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2014年张静中学中考英语阅读理解及答案 (9)

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第二节:请仔细阅读第56—60题中各人的情况说明,从A—F六个套餐菜单中为各位选出符合要求的最佳选项,其中一项为多余选项。 56. Li Jing, a thin girl, likes French fries, fruits and ice-cream. She doesn’t

like rice. She often feels tired and doctor suggests that she eat some more meat such as beef or pork.

57. Peng Tao, a heavy boy, likes hamburgers, hotdogs and pizzas very much. Chocolate

is his favorite. But his parents don’t want him to eat too much, especially ice-cream.

58. Zhang Qi, a tall girl, likes running. Her favorite food is pizza. She exercises

a lot and eats a lot. She likes coffee and she only drinks apple juice when she has to.

59. Bai Lei, a hungry boy, can’t live without rice and never eats seafood. He likes

orange juice but not apple. He doesn’t want to spend more than 10 dollars for one meal.

60. Ding Yi is a 16-year-old girl. Her family don’t eat pork. She likes fish and

potato chips. Her favorite drink is milkshake.

C. To show a new rebuilding plan for a big farm D.

To explain the 1

reasons for green house effect

56. F 根据第一句话的“likes French fries, fruits and ice-cream”和最后一句话“doctor suggests that she eat some more meat such as beef or pork”,可判断选图F。

57. A 根据第一句话“likes hamburgers, hot dogs and pizzas very much.”和第二句话可判断选图A。

58.D 根据第二句话“Her favorite food is pizza.”和最后一句话,可判断选图D。

59.C 根据第二句话“He like orange juice but not apple”,可判断选图C。

60.E 由最后一句话可推断选图E。


Suppose you work in a big firm and find English very important for your job because you often deal with foreign businessmen. Now you are looking for a place where you can improve your English. Here are some advertisements about English


31. Mr. White works in the daytime every day and the place he will choose is ______.

A. Global English Center B. Modern Language School C. The 21 Century English Training Center D. The International House of English st

32. The 21st Century English Training Center is different from the other three. It ______.

A. has a language lab and computers B. has more experienced teachers C. offers morning or afternoon classes D. requires an entrance exam

33. If you want to attend the course at the International House of English, you’ll pay about


A. 1,200 yuan B. 1,600 yuan C. 1,500 yuan D. 1,800 yuan


31、A因为Mr。White白天上班,所以她必须选择能在晚上学习的培训班,而A有evening classes正好,满足这个要求。

32、D 21世纪英语培训中心需要入门考试,这一点正是其他培训班所没有的。



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