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Unit 12

Learning aims
? Master the key vocabulary:rule,hallway,classroom,fight,Ms ? Master and use: Don’t arrive late for class. Don’t run in the hallway. Don’t eat in classrooms! Don’t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways. Don’t fight.

An English song
Can you swim? ? Yes,I can. ? Can you fly? ? No,I can’t. ? Can you sing? ? Yes,I can.I can sing well.

1a Which rules are these students breaking? Write the number of the rule next to the student.
SCHOOL RULES 1. Don’t arrive late for class. 2. Don’t run in the hallways. 3. Don’t eat in the classrooms. 4. Don’t listen to music in the classrooms or the hallways. 5. Don’t fight.


4 3


1b Listen. What rules are these students breaking? Write the numbers after the names.
Peter Selina _________ 2 _________ 3

Nick _________


exchange student. Student B , tell Student A about the rules above. Example: A: What are the rules?

英语祈使句(Imperative Sentence)
? 定义:用于表达命令、请求、劝告、警告、 禁止等的句子叫做祈使句,祈使句最常用于表 达命令,因此在学校文法中也常称为命令句。 祈使句因对象(即主语)是第二人称,所 以通常都省略。祈使句的动词都为一般现在时, 句末则使用句号来表示结束。例:Be quiet, please.(Please be quiet.) (请安静。)


? ? 祈使句无主语, 主语you常省去; 动词原形谓语当, 句首加don't否定变;


朗读应当用降调, 句末常标感叹号。

祈使句 Example: 肯定祈使句 1. Sit down. 2. Come in. 3. Eat at home. 4. Listen to music outside.

Don’t sit down. Don’t come in . Don’t eat at home.


Don’t listen to music outside. Don’t do your homework at school.

5. Do your homework at school.

List the rules of the Fraster family.
? FAMILY RULES 1.Don’t talk loudly. 2.__________________ Don’t watch TV late at night __________________ Turn off the lights when 3.__________________ you leave the room. __________________ Don’t waste water. 4.__________________ _________________ 5.__________________ Don’t sleep too late. __________________ 6.__________________the Don’t eat and read at same time. __________________

Fill in the blanks with the right form of the given words.
1.Who (arrive) late for class this morning. ? 2.We cannot (listen)to music in class. ? 3. (not eat)in class. ? 4.What (be)the rules here? ? 5.Tom, (listen) to me carefully.

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