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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语下册《Unit 2 Traveling Grammar 2》学案

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《Unit 2 Traveling Grammar 2》学案


1. 加深对现在完成时的理解。

2. 进一步区分一般过去时和现在完成时的用法。

3. 理解短暂性动词和延续性动词的不同用法,以及它们之间的转换。


1. 四会内容

词汇:motorcycle, lamb, conference, programme, gift,


句型:1.Millie has been to South Hill many times.

2.Daniel and Sandy have never been toSouth Hill.

3.Kitty has gone to Hong kong with her family.

4.Mille has been away from Beijing for two days.

5.Simon has been a member of the Football Club since last



1.Read the words on P32 and write down when to use “for, since, ago”:

for____________________________________________________ since__________________________________________________

ago ___________________________________________________

2. Read the table on Page 32, try your best to understand them.


现在完成时:表示过去发生的动作对现在的影响和结果。它经常与never, just,

before, yet , already, ever.其中already用在陈述句中。在疑问句或否定句中常

用yet 代替already.

I have already done my homework.

Has Jim called yet?

**表示过去发生的动作一直延续到现在,可能还将延续下去,经常与for ,since引导


The old man has died for two years.( 错) The old man has been dead for two years. (对)




1.Check the before-class work;

2. Rewrite the sentences according to the model.

e.g. He got up an hour ago.---- He has been up for an hour./since an hour ago. ① I bought this CD two years ago.

I _________________ this CD ___________________. ② She borrowed a book from the library yesterday.

She ________________ a book from the library __________ yesterday. ③ Uncle Li arrived in Beijing three days ago.

Uncle Li ____________________ Beijing ______________three days ago. ④ My parents got married twenty years ago.

My parents ________________________________ for twenty years. ⑤ The rain stopped five minutes ago.

The rain ________________________ since ________________________. ⑥ He become a doctor ten years ago.

He ___________________ a doctor ________________________________. ⑦ The old man died two years ago.

The old man ___________________________________________________. ⑧ Ben joined the Party a month ago.

Ben ___________________________________________________________. Ben____________________________________________________________. ⑨ Tom left home the day before yesterday.


Tom ______________________home _______________________________.

⑩ The film began 5 minutes ago.

The film ________________________________________________________.

⑾ His father came to teach in this school in 1998.

His father _____________________________ in this school ___________1998. ⑿ Mary fell asleep an hour ago.

Mary ___________________________________________________________.

⒀ The factory closed last year. The factory _______________________________________________________.

3. Complete the conversation on P33 and then check the answer:



1. 凯蒂离开北京两天了。______________________________________________________

2. 凯蒂买了这个钱包一年了。__________________________________________________

3. 她借了这本书将近3个星期。________________________________________________

4. 她离开家已经一个月了。____________________________________________________ 5. 西蒙去年就成了足球俱乐部的成员。__________________________________________ 6. 那只小羊羔死了有相当一段时间了。__________________________________________

7. 他们已经结婚了15年了。___________________________________________________

8. 那个游行已经开始了将近一个小时。__________________________________________

9. 会谈从上周六就结束了。____________________________________________________

10. 我在看一个有趣的电视节目。________________________________________________

11. 它在7点开始,已经开始了半个小时了。______________________________________

12. 我收到她的来信已经5天了。是上星期天收到的。______________________________

13. 现在她肯定很高兴。________________________________________________________

14. 你的意思是他们这个星期天将祝贺他们结婚15周年?___________________________

__________________________________________________________________________ 15. 我父母也是15年前结婚的。_________________________________________________

16. 可能你也应该给你的父母买个礼物,那我们明天上午10点在超市见面。___________



1.Smoking ___________ health. It does great ____________ to our health. But

he doesn’t think it’s ______________ to his health. (harm)

2.To his ______________ he met his friends there. How _____________ they were

to meet!

They had a ________________ time talking about the past. (delight)

3. Was he ___________in the game? Yes. He ___________ in it. All his supporters

were excited about his ____________________. (success)

4. They were ____________ five years ago. After the ______________ they moved

into a new flat. (marry)


5. He gave an ________ talk at the meeting. The meeting _______ a few minutes

ago. (end)

6. At the _____________ news he felt ______________. Did he shout


Yes. He screamed _____________. (excite)


( ) 1. On her way home, Lucy saw a thief __________ in a shop. She stopped

__________ 110 at once.

A. steal; call B. to steal; call C. stealing; to call D. stealing; calling

( ) 2. –__________ my dictionary? –Yes, I saw it on your desk a moment ago.

A. Do you see B. Would you see C. Have you seen D. Had you seen

( ) 3. Mr Smith isn’t here now. He ______ to Guangzhou and will stay there for a year.

A. has come B. has reached C. has been D. has gone

( ) 4. –When did you __________ the new mobile phone?

–Well, I __________ it for half a month.

A. have; have bought B. buy; have had C. buy; have bought D. have; have had

( ) 5. I became a teacher ten years ________. I have been a teacher ________ 1996. I have taught English __________ about 10 years. A. ago; since; for B. ago; for; since C. ago; before; for D. ago; in; after

( ) 6. They __________ this city for about three weeks.

A. have gone to B. have arrived in C. have been to D. have been in

( ) 7. Adventureland was also ____. We stayed there _____ the great ‘Lion

King’ show.

A. wonderful; to watched B. wonder; to watch

C. wonderful; to watch D. wonder; to watched

( ) 8. Hong Kong is a modern city of tall buildings with lights ________in

the evening.

A. shine B. shining


answer. C. shiny D. ( ) 9. –I called you at eight o’clock yesterday evening, but there was no

–Oh, I’m sorry. I __________ dinner at my friend’s home.

A. have B. had C. was having D. have had

( ) 10. –How long have you __________ your hometown? -Since ten months ago.

A. left B. been away from C. come to D. arrived in

( ) 11. –__________ today! –Yes. Shall we have a picnic in the open air? 4

A. What fine weather is B. How fine weather it is

C. What a fine weather it is D. How fine the weather is

( ) 12. –Sorry, I forgot to close the window. –____________ I’ll go to close it myself.

A. Don’t be sorry B. You’re welcome C. It doesn’t matter D. Never think about it

( ) 13. –Could you get to the park before 3 o’clock?

–__________. I’ll still be at the meeting then.

A. I think so B. Yes, I could C. I’m afraid not D. I’m afraid so

( ) 14. –Have you finished your homework __________? –No, not __________.

A. ever; already B. already; yet C. yet; yet D. before; yet


1. They _____________ (be) in Hong Kong for 7 years. 2. If it ______________ (be) fine, we will go and see the Great Wall.

3. He ______________ (begin) to learn English last year.

4.My home town ___________________ (change) a lot over the years.

5.The Wangs __________________ (move) to the center of city now and they ____________ (move) here last year.

6.I ________________ (not talk) to my father since last Sunday.


1. He _________________________(买) the pen for two years.

2. My brother ______________________(加入)the League for two years.

3. The film ______________________(开始) for half an hour.

4. The train __________________________(离开) from here for a month. 5. The factory _________________________(开办) for ten years.

6.I’m glad you’ve come back. How long have you ___________________(回来)?

7.My pet cat ________________________(死 ) for a year.

8. When I get up everyday, my mother ______________________(起床)for an hour.

9. This shop ______________________________(开张)for two months.


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