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九年级英语全册《Unit 4 What would you do》(第五课时)Section B 3a-self check学案

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《Unit 4 What would you do》(第五课时)Section B 3a-self check


Teaching goals (教学目标)

Language goals (语言目标)

1. 词汇: permission, herself, bother, slight, annoy, fairly, plenty, circle, listener, give a speech, ask one’s permission, in the slightest, plenty of, get along with

2. 句型:(1) What would you do if someone asked you to be in a movie?

(2) I’d say no. (3) If a friend said something bad about you, would you do?

Ability goals (能力目标)



Emotion & attitude goals (情感和态度目标)


Strategy goals (策略目标)


Culture awareness goals (文化意识目标)


Teaching procedures & ways (教学过程和方式)

Step1 Preview

Look at P30-31,finish the following exercises.

1. 写出所给词汇的适当形式

knowledge (形容词)__________confident(名词)_________ medicine(形容词) _______ bother(同义词) _______ probably(近义词)______ listen(指人的名词)_____ pretty(近义词) ______


1. 根本不_________ 2. 公开地_________

3. 演讲比赛_________ 4.充足的_________

5.与?相处_________ 6. a circle of friends_________

7. fairly confident_________ 8. come up with _________

9.social situations_________ 10一个腼腆的人_______ 11. get along with 12. let ?down


Step2 Revision and lead in

1. First, ask the Ss if they are sure of their friend’s and their own personalities.

Give the Ss time to have a small conversation like:

A: What are you like?

B: I think I’m? How about you?

2. Then, have the Ss do the personality survey in 2a and count how many As, Bs and Cs they get.

(设计说明:借助学生们探索自我和他人个性的好奇心理,让学生们先做个性调查,为 1

阅读3a 做好铺垫。)

Step 3. Reading

Ask the students to read the paragraph by themselves.

T: When a survey is finished, you should study the results and reach some conclusions such as paragraph on page 30. Now please read the three paragraphs by yourselves loudly.

Ask different students to read the questions and answers on the survey in activity 2a.

T: Well, who’d like to read the questions and answers on the survey in activity 2a for us? Read the activity 3a instructions to the class.

T: The letters “a, b and c” in the above answers to the questions of survey describe different types of people. The letter “a” describes one type of person, and so do “b and c”. Now reread the paragraph below and decide which letter goes in each blank.

Ask the students to finish on their own.

T: Now please fill in each blank in the result with “a”, “b” or “c”.

Check the work and offer language help if necessary.


Step4 合作探究

一、 Social situations don’t bother you in the slightest.

1. bother近义词为 和 。

其中 最为正式; 则指“打搅,使人不得安心”,但没有 那么严重; 是“使人心烦”的意思。

(1)Pardon me for with such a small matter.


(2)I by his bad manners.


2. not? in the slightest 意为“ ”=


The old lady didn’t feel tired .

二、Your friends say that you are easy to get along with. get along with = get along well/badly with I am sure .


三、You like talking to one or two people rather than to a group. . 1.rather than= 意为“ ”连接两个 成分, 对称。

I’d prefer to go in summer rather than (在冬天)。


I decided to write rather than (打电话)。


would ? rather than? 宁愿。。。。。。而不愿。。。。。。=would rather ? than ? 前后连

接两个 , 否定形式为:

3.would rather ? than ? = prefer ? to ?

但prefer ? to ? 若连接两个动词,动词应为 形式。 He would rather jog than play football. = (知识点部分鼓励学生通过合作学习自己总结,培养学生观察、发现、归纳的能力,教师只


Step5 Self check

1. Ask the students to do Exercise 1 on their own.

T: Next finish Exercise 1 on your own.

2. Reading

Ask the students to read the e-mail and find out the main idea.

A. Fran has a problem and he asks Knowledgeable for help.

B. Mei has a problem and she asks Knowledgeable for help.

C. Fran asks Knowledgeable to help with Mei’s problem.

T: Next please read the email from Fran loudly and find out what Mei’s worries are

and try to give your advice.

List the students’ ideas on the screen as follows.

Ask the students to list as many suggestions as possible.

(通过完成不同的阅读任务,培养学生概括文章大意,读取细节和复述的能力) Step6 Inquiry into knowledge by translation

一、She doesn’t want to let her friends down.

Let sb. down 是固定词组,意为“ ”。




二、? but you always come up with good solutions to people’s problems.

1.come up with 提出(答案、方法)等。类似于 。

How would you this idea?


2.come up with 也可译为“追上,赶上”,与 同义。

We shall have to work hard to (赶上他们)。


Step7. Writing Practice


T: Nowadays e-mails are very popular. We’ve learned how to write an e-mail in the previous unit. Here’s another example.

T: For e-mail writing, we must pay attention to the following. Show the following to the students. 1. Keep your message short. 2. Keep your message simple.

3. Give your main idea in a few sentences so people can understand you immediately. 4. Don’t type all in capital letters.

Ask the students to write a reply as required on Page 31. Then ask some of them to read their work to the class. One sample version:


Step8 当堂检测


2. He is going to make a speech ______________.

3. The twins study hard. They don’t want to _______ their parents _________.

4. Don’t worry. We would ____________ bother him ____________.

5. During the meeting, the students ___________ many good ideas and our teacher was very happy.


1 如果其他人都带了礼物怎么办?____________________________________



4 我宁可呆在家看书也不愿参加聚会。__________________________________






3. 在知识探究时,先让学生自己感知发现语言的规律,然后通过小组内的合作学习让学生


4. 写作前,引导学生们未动笔前,先构思写作框架和内容,可以有效培养学生们布局谋篇



1. 预习内容一定要提前布置给学生,便于学生更有目的地去预习,提高课上做题速度。

2. 本节课容量大,时间如控制不当,有可能一节课难以完成预设任务。



1. knowledgeable, confidence, medical, trouble, possibly, listener, fairly,

2. 1.not? in the slightest 2.in public 3.speech contest 4.plenty of

5.get along with 6.一个朋友圈 7.相当自信 8.想出 9.社会环境

10.a shy person 11.与。。。。。。相处 12.使。。。。。。失望或沮丧



1. trouble; annoy; trouble; bother; trouble; annoy; bothering you; was annoyed

2. 根本不,一点也不; not? at all; in the slightest/at all


与。。。。。。 相处;get on with; 与。。。。。。相处得好/差;you will get along very well with him



1.instead of ; 而不是;并列;前后;in winter; telephone

2.动词原形;would rather not do sth.

3. v-ing

He prefers jogging to playing football.


3. C


一、她不想让她的朋友失望。使某人失望;let your mum down;

二、但你总能想出解决人们问题的好办法。(1)think of; come up with; (2) catch up with; come up with them


(一)1.get along with, 2.in public, 3.let? down 4.not ? in the slightest; 5.came

up with

(二)1. What if everyone else brings a present?

2. If I were you, I’d wear a shirt and tie.

3. If I had a million dollars, I’d give it to medical research.

4. I would rather stay at home and read a book than go to a party.


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