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江苏省东台市唐洋镇中学九年级英语上册《Unit 5 Films Period 9 Main task》学案

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《Unit 5 Films Period 9 Main task》学案


1. (A)请朗读和理解下列短语

in the first week

get full marks

speak in front of the whole school

explain things to us

join the Computer Club

do extra work get more organized

have many good personal qualities

2. (B)请朗读和理解下列句子

We are writing to recommend David as the new chairperson of the Students’ Union. We hope that you agree with us.

We think that David has all the qualities to be a good chairperson.

3. 请认真阅读第21页信纸上的内容,并试着完成流程图。


1. Write a letter to your teacher to recommend a monitor.

Who can be our monitor?(流程图)

A formal recommendation letter Dear I would like to recommend as the new monitor. 1. is confident. 2. I think

3. He/ She is

4. He/ she is also

5. I think


I hope

Yours sincerely ______

Some useful sentences for the writing:

1. I would like to recommend ?as the new monitor of our class. 2. We think that ?has all the qualities to be a good monitor.

3. We think he is good enough to become a great monitor.

4. We think ?will be an excellent monitor because he has many good personal qualities.

5. I think he is the best choice./ He is the most suitable person.

6. He should be confident enough to take this job.


The Studensts’ Union at your own school needs a new chairperson too.Write a formal letter to the principal to recommend a classmate for the post.

9A Unit 1 Star Signs (Period 10)

Checkout(教案) 教学目标:

知识目标:(A)To review key grammar and vocabulary items

(B)To give students the chance to practise grammar and vocabulary


能力目标:To encourage students to recommend a people freely

情感目标:(B)To build a good personality through the study

教学重难点:To review key grammar and vocabulary items

To check their progress and ask any questions they may still have

课前预习:To review the important words ,phrases and sentences in this unit To finish Part A&B on P23


Step One 预习检测(15分钟)


1、星座 2、被分成

3、放弃 4、注意??


5、与??争论 6、做每件事与众不同

7、梦想一切 8、关心

9、炫耀 10、牙疼

11、做个实验 12、第一只克隆羊

13、把足球传给某人 14、在学业或事业上成功

15、与??有问题 16、找(想)出新主意

17、做额外工作 18、个人能力








二、Check the answers to Part A on P23 (Choose three students to be the three main characters . Ask them to role-play the conversation .The rest of the students check their answers)

三、Show the six pictures on P23,check the answers to Part B.

Step Two 知识的综合运用(20分钟)

T:The new school term begins. In order to organize our class much better, we need to choose the most suitable person as our monitor. Do you think who is the most suitable person ? Why?

1.Let the students in groups ask one another using the following conversation as a model.

A: When were you born?

B: I was born on .

A: Is your star sign ?

B: Yes, it is. How do you know my star sign is ?

A: I know the twelve star signs very well.

B: Oh, really? Can you tell me what the star sign says about ?

A: No problem / Sure / OK. It says people born under . B: Yes, that’s right. What’s your star sign?


A: My star sign is .

B: What does your star sign mean?

A: That means .

2.Ask the students to choose one in their own group as our monitor. (Say something about the student using the knowledge in this unit . Let’s see which group can use as many adjectives as possible to describe your ideal monitor)

3.If you have become our monitor, you want to thank your classmates for recommending you, make a dialogue in their own group.

Who will be our monitor? Let’s look at the marks in each group.At last let’s do some exercise to decide the monitor who is in the best group.

Step Three 当堂检测(10分钟)


1、We will have lots of (celebrate) together.

2、We made a ___________(decide) at yesterday’s meeting.

3、They passed the exams (success).

4、Mother is very busy on Sundays because she has lots of housework (do).

5、It was your fault, but you blamed me. It was ______﹙fair﹚.

【参考答案】1.celebrations 2. decision3.successfully 4.to do 5.unfair


( )1. It is very kind __________ the girl to help the old. It is important __________

us to learn from her.

A. of; of B. for; for C. of; for D. for; of

( )2. The students at the back can’t see .

A.clear enough B.enough clear C.clearly enough D.enough clearly ( ) 3. He tried it again and again. At last he found how it worked. He is

A.patient B.impatient C.fair D.handsome

( ) 4. —Do you mean he can’t succeed?

—Yes. The problem may be him to work out.

A. too difficult to B. so difficult that

C. enough difficult for D. too difficult for

( )5. —It’s too hot. Would you mind the door?

— . Please do it now.

A. to open; OK B. opening; Of course


C. to open; Good idea D. opening; Certainly not

( )6. —It’s difficult for me to learn English well.

—Don’t . You’ll do better if you work harder.

A. give out B. keep up C. give up D. keep trying ( )7. Will you please me how to the word in English?

A. say; tell B. tell; say C. tell; speak

( )8. —It’s very kind of you to help me so much.

— .

A. It doesn’t matter B. No problem

C. It’s my pleasure D. All right

( )9. “Kitty showed us her new dress yesterday.” The sentence element of the underlined part is .

A. subject B. direct object C. indirect object D. predicate ( )10. Eddie is lazy enough all day without . .

A. to asleep; moving B. to sleep; to move

C. to sleep; moving D. sleeping; to move

【参考答案】1-5CCADD 6-10 CBCCC


A. I am not sure yet.

B. But he needs to be more easy going.

C. What do you think of Peter?

D. Who do you think will be better?

E. I am afraid I don’t think John can be a good leader. A: Our club needs a new leader. Who do you think will be the suitable person? B: (1)

A: Peter?

B: Yes. He is hard-working and clever. A: (2) He isn’t good at making friends. B: (3)

A: I think John will be better. He is imaginative and has many good ideas. 5 D. say; speak

B: (4) He is not generous enough. He doesn’t like to share his things with


A: Maybe he isn’t. I just think he is an able student.

B: We need a responsible leader. John is not a suitable person.

A: Who else will be more suitable? B: (5) We shall talk about it with our teachers.



(A)1. Revise this unit.

(B)2. Prepare for the coming test.

3.Preview Unit 2


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