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人教版七年级上册Starter Unit2 Period 4教案

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The Fourth Period: 3a----3e

Teaching style:

Reading Class

Teaching aims:

1. Master the new words.

2. Be able to spell words.

Teaching methods:

1. Writing and speaking practice.

2. Cooperative approach.

3. PPT.

Teaching tools:

The text book, some pictures, handouts


1. Master the new words: spell, please.

2. Be able to spell words.

3. Improve students’ listening and spelling abilities.

4. Consolidate the letters Aa——Rr.

Teaching steps:

Step 1. Review.

Review the letters which the students have learned.

Step 2. Warming-up and leading-in.

Pair-work. (S——T, S——S)

Good morning.

How are you?

What’s this in English?

(Use some things in the picture to practice.)

Step 3. Work on 3a——3b.

Listen to the tape and finish them. Check the answers.

Step 4. Work on 3c——3d.

1. Listen and check the things listened.

2. Learn the new dialogue.

Point to a picture on PPT and ask “What’s this in English?” Then try to use “that” instead of “this”. Ask one student “What’s that in English?” then let students act in pairs.

May be like this:

A: What’s this in English? B: It’s an orange.

A: Spell it, please. B: O-R-A-N-G-E.

Let students show their dialogues in front.

Step 5. Work on 3e. (Make a dialogue.)

Give a picture of a room. Ask students to practices in pairs. Then show in front. e.g.: ——What’s that in English?

——It’s a/ an ….

——Spell it, please.


Step 6. Important points.

Step 7. The design of the Bb.

Step 8. Summary:

In this period, let students know the sentence “Spell it, please.” and the meaning of “it”. Then do some exercises.

Step 9. Homework:

一、 听背3c中的对话。

二、 英汉词组互译:

1. In English 2. 一床被子

3. 一个橙子 4. 一件夹克衫

5. 一副地图 6.

7. This ruler

三、 从B栏中找出与A栏中相应的答语,将其代号写在括号内。


( )1. Good morning, class! A. My name is Jim.

( )2. Spell it, please. B. Fine, thank you.

( )3. What’s your name? C. Dale is.

( )4. How are you, Jim? D. M-A-P.

( )5. What’s this? E. Thank you.

( )6. Sit down, please. F. Good morning.

G. It’s “M”.

Step 11. 教学反思:

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