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what's the matter 课件

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Unit 2

What’s the matter?

By: Crystal Pan

About our body

Bob : What’s the matter with you? Lily : I have a cold. Sb. have/ has a + illness. E.g. have a fever

Bob : What’s the matter with her?

Catherine : She has a stomachache.
Sb. have/ has a +body part+ ache. E.g. headache toothache

Lily : What’s the matter with you? Bob : I have a sore throat.

Sb. have/ has a sore + body part.
E.g. sore back

Lily : What’s the matter with you? Jim : I am stressed out. Sb. be + adj. E.g. Thirsty

Homework :
1. Please remember these new words we learned today 2. Practice more these conversations in Page 7 and try to memorize them 3. Make up four groups of conversations, each in different form of describing illness 4. Preview Page 8 to Page 9, pay attention to new words and how to give advice

Thank You for Your Hard-working!

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