿 46. Have a swim 游泳 47. Have a walk 散步


48. I`m afraid--- 恐怕--- ---

49. Look like 看起来像 50. Looks like a flower 看起来像一朵花 51. Just now 刚才 52. A moment ago 刚才 53. A circle 一个圆形 54. A square 一个正方形 55. A triangle 一个三角形 56. A rectangle 一个长方形 57. An oval 一个椭圆形 58. How wide 多宽 59. How far 多远 60. How long 多长 61. How often 多久一次(频率) 62. How soon 多久

63. 10 centimeters long 10厘米长 64. 6.4 centimeters wide 6.4厘米宽 65. Use--- for --- 用--- ----做--- -- 66. What do we use it for? 我们用它做什么呢? 67. We use it to study English . 我们

用它用来学习英语 68. Must be 一定是

69. An English Learning Machine 英语学习机

70. Was born on May 22nd ,1967 出生于1967年五月22日 71. Tomorrow is her birthday 明天是她的生日 72. His daughter 他的女儿 73. Are planning to celebrate it 正计划着庆祝一下

74. Would like to do sth = want to do

sth 想要做某事

75. Cook a special dinner 做一顿特别的晚餐

76. Wants to buy 想要买

77. A beautiful light blue dress 一条漂亮的浅蓝色的连衣裙 78. Buy a birthday cake 买一个生日蛋糕

79. Some candles 一些蜡烛

80. That would be a surprise for Mrs.


对布朗太太来说那将是一个惊喜 81. Want to celebrate the birthday at

home 想在家庆祝生日 82. Make a birthday cake at home


83. Buy some candles for her mother

想给她妈妈买些蜡烛 84. Cook a big dinner做一顿大餐 85. Make a cake 做一蛋糕 86. Buy some flowers 买一些共 87. Make a birthday 做一张生日卡片 88. Do some cleaning 做扫除 89. Sing a song 唱一首歌 90. When were you born? 你什么时候出生的? 91. Where were you born? 你在什么地方出生的

92. What`s your favorite present? 你最喜欢的礼物是什么?

Topic 2 Can you dance the disco or perform ballet?

1. Would like to do sth = want to do

sth 想要做某事

2. I`d like to play the piano 我想弹钢琴

3. Sing some songs 唱一些歌曲 4. Chinese songs 唱汉语歌曲 5. English songs 唱英语歌曲 6. Sing with me 和我一起唱 7. I can dance and play the guitar 我能跳舞,弹吉它

8. Dance the disco 跳迪斯科舞 9. Perform ballet 跳芭蕾舞 10. Have a good time 玩得开心 11. At the party 在生日聚会上 12. Some bananas 一些香蕉 13. Of course I can 当然我能 14. No way! 没问 15. Pair work 结对练习 16. Ride a bike 骑自行车 17. Drive a car 开车


18. Play basketball 打篮球

19. Play scccer 踢足球 20. Happy birthday to you! 祝人生日快乐!

21. You can speak English 你能讲英语

22. Sing an English song 唱汉语歌 23. You are so smart!你太棒了! 24. I can count 我能数数 25. Take these flowers to the party 把这些花带到聚会上去 26. Take --- to --- 把--- --- 送/带到--- --- 27. So many flowers 这么多花 28. Climb trees 爬树 29. Speak English very well 英语说得很好

30. Read English books 看英语书 31. Take photos 照相 32. Speak Japanese 说日语

33. Make model planes 做飞机模型 34. Class activities 课堂活动 35. Outdoor activities 户外活动 36. Fly a kite 放风筝 37. One year ago 一年前 38. Could only dance a little 、 只会跳一点点儿舞 39. Play ping-pong 打乒乓球 40. Both like playing ball games 两个都喜欢球类运动 41. Be good at doing sth 擅长--- --- 在--- --- 方面做得好 42. Kangkang is good at playing soccer

康康擅长踢足球 43. Do well in 擅长--- --- 在--- ---方面做得好 44. Have a good time =have a great


45. = have a nice time =Have a

wonderful time 玩得开心,过得愉快 46. Two years ago 两年前 47. This year 今年 48. A year ago 一年前

49. When I was five 当我五岁时 50. Can `t come to school 不能来上学 51. He hurt his right leg 他的右腿受伤了 52. I could write 我能写 53. I could`n ride a bike 我不会骑自行车

