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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学八年级英语下册《Unit 4 A charity show Ingrated skills》教案 牛津版

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《Unit 4 A charity show Ingrated skills》

(Writing and speaking up)

Teaching goals

● To listen for and identify specific information

● To recognize key expressions involved in organizing an event ● To make suggestions and offer help

Teaching procedures

Step 1 Presenting

Suppose our class is going to hold a charity show. What needs to be agreed on first? You are to hold a meeting to discuss what to do for the show. (name of the show, name of the charity, date, time, place, ticket price, duties of students)

Step 2 Reading and answering

The Class 1, Grade 8 students are planning their charity show. Read Sandy’s notes, and ask and answer questions in pairs:

What’s the name of the show?

What’s the name of the charity?

When will the show be held? How much is the ticket?

Step 3 Listening and answering

Different students have different duties. What will each student do for the charity show? Please listen and fill in the table on page 70. Who will design the poster? (Kitty and Sandy) Who will organize a play? (Millie and Simon)

Who will be the host of the show? (Millie)

Who will set up the stage? (Sandy and Amy) Who will sing a song? (Kitty and Daniel)

Who will ask friends and families to come? (Kitty, Sandy, Daniel, Millie, Simon, Amy)

Step 4 Finishing off Part A3

Fill in the blanks in Part A3 on page 71 using the information from Parts A1 and A2.

I will check the answers later on. Read the passage aloud together.

Step 5 Listening and answering

After the meeting, Sandy and Kitty are still talking about the show. Listen to Part

B and answer the following questions:

How is Sandy? Why?

Who will they ask for help? Why?

What do they hope? Step 6 Reading after the tape

To practice speaking you are to read to the tape sentence by sentence.

Step 7 Explaining and reading


What questions do you have? Put your questions to me. I will explain language points to you. Step 8 Making up dialogues

Read the dialogue on page 71 again. Now make up a similar dialogue between you.

Step 9 Homework

a. Read the two passages and try to learn it by heart.

b. Finish off the exercises in the Evaluation Handbook.


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