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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语下册《Unit 2 Traveling Main Task》学案

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《Unit 2 Traveling Main Task》学案


1. 识别并将谈论个人经历所需要的主要信息整理归类。

2. 和同伴讨论一篇文章的构思。

3. 详细描述旅游地点、经历和感受。


1. 四会内容

词汇:cultural, (adv.) clearly

词组:the culture centre have a bird’s eye view of


词汇:dolphin, dessert, seafood, state, paragraph


1.According to the reading, go over some information about Hong Kong Disneyland.

(write down some key words)



In Tomorrowland ______________________________________________________ In




2. Think of your best holiday and dream holiday:

A: Your best holiday:

When was your best holiday?__________________________________________

Where did you go?__________________________________________________ What did you see? __________________________________________________ What did you do? ___________________________________________________ B:Your dream holiday

When is your dream holiday?__________________________________________

Where do you want to go? ____________________________________________ What do you want to see or to do ? ______________________________________

3. Finish Part C on Page38 according to Part B on Page 37 and learn the new words on these two pages.


1. Check Before-class 1: Talk about Hong Kong Disneyland.

1 the Fantasyland Adventureland

2. Think about what parts you should write if you want to write about the

trip to Hong Kong Disneyland.

3. Check Part C on Page 38 and learn some important and useful expressions.

4. (development content):Read the article and talk about its structure.

5.According to Before-class 2, work in pairs and share the ideas about your

best holiday or dream holiday.

6.Learn Part D on P38 and finish your own table about your best holiday. 1). Place: (main points, details)









7. (development content):Write down the draft about your best holiday

according to the table above.


1. 我们去香港旅游的那天终于来到了。__________________________________________

2. 我父母和我都对这次特别的旅游感到激动人心。________________________________

3. 因为我们都想参观迪士尼,并且可以和可爱的卡通人物拍照。____________________


4. 乘飞机去那里花了我们3个半小时。__________________________________________

5. 香港的天气与北京的天气相当不同,温暖而且令人愉快。________________________


6. 我们整个一天都在公园里玩得很愉快。________________________________________

7. 第三天,我们去了香港的另一个著名的主题公园——海洋公园。__________________


8. 在晚上,我们去了Victoria Peak.______________________________________________

9. 能够鸟瞰香港真是太好了——个晚上到处是闪烁着明亮的灯光的高楼大厦的现代化城市。_______________________________________________________________________

10. 在第四天,我们去了尖沙嘴,香港的文化中心并参观了那里的一些博物馆。________


11. 然后我们去买东西,香港是一个购物的好地方。________________________________

12. 然后我们乘着星光渡船去了九龙。在九龙的海滩边我们玩得很愉快。______________


13. 我希望某一天我能再次参观那里。____________________________________________

14. 在写之前组织一下你的思路。________________________________________________

15. 想一些有趣的特别的东西来写。______________________________________________

16. 使用一些形容词和副词来使得你的文章更加有趣。______________________________


17. 在最后一段写一下你的感受。________________________________________________ 2


May Day holiday is coming. My family are discussing w to do for it. We are planning to travel a . We want to go to Singapore because my dad

has g to Singapore for a meeting. He has b there twice. It’s a nice and clean c . We will f there next Monday. It will t us about two hours to go there by air. The weather there is very good all year r . We will visit many p of interest in Singapore . I think we will be happy t the whole trip.



We bought the tickets for thr roller coaster , It .


We couldn’t with .


It to Hongkong.


The _________China is Spring. You must .

5、自从上个月以来我就已经是一名团员了。 I a League Member .


( ) 1.We were so tired that it seemed that the road was ________.

A. end B. endful C. endless D. ending

( ) 2.My father ________ to Nanjing twice.

A. has been B. has gone C. have been D. have gone

( ) 3.How many film ________ you ________ recently? None.

A. did; see B. are ?seeing C. has? seen D. have ?seen

( ) 4.He has never ________ of such a thing before.

A. hear B. heared C. heard D.hearing

( )5.More than 20 people ________ in traffic accidents ________ last May.

A. died; for B. have been dead; since C. have died; for D. have

been dead, for ( )6.The Statue of Liberty is in .

A.Japan B.England C.China D.the USA ( )7.David went to buy some stationary souvenirs my cousin.

A.for;for B.as;as C.for;as D.as;for ( )8.The match was and I felt .

A. exciting; excited B. excited; exciting C.excited; excited

D.exciting; exciting ( )9.Hello! Kitty waved us during the parade. A.for B.to C.on D.as ( )10.He wants bring everything him.

A.to; with B.to; by C./;with D.to;/


( )11.Thailand is so hot that people like to go every day.

A.skating B.skiing C.cycling D.swimming

( )12.When someone says to you,“How beautifully you sing!”You should reply, “ .”

A.That's not true B.Thank you C.Not at all D.You're welcome ( )13.I became a student ten years . I have been a student 1996. I have studied here about 10 years.

A. ago, since, for B. ago ,for ,since, C. ago, before, for D ago, in, after ( )14.Mr Li Kunming. He the city three times. This time he Kunming for three days. A. has been to ,have gone to ,have been in B. have gone to ,has been to , have been in

C. have been in, has been to ,have gone to D have gone to, have been in , has been to

( )15.That book is . It brings the readers with . A. delightful , delightful B. delight , delight C. delightful , delight D. delight , delightful

五、书面表达:(development content):

以My trip to____________为题写一篇70-80 words游记 ,写清楚以下内容 :place, time, people, experience, feelings。

My trip to____________ ________________________________________________________________


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