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2014年张静中学中考英语阅读理解及答案 (2)

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Conor Grennan was unwilling to be a volunteer(志愿者). The 29-year-old American was not sure if he had the skills or a strong feeling for it.

However, he went to work at an orphanage(孤儿院) in Nepal. His first thought was to make people impressed.

"I thought that if I volunteered just once. I could retell the story over and over," Grennan said in a Huffington Post article.

However, his three-month stay it the orphanage turned into in unusual experience. It was 2004 and Grennan had given up his job to begin a year-long around-the-world trip, His first three months were spent in Nepal.

When he arrived in the village, he knew nothing about the children or the local culture. When he opened the gate of the Little Princes Children's Home, he was faced by the excited children.

The young American ended up caring for 18 children. He later discovered that they were trafficked(被拐卖的)children. So he walked through the mountains with great difficulty to find the kids' families, "I started walking with photos of the kids." he told the Reuters reporter. "I would show up in villages and show photographs around. I went with 24 photos, and I found 24 families."

At the same time, he put his heart into Nepalese culture.

Grennan said, “Volunteering is the single best way to see how the rest of the world lives.”

He also encouraged others to do what he had done. He believes that volunteering needs only making decisions to show up.

Grennan's fight against child-trafficking has changed him. His book, Little Prince, came out last week.

52. At first, Grennan simply wanted to _______by volunteering in Nepal.

A. write travel stories B. learn the skills

C. help the kids there D. impress people

53. When Grennan came to the Little Princes Children’s Home. _______.

A. 18 children were ill in bed B. the children there felt excited

C. he decided to give up his job D. he’d lived in Nepal for a year

54. From the passage we can learn that Grennan _______.

A. found the kids’ families easily B. was good at taking pictures

C. wrote the book Little Princes D. asked others to go to Nepal

55. Which is the best title for the passage?

A. Volunteer changes a lot B. Volunteer is with the kids

C. Volunteer becomes a writer D. Volunteer travels in Nepal


52.D 细节理解题。由文中的第二段中“His first thought was to make people impressed.”可知,起初他想给那里的人们留下好印象。

53.B 细节理解题。由文中的第五段第二句“When he opened the gate of the Little Princes 1

Children's Home, he was faced by the excited children.”可知,当孤儿院的孩子看到他的到来,感到非常兴奋。 54.C细节理解题。由文中的最后一段第最后一句“His book, Little Prince, came out last week.”可知,《小王子》这本书是康纳写的。 55.A主旨大意题。纵观全文,都在围绕康纳参加志愿者活动后,发生了很大的变化这个话题展开的。 (A)

51. We can see this ad _________.

A. at a cafe B. at a library C. at school D. at home

52. We can go for lunch at _________on Monday.

A. 10:30 B. 11:45 C. 12:30 D. 14:30

53. Mrs. Zhou will spend _________ if she goes for dinner on Friday.

A. $ 6 B. $ 7 C. $ 11 D. $ 12

54. Mr. Brown and his 8-year-old son had to pay _________ for dinner last Sunday.

A. $ 7 B. $ 11 C. $ 12 D. $ 17

55. You can _________ according to the ad.

A. take away the food in one box for $ 8 B. enjoy all you can eat and barbecue

C. get a free bottle of wine with your friend D. call the Chinese Cafe at 9651 4655


51. A 从广告标题Chinese Cafe看出答案。

52. C 从广告左边第一条说明,可看出星期一午餐营业时间是12:00—14:00。

53. D 从广告左边第三条说明,可得出星期六正餐价格是$12。

54. D从广告左边第五条说明,可得出星期日正餐价格成人是$11,十岁以下是$6。

55. B 排除法答题。A项take away the food in one box for$8是错误的,应是$5; C

项get a free bottle of wine with your friend也是错误的,应是free bottle of wine for each table of four; D项call the Chinese Cafe at 9651 4655也是错误的,应 2

是4655 9651。


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