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Unit 9 When was it


1、Mr Wang _____ me with my English when I was in Grade Seven.

A. is used to helping B. used to help C. used to helping D. was used to help

2、这是由谁发明的? Who _____ _____ _____ will be finished

C. be building;is finished D. is built;will finished

15、Bamboo can _____ paper.

A. used to make B. be used for making C. be used to make D. be used to making

16、The new treatments _____ by Norman helped a number of soldiers.

A. invent B. was invented C. inventing _____?

3、According _____ an ancient story, a farmer discovered coffee.

A. to B. by C. on D. in

4、The man is popular _____ his neighbors. A. with B. for C. to D. at

5、The leaves in the water produced a _____ smell. A. please B. pleased C. pleasure D. pleasant

6、—What is a writing brush,do you know? —It’s used _____(写)and(画画) A. with B. to C. for D. by

7、I noticed them _____ the teachers’ office just now. A. went into B. go into C. was going into D. came out of

8.The monkey was seen _____ off the tall tree.

A. jump B. jumps C. jumped D. to jump

9、The police found the lost car _____.

A. with mistake B. by accident C. by mistake D. by the way

10、The coach told the boy not to _____ the other


A. knock on B. knock down C. knock into D. knock at

11、The mixture smelt terriblebut Tom _____ taste it.

A. was made to B. was made C. made to D. made

12、Tom must have taken your dictionary _____



_____ _____,he _____ _____ another bad habit.

14、—A new house _____ at the corner of the road.

—Yeah,it _____ next year. A.is being built;will be finished B. is building;D. invented

17、The Red Cross _____ the homeless in Yushu _____ food and tents.

A. regarded;as B. offered;for C. divided;into D. provided;with

18、Tom,you can go out to play football after your homework_____.

A. will finish B. is finished C. was finished D. finishes

19、The last time we saw that car, it was traveling _____ the south.

A. on B. towards C. under D. below

20、The students were _____ three groups when we went on our outing.

A. divided into B. provided with C. given out D. set up

21、By the time she got back to her country,her boyfriend _____ a rich lady.

A. got married to B. was married C. had got married to D. had got married

Unit 10 By the time I got outside,the bus had already left. 过去完成时 Unit 14 Have you packed yet?现在完成时 过去完成时定义、三种普遍用法 ①表示过去某一时间可用短语





1、By nine o’clock yesterday evening, we _____our work.

A. have finished B. finished C. had finished 11、She _____the book for nearly three weeks.

A. has borrowed B. has lent C. has bought D. has kept

12、They are looking forward_____ their new English teacher.

A. to meeting B. to meet C. met D. meeting

13、—How long have you _____ the computer?

—For about tow months.

D. finish 2、He told us that he _____ the letters in the morning. A. will post B. have posted C. was posting D. had posted 3、—Did you see Mr. Smith when you were in France? —No,When I _____ France,he _____ to China. A. had arrived in;had gone B. arrived in;has been

C. got to;had gone D. had got to;had been 4、—Did you meet Tom at the airport?

—No. His plane _____ by the time I _____there.

A. has taken off;got B. took off;had got C. took off;arrived D. had taken off;arrived 5、Today the forests have almost gone.Peoplemust_____down too many trees.

A. stop to cut B. stop from cutting C. be stopped to cut D. be stopped from cutting 6、My alarm clock didn’t_____,so I got up a little late. A. gone off B. go off C. run off D. turn off 7、—May I speak to Jenny?—Sorry.She’s_____the supermarket.

A. gone to B. gone in C. been to C. been in

8、Cattle_____chiefly_____ grass. A. feed;on B. feeds;on C. give;to D. feeds;for

9、Most of the young people can hardly speak any Chinese,_____?

A. can he B.can’t he C. can they D. can’t they

10、My friend from America called me yesterday.We_____for hours.

A. chat B. chatted C. have chatted D. had chatted


A. bought B. borrow C. lent D. had

14、Mr Dong _____actually _____in London since he was very young. A. have;lived B. has lived C. have;live D. has;living 15、—Now Nanjing is so beautiful that I can’t

recognize it when I come back. —Yes.Great changes _____in the past ten years. A. has taken place B. have taken place C.

took place D. take place

16、—How long _____the movie aftershock _____?

—For just several minutes.

A. did;begin B. has;begun C. has;been on D. will;on

17、—Have you locked the windows_____?

—Yes,I have_____ locked them.

A. already;already B. yet;yet C. yet;already D. alreay;yet

18、My job is feeding the cat.Now it’s your turn_____the dog.

A. feeding B. to feed C. to have fed D. being fed 完成句子

1、 到目前为止,这个项目已经把成千上万海外中


__________this program has brought __________ overseas Chinese students to China to__________their families’ roots. 2、 我正在盼望见到你们。

I’m ____________________ you.

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