54. I could`n speak Japanese 我不会说日语 55. Live in London 住在伦敦 56. At the age of five 在五岁时 57. Six years ago 六年前

58. There was something wrong with

her eyes

59. Couldn`t see anything 看不见任何东西 60. Life was hard to her 生活对她来说变得很艰辛 61. With her mother`s help 在她妈妈的帮助下

62. Could write many words 能写很多的字

63. Begins to write books开始写书 64. A smart girl 一个聪明的女孩 65. She is great! 她太棒了! 66. Can`t fly a kite 不能放风筝 67. Work along 独立练习 68. Grammar focus 语法重点 69. Useful expressions 习惯用语 70. Project 课题探究 71. Work in groups 分组活动 72. Check the answers 检查答案

Topic 3 We had a wonderful party

1. How was Kangkang`s birthday

party?康康的生日聚会怎么样? 2. It was very fine 非常好 3. Sing a song at the party 在聚会上唱歌了吗?

4. A Chinese song 一首中文歌曲 5. An English song 一首英语歌曲 6. You speak Chinese very well



7. Recite a Chinese poem 朗读汉语诗了吗?

8. Performed magic tricks 表演魔术 9. Did Kangkang enjoy himself? 康康玩得高兴吗?

10. Played the piano 弹钢琴 11. Danced the disco 跳迪斯科 12. Recited a Chinese poem 朗诵汉语诗

13. Performed kung fu 表演功夫 14. Sang a song 唱一首歌 15. Magic playing 魔术表演 16. Japanese song 日本歌曲 17. It`s your turn 现在轮到你了 18. What`s the matter? 怎么啦? 19. Missed the chair 没坐到椅子 20. Fell down 摔倒了 21. Poor Michael 可怜的迈克尔 22. Did you hurt yourself? 你摔伤了吗? 23. Hurt oneself 伤着某人自己 24. I`m OK 我还好

25. Look at your hands 看你的手 26. Go and wash them at once 马上去洗一洗

27. Where is the washroom? 洗手间在哪里? 28. This way, please 请走这边 29. Fell down 摔倒 30. Washed his hands 洗手 31. Hurt himself 伤了他自己 32. Missed the chair 没坐到椅子 33. Couldn`t stand up 不能站起来 34. It was OK 还好 35. Played a game 玩游戏 36. What time 什么时间 37. Come back 回来,回到 38. Come back home 回家来 39. Come back to school 回到学校 40. At about half past ten 大约十点半 41. You were not at home你不在家 42. At that time 那时

43. Play video games 玩电子游戏

44. Go to the movies = see a movie 到电影院去,去看电影 45. Lie to sb = tell a lie to sb 对某人撒谎

46. It was wonderful 电影非常精彩 47. Tell me the truth 跟我说实话 48. Went to Alice`s home 去了艾丽斯家里 49. Talk about 谈论 50. Musical Chairs 抢椅子

51. Had a birthday party for Kangkang

为康康举办了生日聚会 52. Last Tuesday 上个星期二 53. Bought a lot of food and drinks 买了许多食物和饮料 54. Each of us 我们每个人 55. Gave Kangkang a birthday 给了康康一张生日贺卡 56. Made the card by hand 手工制作贺卡

57. A big birthday cake 一块大生日蛋糕 58. Sit around 坐在--- --- 周围 59. Sat around the cake 围坐在蛋糕旁

60. Make a silent wish 默默许个心愿

61. Blow the candles out = blow out the

candles 吹灭蜡烛 62. In one breath 一口气 63. Everyone had a good time 大家都玩得很高兴 64. Some other friends 一些其他的朋友 65. The music was good 音乐非常好听

66. The food was delicious 食物也非常可口

67. Thank you for your birthday 谢谢你的生日卡片 68. Had a wonder party 举行了一次精彩的聚会 69. Best wishes 最美好的祝愿 70. Have a big dinner 吃一次大餐


71. What special food did you eat? 你吃过什么对特别的食物? 72. What presents did you get? 你收到了什么礼物? 73. Happy Birthday 生日快乐 74. Use it for writing 用它来写字

Unit 8 The Seasons and

the Weather

Topic 1 What`s the weather

like in spring?

1. What`s the weather like in spring?

春天的天气怎么样? 2. In spring 春天 3. It is warm. 天气很暖和 4. It is a good season for flying kites.

