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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语下册《Unit 2 Traveling Reading 2》学案

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《Unit 2 Traveling Reading 2》学案


1. 了解主人公香港之行的见闻和活动。

2. 扩展词汇谈论旅游的见闻。


1. 四会内容

词汇:whale, speed, ride, magic, pie, excitement, clap,


词组:in front of the whale fountain, at the entrance, move at high


through the whole ride, can’t wait to go, wave to, march

across the park, clap and scream with joy

句型:1.I heard you have gone to Thailand.

2. I have been here in Hong Kong for two days.

3. I couldn’t stop taking photos.

4. The children clapped and screamed with joy when they saw

their favourite characters.

2. 三会内容

词汇: fountain, cute, performer, wave, march, three-D, shiny


1.Do exercises C, D on page 29.

2. Try to find the following sentences in the article and do some exercises. a. 自从上个月以来,我一直没有看见过你。

I ____________________ you _____________last month.


He __________________ Changzhou since ____________________.

b. 我听说你已经去泰国了。(你已去了某地。此句只能在书信和打电话时使用。) I hear you _______________________ Thailand.

He isn’t here now, he ___________________ Tokyo. (他现在不在这儿)。


I ___________________ in HongKong for two days.

For, since 引导“段”时间,一定要和延续性动词或短语连用。 参见P32 e.g: come/go/arrive ---------be in some place


We ___________________________ for three years.


She ______________________________ since a week ago.



①It is _______________________ and includes four different parks ------- 1

Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland.

e. 但我对吃不敢兴趣。

But I __________________________________________________ eating. Be interested in sth/ doing sth ____________________________________ ①你对乘飞机旅行感兴趣吗?

Are you ________________________________________________by plane? f. 我禁不住要和他们合影因为他们看起来都是如此的可爱和漂亮。

I___________________________ with them because they all looked so nice and


couldn’t stop doing sth ___________________

stop doing sth __________________________ stop to do sth



She couldn’t ______________________ when she saw the old photos.


The students ____________________ when the teacher came in.


I _______________________________________ on my way home yesterday.

g. 当孩子们看到他们喜欢的人物时,他们高兴地拍手尖叫。

The children ___________ and screamed ________________ when they saw their

favourite characters.

“ with joy”介词短语,起副词作用,修饰动词。在句中充当状语


When she heard the news, she ________________________________. ②当爸爸告诉Sam 妈妈很快要回家时,他高兴地叫了起来。

Sam ___________________________when his father told him that his mother

would come back soon.


1. have been , have been to, have gone to, have been in,的区别

have been意为“成为??多长时间”;have been in意为“在某地呆了多长时间”。二者都常与表示一段时间的状语连用。如:

1、She has been a teacher for five years。

2、I have been here for two hours。

3、His parents have been in China for three months。

have been to意为“曾经去过某地”,现在已不在那里了,常与ever,just,never等词连用。其后可接once,twice等表示次数的词。如:

4、He has just been to the library。

5、They have never been to the Great Wall。

6、I have been to Beijing many times。

have gone to意为“到某地去了”,说话时作句子主语的人不在现场,通常是第三人称作句子的主语。如:

7、Where is Tom? He has gone to the post office。


8、Mr Green isnt here。He has gone to Shanghai。

2. at the entrance 在入口处

at the entrance意为“在入口处”,其后可接of 短语,表示“在??的入口处”;其反义词组为at the exit (of ...) “在(??的)出口处”; at the entrance to some place意为“在通往某处的入口处”。如:

I’ll waiting for you at the entrance / exit of the cinema. 我会在电影院的入(出)口处等你。

There are many advertisements at the entrance to the city. 在通往城市的入口处有许多广告。

3. It moved at high speed... 它以非常快的速度运动

move at high speed 意为“以非常快的速度移动/运动”; 而at the speed of意思是“以??的速度”。如:

The car is moving at high speed. 汽车正在以非常快的速度行驶着。

She ran at the speed of 10 meters a second. 她以每秒10米的速度奔跑。

类似的短语还有at low speed(低速); at full speed(全速)。

4.be interested in的意思为对某方面感兴趣

be interested in后加名词或代词,

He is very interested in playing basketball.


5. can’t stop doing sth 禁不住做某事

can’t stop doing sth 与 can’t help doing sth意义相近,都是“情不自禁地做某事”的意思。如:

He couldn’t stop screaming when he saw his idol—Jay Chou. 当看见自己的偶像周杰伦时,他禁不住尖叫起来。


n. 骑马,乘坐,乘车,搭便车,欺骗

vt. 骑,乘坐,克服,控制,缠住

vi. 骑马,乘车


同: sit

反: [v.] walk 词义辨析



drive指乘坐在有轮子的交通工具之内,控制其行驶。 ride通常指骑在车、马上行驶。


1. Don't ride your bicycle on the pavement.


2.The heavy rain made the house ride soft. 大雨使那跑马场变得松软。


名词 n. [C]

1. 波,波浪

2. (手之)挥动,挥手示意

He gave me a wave. 他对我挥手。

3. 浪潮;(情绪的)高涨;(活动等的)高潮[(+of)]

A wave of anger swept over him.


4. 【物】波;振动

5. (头发的)卷曲,烫发

及物动词 vt.

1. 对...挥(手、旗等)

He waved the servant out of his room.


2. 向...挥手示意;挥手表示(致敬、告别等) 4

Martin waved us goodbye.


不及物动词 vi.

1. 挥手(或旗等)示意

She waved at him. 她对他挥手。

2. 起伏;摇动;飘扬

The flags were waving in the wind.


