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2014年张静中学中考英语阅读理解及答案 (23)

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MSG(monosodium glutamate) is a food additive(食品添加

剂),which has been widely used by many food factories all over

the world since it appeared first in Japan in 1909.

MSG is a substance that is added to some food to improve its

original(原先的) taste and colour. It is used in foods around

the world such as cakes, bread, frozen meats, fish and

vegetables. In the beginning, people thought MSG was safe just

like salt and sugar. However, in 1968 some people reported they seemed to have bad reactions(反应) to MSG after having had a meal at a restaurant. They included headaches and quick heartbeat(心跳).It was also reported that MSG excited a person’s brain and caused his death in Japan. Scientists think that MSG may lead to many neurological disorders(神经紊乱).In mice studies done by a university, the evidence showed the mice didn’t want to eat the food including MSG.

Today many food companies “hide” MSG on food labels(标签) by using different names. If you see “natural flavorings”,“hydrolyzed protein”and “spices” in a food label, you are probably seeing a hidden way to “report” MSG in a food label. Every time we have a meal in a restaurant, we always feel the food very delicious to taste, but sometimes it is dangerous for our health because some poisonous food additives have been added to the food.

To protect people’s health, our governments, from central to local, are taking actions to stop factories producing poisonous food additives.

41. Monosodium Glutamate is _______

A. a food B. an additive C. a factory D. a country

42. MSG is often used in ______.

A. frozen meats B. cups C. clothes D. book covers

43. The examples in the second paragraph tell us ________. A. the food including MSG is delicious B. people like to eat in a restaurant

C. mice like eating the food including MSG D.MSG is not safe sometimes

44.If you see “natural flavorings”,“hydrolyzed protein” and “spices” in a food label, you will know _____________.

A. you must eat the food in a hidden way

B. the food label must be hidden

C.MSG is probably added to the food

D. you must report the food to your parents

45.The underlined word “substance” in the article means __________.

A. colour B. material C. taste D. food


41. B 从短文第一句“MSG(monosodium glutamate) is a food additive”得出答案。


42. A从这句话“It is used in foods around the world such as cakes, bread, frozen

meats, fish and vegetables.”得出答案。

43. D从此句“Scientists think that MSG may lead to many neurological disorders(神


44. C从这一句“If you see “natural flavorings”, “hydrolyzed protein” and

“spices” in a food label, you are probably seeing a hidden way to “report” MSG in a food label.”得出答案。

45. B 根据句意,得知意为“物质”。


If you are cycling in foreign countries, you will need to know what these traffic signs

and signals mean.

1 A sign like this one means that there is a bike lane(车

道). If there is such a sign,you are required to use the bike


If there is not such a sign, you should ride with traffic

as far to the right side of the road as possible.

2 This signal means you can cross the street along with

pedestrians(行人). It has a green picture of a oerson walking

instead of using the word“walk”.

3 This signal is the “don’t walk”sign. It is a picture

of a red hand,

meaning you should stop. You should wait to cross the street

until the green picture of the person walking is showing.

Car drivers and bikers must come to a complete stop

at“STOP” signs.

5 A“YIELD”sign means to slow down and be ready to stop.

If there are pedestrians or vehicles in or near the

crossroad, you must stop. If there is no traffic in or near

the crossroad and it is safe, you may go through.

This signal means you are coming to a zebra crossing. Car


and bikers must stop to allow people in the zebra crossing

to cross the street.

When people are working on the roads, parts of the road

are often

dug up or rough(不平整的). Be careful when yon are cycling.

Rough roads could make you fall off your bike.

If you must move into the road to go around a work area,

you should stop and look carefully to be sure there is no 4 6 7


8 traffic coming.

A detour is a way of getting around a roadway that is

closed. Roads are usually closed because of road work or

dangerous conditions. If you must take a detour, be careful

about the roads you aren’t used to.

21.What are cyclists required to do when they see the sign ?

A.To ride against traffic.

B.To ride on the left side of the road.

C.To ride on the bike lane.

D.To ride on the right side of the road

22.Which of the following signs has the same meaning as the sign ?

23.What should cyclists do when they see the sign ?

A.They should be careful when they cycle on the rough road.

B.They should take the rough road and fall off their bikes.

C.They should move into the road to go around a work area.

D.They should take another route instead of the closed roadway.


21.C 解析:根据第一幅图片里面的第一句话。

22.B 解析:根据第三幅图片里面的第一句话。

23.A 解析:根据第七幅图片里面的第一段的第二句话。


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