是放风筝的好季节。 5. In summer 夏天 6. Go swimming 去游泳 7. In fall 秋天 8. It`s a good time to do sth 是--- ---- 的好时候

9. It is a good time for sb to do sth 是--- ---- 的好时候

10. It is a good time for sth/ for doing

sth是--- ---- 的好时候 11. Make snowmen 堆雪人 12. Climb hills 爬山

13. Favorite season 最喜爱的季节 14. Favorite activity最喜欢的活动 15. Which season do you like best 你最喜欢哪个季节

16. It`s hard to say 这很难说 17. But now I like summer best 现在我最喜欢夏季

18. Learn to swim 学会游泳 19. Last year 去年

20. My favorite season is winter 我最喜欢的季节是冬季 21. When it snows 上雪时 22. The ground is all white


23. How is your holiday? 你的假期过得怎么样? 24. Wonderful! 太精彩了! 25. It`s warm and nice 很暧和 26. Yesterday it was cloudy all day 昨天一整天都是阴天

27. Take a walk = have a walk =go out

for a walk 散步 28. Weather today 今天的天气 29. Weather yesterday 昨天的天气 30. Activity 活动 31. Nice and bright 阳光明媚的 32. Sunny / rainy 晴朗的/ 多雨的 33. Cold 寒冷的 34. Snowy / windy 多雪的/多风的 35. Very cool 很凉爽的 36. Cloudy / foggy 多云的/ 多雾的 37. Climb hills 爬山 38. What do think of--- ? 你认为--- --- 怎么样? 39. What`s the temperature 温度是多少? 40. Do you know? 你知道吗? 41. The low temperature 最低温度 42. The high temperature 最高温度 43. The weather chart of Toronto and

Washington D.C

多伦多和华盛顿的天气预报图 44. Answer the following questions 回答下列问题

45. Summer holidays 暑假 46. Plan to do sth 计划做某事 47. Had better do sth 最好做某事 48. Had better not do sth 最好不要做某事

49. The weather in different areas 不同地区的天气 50. In August 八月份 51. In England 在英国 52. Need to do sth 需要做某事 53. Take an umbrella 带把雨伞 54. When you go out 当你出去时 55. In Australia 在澳大利亚


56. Of course 当然

57. Remember to do sth记得去做某事 58. Remember doing sth记得做过某事 59. Wear warm clothes穿暖和的衣服 60. In most parts of China 在中国大部分地区

61. The sun shines brightly in the

morning 早上阳光明媚 62. Need to wear sunglasses 需要戴太阳镜

63. In the afternoon 在下午

64. It rains suddenly 天突然下大雨 65. Later on 以后,后来,随后 66. It may get fine again 天气可能又会阳光灿烂 67. Be different from 和--- --- 不同 68. Need to wear a warm coat 需要穿暖和的衣服

69. The weather change a lot 天气变化大

70. Weather report 天气预报 71. Some big cities 一些大城市 72. In the world 世界上 73. Go on a trip to a big city 去一个大城市旅行

74. Give sb some suggestions 给某人一些建议

75. Four seasons in China 中国的四季 76. In China 在中国

77. Spring returns in March 三月春归 78. Get warm 变暖和 79. Get cold 变冷 80. Get hot 变热

81. Come back to life 苏醒复苏,复活 82. It often rains 经常下雨 83. It rains heavily 雨下得大

84. The harvest season 收获的季节 85. Be busy doing sth 忙于做某事 86. From--- to --- 从--- --- 到--- --- 87. From December to February 从十二月到二月

88. From Monday to Friday 从周一到周五

89. From my home to school 从我家到学校

90. Draw a picture to show a season 画一幅说明季节的图画 91. Recite a poem 朗诵诗歌

Topic 2 The summer holidays are coming

1. Talk about their holiday plans 谈论

他们的假期计划 2. The summer holidays 暑假 3. I want to go to England 我想去英国

4. I plan to Japan 我计划去日本 5. I wish to travel around the country


6. Take pictures = take photos 照相 7. Go back to Cuba 回古巴 8. I miss my parents我想念我父母 9. Hope to do sth 希望做某事 10. Get together with与--- --- 在一起 11. Next month 下个月 12. I`d like to = I want to 我想要 13. places of interest 名胜 14. each of us 我们每个人

