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Unit 3 Campus Life

Reading: A Letter to a Friend

1.我现在是北京海淀职业 学校的一名学生。 2.我丌会说也丌懂汉语。 3.开始,我在课堂上跟丌 上老师,我感觉很紧张。

4.我们从星期一到星期五 上午有四节课,下午三节 课。 5.课后,我们有很多有趣 的活动。 6.我们在这过的很愉快。

1.I’m now a student of a vocational school. 2.I can speak a little English. And I can understand the words that the teacher speaks in English.

3.I can follow the teachers in class. 4.We have five classes in the morning everyday.

5.After class,we have many interesting activities. 6.I’m having a good time here.

Key points: 1.When I got to this school, everything was strange to me. ? be strange to 对...生疏,不熟悉... ? When I got here ,I was strange to everything. ? Li Ming is from the south. He is strange to the life in Hebei.

2.At first, I couldn't follow the teachers in class and I felt nervous. ? At first, you should listen to the teacher carefully in class. ? feel + adj ? Stone feel hard and cool.

3.Luckily, all the teachers and students here are very kind and friendly to me. ? luck n.运气,幸运 ? lucky adj.幸运的 ? luckily adv.幸运地 ? unluckily adv.不幸运地

3. Good luck. Have a good luck. You are a lucky dog. The boy is very lucky. Luckily, I pass the exam. Unluckily, he failed the exam again.

? be kind to sb.对...和蔼可亲 ? be friendly to sb. 对...友好 ? All the students in our class is friendly to me . ? We should be friendly to the new students.

4.They show great concern about my life and study. ? show concern about 对...表示关心 ? Mr Zhang shows concern about our life and study. ? My mother always shows great concern about my life at school.

5.Now,I'm glad to say that with the help of the teahcers and my classmates,everything is going well. ? with the help of ...在...的帮助下 ? go well 进展顺利 ? With the help of Mr Li, I got great progress in maths. ? Does everything go well. ? At first, things didn't go well. but now everything is ok.

6.In the afternoon, we sometimes go to the skill training center of our school to practice cooking skills. ? practice + n./ doing 练习、训练做... ? Mr Li practice China Kunfu every morning. ? If you want to learn English well, you should practice reading English every morning.

7.On weekends, I often go to have classes of the Chinese language or go sightseeing around the great and beautiful city of Beijing. ? on weekends 在周末 ? on weekdays 在工作日 ? go sightseeing 去观光 ? go shopping 去购物 ? go swimming 去游泳

8.I’m having a good time here. ? have a good time 玩的高兴, 过得愉快 - I am going to have a trip on Octobor 1st. - Have a good time. ? Are you having a good time here?

9.You may send e-mail or text messages on telephone to me.
send sth. to sb.给某人发送..., 送

给某人... = send sb. sth.

? You may send me e-mail when you are free. ? You may send some flowers to her on her birthday. ? He sent her some flowers on her birthday.

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