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章了解到 曹县第一初级中学素质检测·英语篇 七年级(上 )



1. Your last name is Moore, and what’s your name?

2. Your telephone is 422-2785.

3. There are days in a week.

, Alice and Mary.

5. My uncle’s son is my(堂兄).

6. This is Paul’s family (照片).


8. He can’t find the word in the .

9.A computer game is in the school (图书馆) .

10. There is a (电脑)in our classroom .


( )1. “What’s your name, please?” “____”

A. My name’s Lucy. B.I’m OK. C.I’m fine D.I’m nine.

( )2.-Thank you very much.


A.No thanks B.Thank you C.Not at all D.You’re welcome ( )3.Each of the students have _________ eraser.

A.an B.the C.any D.a

( )4.-What’s your telephone number?

-___________ 278-106.

A.I’m B.It C.It’s D.Is it

( )5.-Is that a ruler?

-No, ______________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.that is D.that isn’t ( )6. -Are you Jenny?

-Yes, A. it is B. you are C. I am D. I’m ( )7.Are ________ Kate’s ________?

A.this, book B.that,book C.these,books D.those,book ( )8. - is Mary?

- She’s my good friend.

A. Who B.What C.How D.It

( )9.Anna is not my sister. ________ my cousin.

A.He B.He’s C.She D.She’s

( )10.Is ________ your aunt? What’s ________ name?

A.he,his B.she,her C.he,her D.she,his ( )11.Who’re they? ________.

A. They are my uncle. B. Those are my uncles.

C. These are my uncles . D. They ’re my uncles.

( )12.-How do you spell ring?



章了解到 曹县第一初级中学素质检测·英语篇 七年级(上 )

A.It’s a ring B.r-i-N-g C.R-I-N-G D.a ring

( )13.Is that __________ pencil case?

A.she B.she’s C.hers D.her

( )14. -Is that her schoolbag?

-No, it isn’t. It’s .

A. mine B. my C. me D. I

( )15. -Are those books?

- No, they aren’t. They’re

A. you , his B. you, hers C. your, his D. your, her ( )16.-__________. What’s this in English?

A. excuse me B. Thank you C.I’m sorry D. Excuse me

( )17. What's that ______ English?

A.on B.for C.in D. at

( )18. Call John 944 -5632.

A. on B. for C.in D.at

( )19. -How you spell your name?

- J - I - M, Jim.

A. do B. am C. are D. is

( )20. This notebook is Bob’s . that one ?

A. What B. How C. What about D. How is


This boy is Peter Barnes. He is a clever (可爱的) boy. His name is Peter.

And Barnes is his name. This is school ID card. But that ruler isn’t

his. It’s . Miss White is English teacher. is a very good teacher.

Zhang Hong is a Chinese (中国的) boy. Look(看)! his schoolbag. It’s .

But where (在哪儿) his watch? I don’t know. Let’s(让我们) Mike at


( ) 1. A. first B. family C. last

( ) 2. A. first B. good C. last

( ) 3. A. you B. that C. his

( ) 4. A. my B. me C. mine

( ) 5. A. Peter’s B. her C. he

( ) 6. A. Her B. She C. Hers

( ) 7. A. What’s B. This’s C.That’s

( ) 8. A. black B. a black C. in black

( ) 9. A. am B. is C. are

( ) 10. A. ask B. call C. meet

四.阅读理解。(10 分)


I have a good friend . His first name is Frank. His last name is Smith . This is a

photo of his family.

This is his father. He is young and cool. That is his uncle, Dale. He is a teacher.

These are his grandparents, Bob and Helen. They are nice to him. Those are his

cousins, Gina and John. Those two girls are his sisters, Grace and Jenny.


章了解到 曹县第一初级中学素质检测·英语篇 七年级(上 ) 根据短文内容,判断下列句子正(T)误(F)。(5分)

( )1.Frank is my friend.

( )2.His uncle is a teacher.

( )3.His grandparents are not nice to him.

( )4.Gina and John are his sisters.

( )5.Grace and Jenny are his cousins.


My sister is at school. She calls mom to bring (带来) something (一些东西) to her: her English book, the pencilbox, the notebook, the baseball, Eric’s tape and the dictionary. The English book is on the desk. The baseball is under the chair. The notebook is under the model plane. Eric’s tape is in the tape player and the pencilbox is on the sofa. Where is the dictionary? Sorry, I don’t know.


( )6.Where is the writer’s sister?

A.At home B.At work C. At school

( )7.Is the baseball on the desk?

A.Yes, it is. B.No, it isn’t. C.I don’t know.

( )8.Where is the notebook?

A.Under the chair B. Under the model plane C. on the desk

( )9.Where is the Eric’s tape?

A.on the sofa B.In the tape player C.I don’t know.

( )10.How many things does mom need to bring to school? (妈妈需要把几种


A.Four B.Five C. Six



_________ _________ his name?

2.I’m Jenny.(改为同义句)

_________ _________ is Jenny.

3.This is her family photo.(变为一般疑问句)

her photo?

4.That is my good pen friend.(改为复数句子)




6.Is this a blue ruler?(否定回答)

_________, _________ _________.

7.Are those your friends?(肯定回答)

Yes, _________ _________.

8.You, do, game, how, spell?(连词成句)

_________ _________ you _________ game?


章了解到 曹县第一初级中学素质检测·英语篇 七年级(上 )



_________ her _________ _________?


_________ this _________ _________?

3. 这些是我的父母。

_________ _________ my _________ .

4. 祝你度过愉快的一天!

_________ _________ good day !

5. 打扰一下。那些是你的书吗?

_________ _________ . Are those your books?

6. 谢谢你的帮助。

_________ you for your _________.

7. 那是Anna的手表吗?

Is that _________ _________ ?

8. 请按照679-8869 给我打电话。

Please _________ _________ _________ 679-8869 .

Man: OK.

Linda: No, it isn’t. That’s my watch.

Man: Here you are.

Linda: And that’s my ID card. Man: OK.


Mike: That’s my pen. Man: This?

Mike: Yes. Man: All right. What’s your name?


Man: OK.

Mike: Thank you.



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