15. has a good plan for the holidays

有一个美好的假期计划 16. the United States 美国 17. Germany 德国 18. New Zealand 新西兰 19. Brazil 巴西 20. Austalia 澳大利亚 21. Thailand 泰国 22. Indonesia 印度尼西亚 23. Go for a holiday 度假 24. Go on a holiday 度假 25. Wear shorts and T-shirts 穿短裤和T恤衫 26. On the beach 在海滩上 27. Swim in the sea 在海里游泳 28. Wear coats and hats 穿大衣,戴帽子 29. In the park 在公园里


30. Play in the snow 在雪里玩耍

31. Tell me something about Yunnan

告诉我一些关于云南的情况 32. Sure = of course = certainly 当然 33. The best time to go there 去那里的最佳时间 34. You can go anytime 你在任何时间去都可以 35. The Spring City 春城

36. All the year round 一年到头 37. Visit Dali and Lijiang 浏览大理和丽江

38. Shouldn`t miss Xishuangbanna 别错过西双版纳

39. It souds really interesting 听起来真有趣 40. Very expensive 非常昂贵,费用高 41. You`d better do sth 你最好做某事

42. Take a camera 带照相机 43. So on 等等 44. Go on a trip 外出旅行 45. Go on a picnic 去野餐 46. Go on a vacation 去度假 47. Go on a journey 去旅行 48. The Great Wall 长城

49. The Palace Museum故宫博物院 50. Mount Tai 泰山 51. Baotu Spring 趵突泉 52. Customs in different countries 不同国家的风俗

53. Travel in other countries 在其他的国家旅行 54. Those countries 那些国家 55. In Japan 在日本 56. Enter someone`s home 进入别人家里

57. Take off 脱下,脱掉,起飞 58. Put on 穿上

59. Never go out with their hair wet 从不湿着头发外出 60. Point to 指向 61. Point at 指着

62. Point out 提出,指明 63. Touch a child on the head 摸小孩的头

64. Muslim ['m?zl?m; 'muzl?m]

countries 穆斯林国家

65. Make the OK sign with your fingers

用你的手指做“OK”的手势 66. Be on time 按时

67. Visit your friends拜访你的朋友 68. Wrap lucky money in white,blue,or

black paper 用白色、蓝色、或黑色的纸包压见岁钱

69. Pass something to old people with

both hands 给比你年长的人递东西时,要用双手递上

70. Went to Sichuan with my friends


71. During the May Day holiday 五一假期

72. The people there were very friendly

那里的人非常友好 73. I had a great time there 我在那里玩得非常愉快 74. Only five days 只待了五天 75. Mount Emei 游览了峨眉山 76. Juizhaigou 九塞沟 77. It`s very hot and nice 非常辣,也非常好吃

78. Greetings from New York! 来自纽约的问候!

79. The day before yesterday 前天 80. Chinatown in New 纽约的唐人街

81. A beautiful skirt 一条漂亮的裙子

82. Please give my love to your parents


83. No.1 High School 第一中学 84. Make money = earn money 挣钱 85. Per month 每个月 86. Watch soccer games 看足球赛 87. Go shopping 去买东西 88. During the summer holidays 在暑假期间


Topic 3 let`s celebrate!

1. Spring festival 春节 2. Chinese people 中国人 3. Eat dumplings 吃饺子 4. Perform lion and dragon dances 舞龙舞狮 5. Christmas 圣诞节 6. Celebrate Christams 庆祝圣诞 7. Eat Turkey 吃火鸡

8. Eat Christmas cakes 吃圣诞蛋糕 9. Give each other presents赠送礼物 10. Each other 相互,彼此 11. Lantern festival 元宵节

12. It means the end of Spring Festival

它标志着春节的结束 13. On this day 在这天

14. Eat sweet dumplings for good luck


15. Watch a lantern Show 看灯展 16. guess riddles 猜灯谜 17. Thanksgiving 感恩节 18. Get together 团聚、相聚、聚会、联欢会 19. Eat turkey and potatoes 吃火鸡和马铃薯 20. New Year`s Eve 元旦前夕 21. Until midnight 一直到深夜 22. Easter 复活节 23. On Easter Day 在复活节这天 24. To celebrate the festival 庆祝这个节日

25. April Fool`s day 愚人节 26. Play tricks on sb 捉弄某人 27. Mid-autumn festival 中秋节 28. Eat mooncakes 吃月饼 29. The full moon 满月 30. Watch full moon 赏月 31. Merry Christmas 圣诞节快乐 32. Happy New Year 新生快乐 33. The most important festival 最重要的节日

