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山东省莱州市郭家店中学八年级英语上册 Unit 4 She said helping others changed her life学案

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Unit 4 She said helping others changed her life学案




1、Teaching high school students in a poor mountain village in Gansu Province may not sound like fun to you.

2、Her village was 2,000 meters above sea level, and at first the thin air made her feel sick.

3、But I can open up my students’ eyes to the outside and give them a good start in life.

4、The program was started by the Ministry of Education and the Chinese Young pioneers. Every year they send 100 volunteers to teach in China’s rural areas

5、When her year was over, she said that she would return to the area after finishing her studies.



① Yang Lei is a volunteer teacher from Gansu Province.

② The life in the mountains was hard for Yang Lei.

③Yang’s parents agreed with their daughter.

④Most of students live at home because they have no money.

⑤Yang said that she could open up the students’ eyes to the outside world and be a good influence in the children’s lives.


①Where did Yang Lei work?

②What did she eat?

③What did Yang Lei’s mother say about her daughter’s volunteer work?

④How do Yang Lei’s students study?

⑤What did the children say about their volunteer teachers?

⑥How did Yang Lei say she could help?

⑦What did Yang Lei think of her work?


⑧ What did Yang Lei say about her time as a volunteer? 五、翻译词组。

1. 改变…的生活 2. 帮助别人 3. 教高中生 32. 稀薄的空气 33. 无国界医生

34. 照顾危险中的动物 4. 开阔视野 5. 外面的世界

6. 给生活一个好开始 7. 在一个贫穷的山村

8. 对…听起来有意思 9. 作为一个志愿者

10. 北大毕业生 11. 在一年计划中 12. 在中国农村地区 13. 送…去…

14. 中国少先队 15. 教育部 16. 在…市 17. 一次新的经历 18. 经历不同的事

19. 感到恶心, 不舒服 20. 一天三次 21. 住在学校宿舍 22. 同意他的决定 23. 她和她的丈夫 24. 经历不同的事情 25. 好影响 26. 回到地方 27. 努力学习 28. 在你我之间 29. 感到幸运 30. 没钱读书

31. 海平面2000米以上

35. 北京大学 36. 我对那无能为力.

37. 使他们在生活中有一个好的开端 38. 完成学业 39. 做数学老师 五、作文。

My dream



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