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( )1.My ruler is ________ than _______.

A. longer; his B. longer; he C.long; him D. longest; him

( )2.Jim has _______ books than Tom.

A. fewer B. few C. less D. little

( )3.You can watch TV this evening, _____ you must finish your homework


A. so B. or C. and D. but

( )4.This kind of camera looks ______ and sells _____ in the shop.

A. nice; well B. good; good C. nicely; well D. good; nice

( )5.Someone _____ me while I ______ in the street.

A. called; was walking B. was calling; was walking

C. called; walked D. was calling; walked

( )6.Those children can put on their coats by _____.

A. themselves B. herself C. yourselves D. himself

( )7.They ______ to the World Park last Saturday.

A.planed going B.planned to go C.planned going D.planed to go

( )8.I didn't go to the zoo _______ the hot weather.

A. because B. so C. because of D. but

( )9.—Can I get you a cup of tea? —________.

A. That’s very nice of you B. With pleasure

C. You can, please D. Thank you for the tea

( )10.Kitty’s pencil case is ______ Amy’s. It’s also very small.

A. the same color as B. different from

C. alike D. the same size as

( )11.“Lift” is also called _____ in American English.

A. dustbin B. corridor C. elevator D. rubber

( )12.You can call me ___ 13952588888 or e-mail me ____ jdw@126.com.

A.on; at B. at; on C. with; for D. to; of

( )13.The sentence structure of “She bought me a computer.” is ______.


( )14.The parents _____ food and clothes.

A. provide the children to B. provide the children for

C. provide the children against D. provide the children with

( )15.—These problems are too hard to ______. Will you give me some


—There are many ways, but the most important is to have a careful plan.

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A. work out B. look out C. hand out D. put out


Once upon a time, a great boxer(拳击者), Tick Black, went to a restaurant ___1___ dinner. He took off his coat and ___2___ it at the door, but he was ___3___ that someone would take it away. So he took a piece of paper and wrote on it, “The great boxer, Tick Black, leaves his ____4___ here, he will be back ___5___ a few minutes.” Then he put the paper ____6___ his coat and went to have his dinner. ___7___ he came back after dinner, he ___8___ that his coat was not there. But another ___9___ was left there. It said, “A great runner ___10___ your coat, and he will never come back.”

( )1. A. with B. for C. by D. at

( )2. A. gave B. threw C.forgot D. left

( )3. A. surprised B.excited C. afraid D.glad

( )4. A. bag B. coat C. cap D. shirt

( )5. A. on B. in C. for D.after

( )6. A. under B. away C. in D. on

( )7. A. If B. Before C. When D. Until

( )8. A. heard B. found C. learned D. knew

( )9. A. note B. coat C. bag D. cap

( )10. A. buys B. looks for C. looks after D. takes away



Long ago, there was an interesting man called Effendi (阿凡提), He was very humorous. One day he had a joke with the Prime Minister (宰相). He said that the Minister would die the next day. Really the next day, the Minister fell off the horse and died. When the king learned this, he got angry and sent his men to catch Effendi at once. When Effendi was in front of the King, the king shouted angrily, “Effendi, since (既然) you know when my Minister would die, you must know the date of your own death. Say it out, or you will die today.” Effendi looked at the king for a while, he answered, “But how can I know? I’ll die two days earlier than you.” Because the king was afraid if he killed Effendi, he himself would die after that. He thought he must keep Effendi alive as long as he could, so he let Effendi go.

( )1. The story tells us _____________

A. how Effendi fooled the king

B. when the king would die

C. why the Minister died

D. Effendi knew the dates of everyone’s death

( )2. The Prime Minister died because _______

A. Effendi killed him B. Effendi said he would die

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C. he was badly ill D. he fell to the ground from the horse

( )3. Why did the king ask Effendi to tell him the date of his own death?

A. In this way the king would know when he would die

B. He wanted to find an excuse to kill Effendi

C. He himself had known the date of Effendi’s death

D. He wanted to know when Effendi would die

( )4. The king let Effendi go because ____________

A. he hoped to live a long life

B. he was afraid of Effendi

C. he didn’t believe Effendi’s words

D. he knew he would die two days later

( )5. Which of the following is not true?

A.The Minister died after the day when Effendi played a joke on him.

B. The king was afraid of death

C. Effendi didn’t know when the king would die

D. If the king killed Effendi, he himself would die two days later.


Mr Lewis was a dance teacher. He was a nice man and always had a lot of students. One year he moved to a new town, and was soon teaching many students in the dance school there, but he decided to move again to a big city. He would have more work there.

When one of his students heard that he was going to leave, she said to him, “The new teacher won’t be as good as you are.” Mr Lewis was happy when he heard this, but he said, “Oh no. I’m sure he’ll be as good as I am ---- or even better.”

The student said, “No. Five teachers have come and gone while I’ve been here, and each new one was worse than the last.”

