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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语下册《Unit 1 Past and present》学案

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《Unit 1 Past and present》学案


知识技能: To introduce the concept of situations that started in the past and are continuing in the present

过程与方法: To introduce the grammatical concept of the present perfect tense by focusing on a timeline and ordering information chronologically.

情感态度价值观: Can Talk about changes over time;


A Something in the past and present


B Transport at different times



Step1 Free talk

1.Talk about something that has changed in our life or in our city, good changes or bad changes.

2.Did you have a good time last Sunday? What did you eat? What food is your favorite?’




1)过去,往事 2)现在,目前 3)自…以来

4)时代,时期 5)运输,交通工具 6)轻轨


Welcome to the unit


2.回答问题:How do you go to school every day? How do your parents go to work every day?

If I want to go to the USA, how can I get there?


Step 2: Warm-up activities

1) Listen to a short dialogue and think about the following questions: a What did Eddie do? Why?

b How has Eddie changed?

c How has Hobo changed?

2) Listen to the dialogue again and try to repeat after the tape 3) Read the dialogue together and understand the meaning of the dialogue.

4) Change some sentence patterns according to the dialogue Eg: I’ve eaten it ------ I

haven’t eaten it .----- Have you eaten it? Yes, I have /No, I haven’t.

5) Read it again and try to recite it . Step 3: Welcome to the unit

A Transport at different times Write the correct names under the pictures. B Back to the past Complete the timeline.


Make sentences according to the time table Eg: The peak tram has been in service since 1890/for 25 years. People began to use the peak tram in 1890


A 1.what you have learnt?

B 2.remember the important languages and sentences



A 1、我的铅笔盒现在不在课桌上。

My pencil-box ___________________________________________________.

A 2、你看到我的铅笔盒了吗? _______________________________ my pencil box?

A 3、我们刚刚吃过午饭。我们十一点半吃的。

We ____________________ lunch. We __________________ at 11:30.

B 4、Tom自从出生就一直住在南京,

Tom _______________________________________________________.

B 5、我饿了,你能给我弄点好吃的吗?

I’m very ________. Can you give me ________ ________ ________ ________?


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