8. in all

in all 意为“总共,总计”。如:

In all, there’re five thousand students in our school. 我们学校总共有5000名学生。

介词in构成的常用词组还有: in fear(在恐惧中);in danger(在危险中);in need (在困境中);in turn(依次,轮流)等。

9. such as的用法

1. 表示举例,意为“例如,诸如此类的,像??那样的”,相当于like或for example。如:

There are few poets such as Keats and Shelly. 像济慈和雪莱这样的诗人现在很少了。 Animals such as rabbits and deer continue to be active all winter,finding food wherever they can . 像兔和鹿这样的动物整个冬天都是很活跃的,它们到处寻找食物。 用于此义时的几点说明:

(1) 这类结构既可表现为“名词+such as+例子”,也可表现为“such+名词+as+例子”。如: I enjoy songs such as this one.= I enjoy such songs as this one. 我喜欢像这首歌一样的歌。

(2) 若后接动词,通常用动名词,有时也可用动词原形。如:

Don’t do anything silly such as marry him. 不要做什么蠢事,比如说去嫁给他。 Magicians often perform tricks such as pulling a rabbit out of a hat. 魔术师常常变从帽子里抓出兔子的戏法。

(3) 不要按汉语意思将such as用作such like。

(4) 其后不可列出前面所提过的所有东西。如:

正:I know four languages, such as Japanese and English. 我懂四种语言,如日语、英语。


误:I know four languages, such as Chinese, French, Japanese and English. 我懂四种语言,如汉语、法语、日语和英语。

(5) 在现代英语中,such as可与etc. 连用。如:

They planted many flowers, such as roses, sunflowers,etc. 他们种了许多种花,如玫瑰花、向日葵等。

10.at/in/by the end用法

由end构成的短语有in the end,at the end of和by the end of,它们怎么用呢?

1.in the end表示“最后;终于”之意,相当于finally 或 at last,后不接名词。如: In the end, we found the house. 最终,我们找到了这座房屋。

2. at the end通常与of连用,表示时间、地点的尽头、末尾,意为“在??尽头;在??结束时”。如:

We re going on holiday at the end of July. 我们七月底将去度假。

My friends waited for me at the end of the street. 我的朋友在街道尽头等我。

3.by the end of指“到某一时间之前”,只能用来表示时间,常与完成时连用。如: We would have finished this work by the end of next September.


The building must be finished by the end of this month.这栋楼必须在这个月前完工。



27. 当下午晚些时候迪士尼人物游行开始的时候,每个人都很激动。_____________________

1. 在队列行进穿过公园的时候,表演者穿着不同的服装向人们挥手,一路上又唱又跳。


2. 当孩子们看到他们最喜欢的人物时,高兴得拍手尖叫。___________________________

3. 三维电影就像魔术一样。_____________________________________________________

4. 因为我们可以闻到苹果派的味道而且我们能感到唐老鸭和阿拉丁在天空中飞过时的风。___________________________________________________________________________

5. 我们呆在探险世界来观看大片《狮子王》。______________________________________

6. 在看完表演后,我们去美国大街小巷买一些纪念品。______________________________

7. 爸爸为我堂弟买了一些文具,妈妈为我买了一个漂亮的钱包。_____________________ ___________________________________________________________________________

8. 我为你买了一个漂亮的发夹,我肯定你会喜欢的。_______________________________

9. 在一天接近尾声时,我们去睡美人城堡观看了烟火。______________________________ 6


10. 那城堡在烟火的衬托下看上去非常耀眼和漂亮。_________________________________

11. 总的来说,这确实是一次激动人心的旅行。_____________________________________

12. 当我回来之后,我将把照片拿给你看。_________________________________________


1 The ____________________(表演)all danced very well.

2. What do you think of those _____________________(表演).

3.We drank a _________________(全部的)bottle of wine each.

4. Sandy was _______________________(真的)happy to travel in Japan.

5. The whole class went on a trip, ____________________(包括) the twins.


1.We’ll start our class as soon as Tim _____________(arrive).

2. They went to the dining room _______________(have)lunch.

3. The farmers still worked hard in the field even though it ______________(rain) heavily.

4. We ____________(clap) our hands in time to music when we listened to the famous singer.

5. Jim stopped _____________(chat) with his friends on his way home.

6. We should stop _____________(talk) when the bell rings for class.

7. I ________________(work) here since I ___________(move) here in 1990.

8. So far I __________________(make)quite a few friends here.

9.—Where’s Li Ming? –He____________(go)to the teacher’s office.

10. I __________ already ___________(see) the film. I ______________(see) it last week.


( )1.The Statue of Liberty is in ______________.

A. Australia B. Japan C. France D. America

( )2. Sandy’s father bought a bike ____________ a gift _________ Sandy. A. for; as B. as; as C. as; for D. for; for ( )3. My mother was _________ at the __________ news.

A. surprising; surprising B. surprised; surprising

C. surprised; surprised D. surprising; surprised

( )4. Let me __________ you my photos when I come back to China.

A. show B. to show C. showing D. showed

( )5.She ___________ the room when I knocked at the door.

A. are cleaning B. were cleaning C. cleaned D. was cleaning

( )6.Millie said she enjoyed that ___________ talk.

A. pleasure B. please C. pleased D. pleasant

( )7.The famous singer sang so ___________ that the audience all screamed.

A. wonderful B. wonderfully C. more wonderful D. most wonderfully


( )8. Denmark is famous for its _____________. A. the Mount Fuji

B. the Statue of Liberty C. the Little Mermaid D. the Tower Bridge

( )9.—When __________ your brother __________ back?---- About half an hour ago.

A. Did; come B. had; come C. do; come D. had; come

( )10.----I called you at half past nine this morning, but there was no answer.

----Oh, sorry. I _________________ with my cousin in the playground.

A. shop B. was playing basketball C. shopped D. will shop 8

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