34. In many countries 在许多国家

35. On December 25th 在12月25日 36. Before Christmas Day圣诞节前 37. Be busy doing sth 忙于做某事 38. Prepare for 为--- ---做人准备 39. Go shopping 去购物 40. Clean houses 清扫房子 41. Give Christmas cards to their

friends 给他们的朋友送圣诞卡 42. Decorate Christmas trees 装点圣诞树

43. Colorful lights 彩灯

44. On Christmas Eve在圣诞节前夕 45. The night of December 24th 12月24日晚上 46. Go to church 去教堂做礼拜 47. Sing Christmas songs 唱圣诞歌 48. Put up 举起、挂起、张贴 49. By the fireplaces 在壁炉旁 50. At the end of their beds 在床尾 51. Before they go to bed 在他们睡觉前

52. On the morning of Christmas Day

在圣诞节的早上 53. Get up very early 起得非常早 54. Open the presents in the stockings

打开长筒袜里的礼物 55. Santa Claus 圣诞老人 56. Give gifts to each other互赠礼物 57. Later that day 那天晚些时候 58. Have a big get-together with a

special dinner

举办一个聚会,并享用圣诞大餐 59. Greet each other 互相问候 60. Decorate Christmas 装点圣诞树 61. Play games with apples 用苹果作道具做游戏

62. Give neighbors sweets给邻居糖果 63. Sing Christmas songs 唱圣诞歌 64. Put up stockings at the end of their

beds 把长筒袜放在床尾 65. Choose the right pictures 选择正确的图片 66. New Year`s Day 元旦 67. New Year`s Eve 元旦前夕


68. In Spain 在西班牙 69. For good luck in the new year 以期盼新年有好运气

70. Some Jewish people 一些犹太人 71. For a sweet new year 以期盼一个美好的新年 72. In China 在中国

73. Celebrating Spring Festival is a big



74. Start prepare for the festival one

before it comes

提前一个月就为节日做准备 75. Prepare delicious food 准备美味佳肴

76. Clean and decorate their house 打扫并装饰房子

77. On the eve of festival 在春节除夕 78. The whole family 全家人 79. Get together for a big dinner 聚在一起吃丰盛的晚餐 80. Stay up 熬夜

81. Enjoy dumplings at midnight for

good luck \


82. On the first day of the lunar new

year 在阴历新年的第一天 83. Greet their parents 向他们的父母问候 84. Lucky money 压岁钱

85. Thank you for your beautiful card

谢谢你(寄给我)的漂亮的贺卡 86. Last night 昨晚

87. Had a wonderful time 过得很愉快 88. Wear scary ['skeri] clothes 穿可怕的衣服

89. Colour faces white and mouths

black like ghost 把脸涂成白色,嘴巴涂成黑色,像魔鬼一样。 90. Knock on / at 敲门 91. Trick or treat !

是请客还是要我们捣乱? 92. Your favorite festival 你最喜欢的节日

93. Please give my best wishes to your



94. Written work 写作练习

95. Write back 写一封回信

96. Read the passage 阅读短文

97. Complete the table 完成表格

98. There are many holidays and

festivals in China 121.Sweet dumplings 元宵 122.Rice dumplings 粽子 123.For good lucky 为了好运 124.For wealth 为了财富 125.For a long life 为了长寿 126.For happiness 为了幸福 127.Visit friends and relatives 拜访朋友和亲戚 128.Cook delicious food 做美味食物 中国有许多假日和节日 129.During Spring Festival

99. International Labor Day


100.May Day “五一”劳动节

101.Enyoy a seven-day holiday


102.They often go shopping or travelin


103.Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

104.On lunar May 5th在农历5月5日

105.On this day 在这天

106.Hold dragon boat races


107.Eat rice dumplings to remember Qu

Yunan 吃粽子来纪念屈原

108.The National Day of the PRC


109.The birthday of China 祖国的生日

110.In Beijing,the capital of China


111.Go to Tian`anmen to watch the

national flag go up


112.Teachers`s Day 教师节

113.Halloween 万圣节

114.Mother`s Day 母亲节

115.Sweet dumplings 元宵

116.Enjoy the bright full 赏月

117.Chinese New Year = Spring Festival


118.Burn the old picture of Zao Shen,

the kitchen god to get good luck


119.Put up 张贴

120.Dumplings 饺子

17 春节期间

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