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九年级英语全册《Unit 4 What would you do》(第三课时)Section A 3a-4学案

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《Unit 4 What would you do》(第三课时)Section A 3a-4学案

Teaching and Learning Goals:

一、功能:Learn to how to deal with problems and worries.

二、词汇和常用表达:Master the gramma of “If I were you, I’d??”

三、学习策略:Encourage students to communicate with others .

四、文化知识: Let students give advice to those who have worries and problems.

Teaching and learning steps:

Step I Pre-reading activities

1. Preview

Ask the Ss to translate the following Chinese into English. First ask the Ss to put them into English orally, then let them write English down without looking at the textbooks.

1、变得紧张 ______________________ 2.看起来可怕___________________

3.参加一次大考_____________________4.太??而不能?? ____________

5.长时间散步__________________ 6.帮助某人放松__________________

7.看起来友好__________________ 8.感觉害羞_________________



2.Warming up and leading in

T:Maybe we all have kinds of worries or problems during your daily life. For example, some students are worried about their English or other subjects; some are worried about what to wear every day, etc. What shall we do? Let’s look at this picture .This is my electric bicycle, it is very old and broken. What should I do?

S1: If I were you, I’d buy a new one.

T: Thank you for your good advice. Let’s look at the other picture .This girl is a little nervous.Do you know why?

Ss:She has got pimples. T:Yes. She has got pimples.What should she do? OK, let’s come to 3a at Page 28.

(设计意图:用熟悉的话题引入新课,有利于活跃课堂气氛,把学生带入课程的场景当中,激发学生学习的热情。) Step II While-reading activities

Read the paragraphs fast and silently to find the general idea

The main idea of the passage is about .

A. how to keep healthy. B. some problems and advice.

C. what are your worries.


Read the paragraphs carefully and silently to find the specific ideas

Match each problem with the correct advice.





(设计意图:本环节的设计促进学生对整篇文章细节的理解和把握。锻炼学生的阅读能力和理解段落的能力。) Step III. Post-reading activities

1. Listen and repeat.


2. Read aloud by themselves then read the paragraphs in pairs. (设计意图:加深对所学文章深层次的理解,锻炼学生的口语表达能力。特别是要给后进生表现的机会,增强这些学生的自信心。)

3. Retell the passages according to the key phrases.

be really shy, enjoy parties, get nervous before big parties, get pimples, look terrible, the night before?, take a big exam, do well, help with?, eat lots of fruits, drink lots of water, take a long walk, go to bed, look friendly, feel shy

(设计意图:这些词组句型都是以前学过的但是经常使用,列出来给他们加深印象,以便他们能更灵活运用到各种场合,让学生有足够的时间消化 3a部分内容)

T: Now think of different advice for the problems in activity 3a. Work in pairs and role play conversations with your partner.

A: I am really shy. I don’t enjoy parties.

B: If I were you, I’d go and shout in the street. I’d set up parties and invite all my classmates to come and sing and dance.

A: I get nervous before big parties and I get pimples.

B: Pimples look good to me. They are not terrible at all.

A: I can’t sleep the night before I take a big exam.

B: If I were you, I’d lie in bed counting the cows, the sheep, and the horses. Then I’d have a nice sleep. If you count as many cows as possible you’d do well in the exam.

A: I can’t lose my weight.

B: If I were you, I’d eat lots of fruits, drink lots of water and take a long walk before going to bed every evening.


4. Groupwork

Form groups of four or five. Each group writes five questions starting with the words What problems do you have at home/ at school? Then make the conversation following the sample.

Sample conversations:

1)A: I really want a dog, but my parents won’t let me have one.

B: Well, dogs can be a lot of trouble. Maybe you should get a small pet, like a goldfish.

A: That’s a good idea.

2)A: I really want to go to the mall with my parents, but I don’t have the time.


B: Finish your homework at school and stop going to Sunday classes. You’ll find time

that way.

A: That’s a good idea.

3)A: I like to choose my own clothes, but my mother doesn’t allow me to do that.

B: Wear your school uniforms while you are still a student. Wait till you are a big man and you’d have the right to choose your own clothes. A: That’s a good idea.


Inquiry into knowledge by translation

一、If I were you, I’d take a long walk before going to bed.


2. before going to bed 意为“____________________”, before 为介词,后跟 ______________.类似用法的词还有 _____________________________. 如:

I went to bed after ___________________ yesterday evening.


二、I’m too tired to do well.

too...to...意为“ ”。too 为副词,后接形容词或副词的 级,其中的不定式表示否定的结果。如:

My brother to school.



The end-of class test


1. If I w ____ you, I would walk to school every day.

2. I used to feel n______ before an exam.

3. Mary is so s____ that she can’t speak in front of many people.

4. He is doing his homework now. Don’t b_______ him.

5. He left all his money to c_______ to help the poor.

6. Don’t w_____ about me. I’ll be all right.


1. I am ___________ (太累了不能) walk any farther.

2. It’s not good to drink tea just before___________ (上床睡觉).

3. You ____________________ (没有必要) stay up before a test.

4. He used to __________ (迟到) school.

5. Light music helps you _____________ (放松自己).



Homework You must:

1.Recite 3a.

2.Preview SectionB (1a-2c) at P29. If you can:

Write a report on your best friend’s problems ,and give some suggestions to solve the problems. (设计意图:不同的学生,英语学习程度不同,学生可以根据自己的实际情况来做作业,分层体验成功。) 本节课亮点:



3. 家庭作业分层布置,让不同层次的学生感受到学习成功的乐趣。



Answers: Pre- reading activities


1. get nervous 2.look terrible 3.take a big exam 4.too?to?5. take a long walk 6.help sb. relax 7.look friendly 8.feel shy 9. get pimples 10.drink lots of water

Read the paragraphs fast and silently to find the general idea


Inquiry into knowledge by translation

一. 如果我是你,睡觉前我会去散步。

1. 非真实性;虚拟语气;一般过去式,be → were;would /could /should/might +V.原形

2.睡觉前;V-ing;when, while, after;doing my homework

二. 我太累了做不好。

太......而不能......;原;is too young to go

The end-of class test

一、1. were 2. nervous 3. shy 4. bother 5. charity 6. worry

二、1.too tired to 2. going to bed 3. don’t have to / don’t need to

4. be/arrive late for 5. relax yourself


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