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一、 写单词(共20题,每题1分,共20分)

_ ___(获胜者) ____(使人激动的) ____(城镇) ____(你自己) (流行样式) ____(年) ____(路途) _ ___(我们自己) ____(舒服的) ____(快速的) (周末) (开车) ____(不舒服的) ____(次数) ____(乡村) ____(感觉) (微笑) (说) (幸运的) (流行感冒)

二、 把下列名词变成复数(共10题,每题1分,共10分)

man_______ dress__________ baby__________ watch______

woman__________ housewife_________ child________ tooth__________

potato_________ wife________

三、 写出下列词的反义词或者对应词(共10题,每题1分,共10分)

big______ fat_______ young ______ short _______

mother_______ brother______ cold________ open ________

tall ________ behind (在…后面)____________

四、 写出下列词的现在分词(共10题,每题1分,共10分)

make______ live_______ speak________ listen______

run________ sit______ go_______ wait_______


wash ________ swim________

五、 选择填空(共20题,每题1分,共20分)

1、——How do you do?


A. How are you? B. How old are you?

C. How do you do? D. Thank you very much.

2、——He’five o’clock .

A. at B. on C. in D. for

3、——__________! Are you Mr. Chen?

——No, I am not .


A. Hello; good B. Sorry; excuse me

C. Hello; ok D. Excuse me; sorry

4、_______is a fine day today.

A. That B. This C. It D. Today

5、The aeroplane is flying _____the sky .

A. on B. of C. out D. over

6、——_______is that young man?

——He’s my brother.

A. Who B. Which C. Where D. Whose

7、We were the office Monday.

A. at, in B. in, on C. on, on D. in, in

8、They ______ over the bridge now .

A. walk B. walking C. are walking D. is walking

9、Can she type this letter ___me ?

A. of B. at C. for D. in

10、I usually go to school _____7 o’clock _____the morning .

A. in; at B. at; in C. on; in D. at; on

11、We usually stay _____home _____ Sundays.

A. in; on B. on; at C. for; at D. at; on

12、My father often goes to work ___car.

A. by B. in C. on D. at


13、_______ the moment they are playing ______the garden.

A. At; by B. At; in C. In; on D. In; at

14、Look ! He ______the radio.

A. listening to B is listening C is listening to D listens to

15、Do you go to school _____bus or ____foot ?

A. by; on B. by; by C. on; on D. on; by

16、There _____ a desk and four chairs in the room.

A are B is C be D x

17、What’s the climate ____in your country ?

A. likes B. like C. look like D. looks like

18、—— Do you want beef _______lamb?

—— Beef ,please .

A. and B. yet C. but D. or

19、——_______is your new coat?

——It’s green.

A. What B. How much C. What color D. What kind

20、——What’s the matter _______your bike ?

——It’s broken.

A. with B. along C. in D. about

六、 改写句子(共10题,每题2分,共20分)

1、My name is Mary.(针对这句话提问)


2、He watched TV last night. (陈述句变一般疑问句)




4、His mother typed these letters three days ago. (肯定句变否定句)


5、This is my umbrella. (改为否定句)



6、There is a cup on the table . (变为一般疑问句)


7、I have a headache. (针对这句话提问)




9、I like spring best. (改为否定句)





My name is Jerry,I am eleven. This is my room. Look! There is a desk and a bed in it. The bed is next to the desk. My bed is red. Beside the bed is a bookshelf. My books are on it. On the desk there is a clock. My cat is sleeping near the desk. This is my small but nice room. I like it very much.

1、Tom is ten years old. ( )

2、The bed is next to the desk . ( )

3、There is clock on the wall . ( )

4、Tom’s cat on sleeping on the desk . ( )

5、This room is small but very nice . ( )


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