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山东省滕州市大坞镇大坞中学九年级英语全册《Unit 4 What would you do》生词课学案

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《Unit 4 What would you do》生词课学案 Teaching and Learning Goals:

Learn the new words of Unit 4 in one class .Memorize the words by reading and using them. Students try to learn how to read and remember the words and phrases. Teaching and learning steps

Step 1: learn to read the words on P148.

1. Students try to read the words by themselves.

2. Then read with their partners in groups.

3. Read after the tape.

4. Read aloud and the teacher walk around to check students’ pronunciation. (设计意图:让学生自己利用音标读单词,培养学生的自学能力。)

Step 2:Learn to remember words of Unit 4.

1. Remember the words by looking at pictures.(图片见课件)

2. Remember the words by matching itself with its meaning.

(1)not…in the slightest not…at all 一点也不

(2)plenty of a lot of 许多 ,大量

(3)useful helpful 有帮助的 有用的

(4) regard … … as treat…as 把…….当作……..

(5) come up with (a good idea) think of(a good idea)

3. Remember the words by their similar pronunciations and forms.

(1).shelf ---shelves(架子,搁板) 链接oneself ,thief, wife, life, leaf, wolf, knife, half 。总结口诀:小偷之妻生活难,自己扫叶来做饭,忽见一狼躲架下,拿刀把他劈成两半。 注意:scarf 的复数直接加s或变f为ves 都可。

(2).air fair pair hair unfair fairly 相当地,还算

(3).toy boy noy joy annoy 使生气,使烦恼

(4).did kid hid aid 帮助,救助

(5).keep sleep sweep sheep deep 深的

(6).mess less unless press 按,压,挤

4.Remember the words by conversion ,complex words and derivative.

(1).medicine (n.内服药) medical(adj.医疗的,医学的)

(2).worry(n.烦恼,忧虑) worry about worried worries

(3).energy (n.精力) energetic((adj.有活力的,精力充沛的)

(4).confident(adj.自信的,有把握的) confidence(n.自信)

(5).permit(v.允许) permission(n.允许,许可)

(6).her---self---herself ( pron. 她自己)

(7).listen(v.听) listener(n.听众) (8).know---ledge---able---knowledgeable(adj.知识渊博的,有见识的)



(11).burn v. 烧伤,烧坏 n.火、热、酸造成的伤痕或伤害

(12).cover n.盖子,皮 v.覆盖,遮盖

(13).rest n.休息 v.休息 n.剩余部分,其余

5. Remember the words by their Chinese .


(1). 研究,调查 (2)烦恼,忧虑 (3)充足,大量 (4)对的,正确的,准确的

(5).拒绝,回绝 (6)提供 (7)覆盖,遮掩 (8)出版,发表


Step 3.Consolidation of words

Give the students a few minutes to try to memorize the words first.

1. Get the students to read the words by looking at the Chinese. Then look at the Chinese and say English.

2. Then have a dictation.


Step4. Helping students to use the words in a passage.

Ask students to complete the passage with the right forms of the words given. (创设情景,让学生用所学单词填空,来学以致用。) Lily has a happy family .She is a (知识渊博的) girl.Last month ,she

r her class in the school contest and didn’t (让…失望) her teachers.She works hard and she has p of friends. Her father is a doctor .He works in a hospital .He saved one m yuan and

gave it to m r (研究)。Last week ,many things happened to her family .She had a fight with her sister though they (相处得好).Her sister borrowed her clothes without her p .She was (相当)a with her. Lily ’s grandmother is (精力旺盛的),but she fell (楼下) and h

her (膝盖). Lily ’s mother was w about her .



LevelA:Write the words and read the passage fluently.

LevelB:Make sentences with the words.




1.know(名词)__________________ 2.worry(形容词)___________________

3.confident(名词)_____________________ 4.medicine(形容词)____________________

5.burn(过去式)________________________ 6.hurt(过去式)_________________________

7.help(形容词)_______________________ 8.listen(名词)______________________


1.I used to feel___________(紧张)before an exam. 2. What would you do if you had one m____________ dollars.

3. The doctors are doing medical__________(研究)on illness.

4.He left all his money to c__________ to help the poor.


5.Don’t w__________ about me .I’ll be all right .

6.He is ____________ (自信的) to pass the exam.

7.Without my ________________ (允许),don’t touch my things.

8.I am very busy .Don’t b______________ me, Ok?


答案:一 . 1.knowledge 2.worried 3.confidence 4. medical 5.burnt/burned


7.helpful 8.listener

二.1.nervous 2.million


8.bother 3.research 4.charity 5.worry 6.confident


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