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1.-____weather!I can’t go out.-But we can stay at home and read books.

A.What a bad B.What bad C.How bad D.How a bad

2.-We have____much work that we can’t finish____in time.-Why not ask me for help?

A.so;them B.so;it C.such;them D.such;it

3.-Look!My father bought a silk for me in Hangzhou.-Oh,it___very soft.A.looks B.feels C.touches D.tastes

4.-Excuse me,where shall we go if we want to buy a shirt?-You can go to the_____.

A.Man’s Wear Section B.Women’s Wear Section C.Men’s Wearing Section D.Men’s Wear Section

5.Milly is tall enough____the apples on the tree. A.to get to B.to reach C.to reach for D.to arrive at

6.-Excause me,where can we buy shoes?-Come this way,they are___the Shoes and Hats Section___the fifth floor. A.on;in B.in;in C.on;on D.in;on

7.-Your scarf must keep you very warm.Is it ____wool?-Yes,of course.

A.made in B.made of C.made from D.make of

8.She gets up early____she can catch the early bus. A.so B.in order to C.so that D.such that

9.-Let’s ask Li Feng to play football with us.-I’m afraid he won’t go. He____the exam next week.

A.get ready for B.is ready to do C.prepared for D.is preparing for

10.-What do you think of this pair of running shoes?-I like them very much,and____.

A.they’re expensive B.I’ll take them C.It will take me much money to buy them D.I can’t buy

11.The young man has ___money____a big house. A.too;buying B.so;buying C.enough;to buy D.no;buy

12.-Lingling,look at my new watch!-Oh,your new watch is the same ___mine. A.to B.as C.like D.likes

13.-Did you finish the work?Yes,I thought the work would be difficult.___,it’s very easy.

A.So B.And C.In fact D.Generally

14.The children depend____their parents for all kinds of needs. A.on B.in C.to D.for

15.the dress ___as soon as I went into the clothes store yesterday.

A.catch my eye B.come into my eye C.caught my eye D.came into my eye

16.-Do you know what the Indians eat____special days?-No,I don’t. A.in B.of C.for D.on

17.-Why do people like wearing sunglasses?-They wear sunglasses to ___their eyes___the sun.

A.keep;behind B.stop;away C.stop;behind D.protect;from

18.-Mr.Brown is a rich man.He has two cars and a big house.-Well,but___he was very poor before.

A.I hope that B.I wish that C.it’s said that D.I don’t know if

19.-At last,I finished the work with Li Qiang’s help.-There is a ___”Two heads are better than one.”

A say B.saying C.speaking D.speach

20.-Grandpa Li died yesterday.Oh,I’m sorry to hear that.He was___,and he liked making friends with people.

A.serious Bshy C.quiet D.easy-going

21.People can use a woolen coat___warm in winter.. A.keep B.to keep C.keeping D.keeps

22.-Many children like jeans because they think jeans look___on them.-Yes,I agree with you.

A.ugly B.serious C.cool D.necessary

23.-Doctors must wear uniforms in the hospital.-Yes,it ____good discipline.A.shows B.likes C.gives D.looks

24.-Does your father allow you___play computer games?-Of course not.

A.to go B.to go to C.going D.going to

25.-Is it necessary for the police to wear unifourms ___work?-Of course.People___danger can find them easily. A.on;in B.on;of C.at;in D.in;at

26.Our monitor often____us____talking in class. A.stops;from B.stops;to C.makes;from D.makes;of

27.-Do you like the dress?-Yes.It looks more beautiful____me. A.with B.of C.in D.on

28.-Jim,stop_____.It’s time to do your homework.-Ok.Mom. A.playing B.to play C.play D.played

29.Do you know____this time yesterday? A.whoe are they waiting B.who they are waiting for

C.who were they waiting D.who they were waiting for

30.-I see___very important that we learn English well.-Me,too. A.that is B.that C.it is D.this is

31.-Could you tell me where to buy shoes for my son?-___.

A.I’m sorry to hear that. B.Ok,please. C.Thank you a lot. D.This way,please.

32.This is a hospital.We should keep____the occasion. A.quietly;at B.quietly;on C.quiet;on D.quiet;at

33.-What’s the matter,Kangkang?-____. A.I’m sorry to hear that. B.I did some washing this morning

C.I left home after breakfast D.I’m really tired.

34.Hangzhou is famous____its beautiful sightseeing. A.with B.for C.of D.as

35.We don’t know____. A.what’s wrong with him B.what’s wrong to him. C.what wrong with him is

D.what wrong is with him

36.She___calm after crying___the night. A.appears;all B.appears;whole C.appeared;whole D.appears;all

37.-Could you tell me___these kinds of clothes?-In that big shopping center.

A.where can I buy B.what can I buy C.where I can buy D.when I can buy

38.The students usually wear school uniforms at school,but___they can dress what they like.

A.at the same time B.all the time C.some time D.at times

39.Thesunglasses can protect our eyes___hurt in strong sunlight.

A.form get B.away get C.from getting D.away getting

40.the girl is even more beautiful when she’s wearing a wedding___.A.clothes B.clothing C.dress D.uniform

41.Some students don’t know how to ___help when they are___trouble.

A.make;on B.take;for C.get;in D.have;at

42.The police warn_____who want to do something bad. A.that B.those C.the man D.this

43.It’s a rule that the firefighters must___their uniforms. A.dress B.dress in C.put on D.in

44.I have no time to go out with you.I___my homework.After all,work must come first.

A.am busy in doing B.am busy doing C.am busying in doing D.am busy with doing

45.-It’s too hot.We’d better___our coats.-I think so. A.not put on B.not take off C.wear D.put on

46.-Do you know___Wang Tao?-Yes.He works___the airport. A.of;for B.over;in C.on;on D.about;at

47.-This pair of shoes is too expensive.Can you ___me the pair over there,madam? –Here you are.

A.you to have B.you have C.your have D.your to have

48.-The doctor___looks slimmer. A.in a dark color B.in warm colors C.in a light color D.in yellow

49.We should not allow twelve-year-old children___. A.to drive B.drive C.driving D.drove

50.Joy,you needn’t do your homework today if you have no time.You___do it tomorrow.

A.can’t B.need C.must D.may

51.-My dad bought me a new MP3,but I don’t know____.-Let’s read the instructions.

A.how to use it B.what to use C.which one to use D.when to use it

52.-Did Mr.Li tell you___?-Yes.He said he went there in 2003. A.when he traveled to Tibet B.How he goes to Wuhan C.where he spent his holidays D.why did he visit Kunming

53.Please think it over ___doing it. A.until B.when C.before D.after

54.You should take off your shoes when you enter someone’s home____.

A.in China B.in England C.in Japan D.in America

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