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山东省临沭县青云镇中学九年级英语全册 Revision of Unit 2复习学案

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Revision of Unit 2复习学案


1. 复习Unit2 单词和短语,并能熟练运用短语造句。

2. 总结语法:used to 的相关用法。

3. 运用本单元相关的重要句型来描述人物。


复习任务一: Daily report

复习任务二: Words and expressions


使害怕 聊天 每日的

死亡 造成 他自己

有耐心的 注意 浪费



1).放弃 __________ 2).对 ?感兴趣___________ 3).下决心_________

4). 查阅 ______________ 5).处理 __________ 6). 对?有耐心________

7).非常害怕的________ 8). 对?感到骄傲_________

9).对?注意______ 10). 过去常常__________


1).give up doing

2).make a decision

3). take pride in \be proud of

4).be interested in

5) .used to


※It takes sb some time to do sth

※Sb spends some time /money doing sth Sb spends some time /money on sth

※Sb pays money for sth. Sth costs +money/Sth costs sb +money.



1. Go through the Grammar Focus of Unit 2

2. 小结Used to 的用法:表示

例如:He used to play soccer. 否定句式: _____________

疑问句式: ____________ 附加疑问句: __________?

3.Used to do sth. ; get(be) used to doing

1).used to “过去常常” I used to get up early.

He used to like apples.

小结:Used to 只用于 时态,后跟 。


2).be/get used to doing? “习惯于”

I will be used to getting up early.

We are getting used to reading in the morning.

小结:be/get used to 可用各种时态, to后跟

★ 做课件中的拓展练习。


( )1. His parents were worried that he ___ too much time chatting on line.

A. spent B. cost C. paid D. had

( ) 2.--What a beautiful sweater! How much did you__ for it?–198 yuan.

A. take B. cost C. pay D. spend

( ) 3. Smoking is bad for your health . You’d better _____ .

A. give up it B. give it up C. take out it D .take it out

( ) 4. His grandparents ____ for ten months.

A. have died B. died C. have been dead

( ) 5. Don’t ___ , my children. Keep working on and you will be successful.

A. put up B. turn off C. work out D. give


My _____ problem is that I’m too______ . When I was young , I _____ _____ have so much time, but _____ _______ I get up early and stay in school all day . Then

I go right home and eat dinner. Before I started high school, I used to spend a lot of time______ ______with my friends, but I just don’t have the time________. In the evening, I used to watch TV or_____ ______ my grandmother, but now I have to

study . I love music , and my father used to take me to concerts. These days, I hardly ever have time for concerts. I do my homework and ____ ___ . . I really __the old days.

复习任务六: 书面表达 描述你自己过去和现在的变化。(包括外貌、性格和爱好等方面的


复习任务七: 总结反馈



.复习Unit 3 中的单词和课文,准备第二天的听写。


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