( )6. ______ came to learn dancing from Mr Lewis.

A. Few students B. Few students

C. Many students D. No students

( )7.Mr Lewis wanted to move to a big city because _______

A. he hated the small town

B. he couldn’t make a living in the small town

C. it would be easy for him to have more work in the city

D. it made him spend more money in the town

( )8.The student thought that _______

A. Mr Lewis was a good teacher

B. Mr Lewis was the best teacher

C. Mr Lewis was worse than the last

D. Mr Lewis would be worse than the last

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( )9.Before Mr Lewis ______ teachers came to the town to teach dancing

A. three B. four C. five D. six

( )10.From the story we can conclude (推论) that the student wished _____

A. to have a better teacher B. to have a worse teacher

C. to become a dance teacher D. to see the sixth teacher


Perhaps you have heard a lot about the Internet, but what is it?

The Internet is many different networks around the world. A network is a group of computers put together. These networks joined together are called the Internet.

Maybe that doesn’t sound interesting. But when we’ve joined the Internet, there are lots of things we can do. We can find lots of interesting information on the World Wide Web(www). We can use the Internet instead of a library to find all kinds of information for our homework. We can find information about our favourite sports or film stars and do shopping on the Internet. We can also send messages to other people by e-mail. It is much cheaper and quicker than calling our friends or sending a letter.

Thanks to the Internet, the world is becoming smaller and smaller. People can now work at home with a computer in front of them, getting and sending the information they need. They can buy or sell whatever they want by the Internet. But do you know 98%of the information is in English? So what will English be like tomorrow?

( )11.The passage is mainly about________.

A. the Internet B. information C. computers D. e mail

( )12.The quickest and cheapest way for people to send messages to their

friends is________.

A. by post B. by e-mail C. by telephone D. by TV

( )13.The Internet cannot be used to__________.

A. find information for our homework

B. get some information about our favourite sports stars

C. do some shopping

D. do our housework

( )14.Which of the following is NOT true?

A. The Internet is a big computer.

B. The Internet is lots of computer networks.

C. The Internet is very helpful.

D. People can work at home with the help of the Internet.

( )15. What does the writer try to tell us with the last two sentences?

A. The Internet is more and more popular.

B. All the information is in English.

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C. English is important in using the Internet.

D. Every computer must join the Internet.


(A) 根据所给中文提示填空。

1. Our teacher organized a lot of __________ (活动) last term.

2. All our friends are _________ (诚实) and friendly.

3. There are many different kinds of ___________ (语言) in the world.

4. I enjoy reading __________ (文章) by Lu Xun.

5. The boy played games the __________ (整个的) afternoon.

6. I will go to Nanjing __________ (代替) of Beijing.

7. He knows a lot of ___________ (信息) about the car accident.

8. The ________ (丢失) of the new bike made him unhappy.

9. During the Spring Festival, a heavy _________ (暴风雪) hit many areas across southern China.

10. Eddie has lived with Millie _________ (自从) he was born.

(B) 用所给动词的适当形式填空。

1. I saw the boy ________ (play) football when I looked out of the window.

2. It’s important ___________ (not give) goldfish too much food.

3. Children shouldn't spend too much time __________ (watch) TV.

4. Are they busy _________ (count) the birds?

5. My parent _________ (clean) the house at eight yesterday evening.

6. Look! The children __________ (plant) flowers.

7. If anybody _______ (break) the model plane, he _______ (have) to pay for it.

8. Suzy, __________ (not be) late for school.

9. Tom _________ (begin) to learn Chinese last year.


1. 他很有幽默感。 He _________ a good __________ of __________.

2. 我和他同岁。 I am the _______ _______ _______ he.

3. 我们对伦敦的名胜感到无比惊奇。

We felt very amazed at the _________ _________ ________ in London.

4. 当小熊猫刚出生时,他就像只小老鼠。

When a _________ ________ was born, it _______ ________ a little mouse.

5. 老师经常鼓励我们要保护野生动物。

The teacher often ___________ us _______ _______ wild animals.

6. 医生告诉这位老人多做运动,保持身体健康。

The doctor told the old man to ________ ________ and _______ _______.

6._________ 7. _________ 8. _________ 9. _________ 10._________

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1-5 AADAA 6-10 ABCAD 11-15 CABDA


1-5 BDCBB 6-10 DCBAD



(A) 根据所给中文提示填空。

1. activities 2. honest 3. languages 4. articles 5. whole

6. instead 7. information 8. loss 9. snowstorm 10. since

(B) 用所给动词的适当形式填空。

1. playing 2. not to give 3. watching 4. counting 5. was cleaning

6. are planting 7. breaks will have 8. don’t be 9. began


1. has sense humour

2. same age as

3. places of interest

4. baby panda looked like

5. encourages to protect

6. exercise more keep healthy

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