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( ) 1. –You look very nice in dark blue.

-- _______.

A. I don’t mind B. No, not at all

C. That’s all right D. Thank you

( ) 2. –I won the high jump yesterday.

-- _______.

A. It’s a small thing B. That’s all

C. I hope so D. Congratulations to you.

( ) 3. –Waiter! -- _______?

--I can’t eat this. It’s too sweet.

A. OK B. All right C. Yes D. Pardon.

( ) 4. –Would you like some more?

-- _______. I’m full.

A. Yes, please B. I’d love to C. No, I wouldn’t D. No, thanks

( ) 5. –I’m going to Hawaii with my aunt this month for my

holiday. -- ______!

A. Have a good time. B. Best wishes to you.

C. Congratulations D. Please go

( ) 6. –Your dress is just wonderful! -- ______.

A. You are right, thank you. B. Thank you, and you

C. No, no, yours is best D. Thank you. I’m glad to hear


( ) 7. –Excuse me! -- _______? -- Are you Mr Smith?

A. Who B. What C. Yes D. Me

( ) 8. –I’ve got an offer in New York.

–Oh, _______! But I’m going to miss you.

A. that’s too bad B. I’m sorry

C. I beg your pardon D. that’s great

( ) 9. –Thank you ever so much for present you sent me. -- ______.

A. Please don’t say so B. It’s not so good, I think

C. No, thanks D. I’m glad you like it

( ) 10. –Aren’t you tired, Kate?

-- ______. I like going shopping.

A. Not at all B. I’m so sorry

C. You’re welcome D. Yes, of course

( ) 11. –Happy birthday to you!

-- ______!

A. Happy birthday to you B. I’m very glad

C. That’s all right D. Thank you

( ) 12. –I have passed the English exam.

-- _______. Congratulations!

A. Sorry B. Bad luck C. Come on D. Well done

( ) 13. –You’ve given us a wonderful Chinese dinner, Mrs Huang.

-- ______.

A. Oh, I’m afraid I didn’t cook well

B. I’m glad you enjoyed it

C. It’s not necessary for you to say so

D. It doesn’t matter

( ) 14. –Could you come, please? I want some help.

-- _______.

A. Sure. I’m coming now B. You’re welcome

C. Yes, I could D. That’s right

( ) 15. –How is the weather today?

--It’s ______.

A. sunny B. Sunday C. June 26 D. Seven o’clock

( ) 16. –Can you stay here longer?

-- ______, but I have to be back tomorrow.

A. No problem B. I’m afraid not

C. I’d love to D. No, thank you

( ) 17. –Have a good journey home, David.

-- ______.

A. Thank you B. What a pity

C. Well down D. You’d better not talk

( ) 18. –Hello. May I speak to Mike?

-- ______. Please call back later.

A. Wait a minute B. Hold on for a moment

C. Speaking D. Sorry, he is out

( ) 19. –Shall we go skating tomorrow?

-- ______.

A. You are all right B. It’s very kind of you

C. You’re right D. That’s a good idea

( ) 20. --______, please? -- I think it’s about 5:30.

A.What day is it B. What’s the date

C. Where’s your watch D. What’s the time



6—10 DCDDA

11—15 DDBAA

16—20 CADDD

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