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1. This is _________ alarm clock.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

2. We don't like_________.

A. broccoli B. broccolis C. a broccoli D. broccolies

3. _________. Is this your pen?

A. Sorry B. Hello C. Excuse me D. Hi

4. Do you have two ________?

A. tennis racket B. tennis rackets C. tennis' racket

D. tennis' rackets

5. He _________ his homework at school.

A. doesn't do B. don't does C. isn't do D. does not

6. ________this your guitar?

A. Am B. Is C. Are D. Do

7. Let's _________ now.

A. go to home B. to go home C. go home D. to go to

8. How much are these shoes? _________ twenty dollars.

A. Are B. There C. They're D. Their

9. My father usually________ a shower _________the morning.

A. take; in B. takes; in C. take; on D. takes; at

10. ________you play the violin?

A. Are B. Can C. Is D. When

11 ---This is my sister Ann ---Is _____ a student?

A. she B. he C. her D. his

12. I ________ two baseballs and my friend ________five baseballs.

A. have; have B. have; has C. has; have D. has; has

13. ---Is that your book ---Yes, ________.

A. it is B. it isn't C. it's D. this is

14. Miss Wei often helps us ________ our English.

A. at B. in C. of D. with

15. I want __________ the music club.

A. join B. to join C. joins D. be join

16. Is_____ your aunt?

A. he B. she C. his D. her

17. Please call Mary _______ 354-6403.

A. in B. at C. to D. of

18. I have _______ food at home.

A. lot of B. a lot of C. a lot D. a lots of

19. --_________ --Yes, W-A-T-C-H, watch.

A. Is it a watch? B. Can you spell"watch"?

C. How do you spell"watch"? D. He can spell "watch".

20.-Who's that? --_____________

A. It's a pen B. That's an eraser C. It's green D. Sorry. I don't know

21.-Are these your brother?--_________

A. Yes, they're B. No, they are C. Yes, they are D. Yes, they aren't

22. The books are very good, I like_______ very much. A, they B. their C. him D. them

23. I have ________ books, but he has _________.

A. many; much B. much; many C. many; more D. much; more

24. Are _______ students in your class?

A. that B. This C. these D. you

25.________ you mother _________ carrots?

A. Do; eat B. Is; eat C. Does; eat D. Are; eat

26.--_______ behind __________?-- My alarm clock.

A .What's; the chair B. Where's; the chair C. What are; the chair D. Where are; a chair

27. Some books and a pencil-box_________ in the bag.

A. are B. is C. have D. has

28. I like _______ TV, but I don't have much time for it.

A. watch B. watching C. watches D. to be watching

29. ________.Is this your pencil case?

A. Sorry B. I'm sorry C. Excuse me D. Hello

30. This chair is _______ black and that is _______ white chair.

A. a; / B. /; a C. a; a D. / ; an



I like my Chinese teacher very much. He is a 31 man, about 25 years old. He is tall 32 black short hair. He is a very humorous(幽默的) person. He often 33 us jokes(笑话) and 34 to make our class more 35 In class, he is a very 36 teacher. If we don't listen to him carefully, he will give us some punishment(惩罚) by 37 us some questions. But after class, he becomes a very good 38 of us. He often talks with the girls and plays 39 with the boys. All of us really like him. He is our 40 teacher.

( )31. A. old B. young C. very old D. aged

( )32 A. and B. for C. with D. at

( )33. A. tells B. says C. speaks D. speak

( )34. A. a story B. storys C. story D. stories

( )35 A. tired B. difficult C. interesting D. boring

( )36. A. busy B. strict C. interested D. well

( )37. A. ask B. asks C. asking D. asked

( )38. A. teacher B. teachers C. friend D. friends

( )39. A. a basketball B. the basketball C. basketballs

D. basketball

( )40. A. favorite B. the favorite C. favoritest D. a favorite


Hello, my name is Jack. I__41____ a student in No.1 Middle school. In my spare time(空余时间), I like doing sports .I like ___42___ tennis and basketball.

Look __43__ my bedroom. I have a tennis racket. __44___ is on the table. I have two _45____. They are __46__the bed. Playing sports is very __47____, so I like it very much.

I also like eating. Among(在……中间)fruits, I like __48____ best. But I ___49___ like vegetables. I like French fries very much. So I am very fat. The doctor asks me to eat more ___50__ food.

( ) 41. A. is B. are C. am D. do

( ) 42. A .the B. a C. / D. an

( ) 43. A .at B. in C. for D. to

( ) 44. A .It B. Its C. They D. Them

( ) 45. A. basketballs B. basketball C. volleyball D. soccer

( ) 46. A .in B .at C. to D. under

( ) 47. A .boring B. fun C. well D. bad

( ) 48. A .carrots B. ice cream C. broccoli D. bananas

( ) 49. A do B. don't C. does D. doesn't

( ) 50. A .relaxing B. healthy C. bad D. health III.

三、阅读理解 (40分)


Dear Mr. Wang,

Someone comes to the office to see you in the morning, but you and your wife are out. He comes here at 10am. Because he is very busy, he goes away half an hour later. He tells me that he is your classmate at college(大学). Now he teaches Chinese in a high school(高中) in this city and he lives near the No. 6 Middle School. He is a very tall man with short hair. He wears a pair of glasses. He tells me his telephone number is 33426685. He is often at home at 7:00 pm. So you can call him in the evening.

( )51. The author(作者) writes this note(便条) to ______.

A. Mr. Wang B. Mr. Wang's wife C. Mr. Wang's classmate

D. me

( )52. Mr. Wang's classmate is __________.

A. a teacher B. a worker C. a farmer D. an actor

( )53. When is Mr. Wang's classmate often at home?

A. In the morning B. In the afternoon. C. At 7:00pm.

D. We don't know.

( )54. How long does Mr. Wang's classmate stay in the office?

A. Ten hours. B. An hour. C. Two hours. D. Half an hour.

( )55. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Mr. Wang and his wife are classmates.

B. Mr. Wang's classmate is short.

C. Mr. Wang goes out with Mrs. Wang in the morning.

D. Mr. Wang's classmate meets Mr. Wang in the morning

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