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1 I want to j_________ the art club.

2 Mr. Wang helps kids with s____________.

3 Can you play it w__________.

4 Are you a m_____________?

5 My sister likes singing and w_________ to join the music club.

6 Can you help me l__________ my English?

7 He usually takes a s____________ at night.

8 My brother often s_____________ with me.

9 I work all the day . I’m very t__________.

10 Do you often l__________ music.


In China if you are seven, you have to go to school. At school you learn different s____1___. S___2____ is one of them. We have three science classes a w__3___. They are on Tuesday, W____4_____ and Friday. We can learn a l__5___ in science classes. Mr. Jin is our science teacher. He wasn’t born here. He is from another big c___6___ named Haikou. He is a b___7____(生物学) teacher before. He knows much about plants. For e__8______, when is the best time to water flowers. He is very s___9___(严格的) with us. After science classes, we are so t__10____(累的).

二 Do you know Mexico? It is to the s________ (南方的)part of USA .It's not a d________(发达的) country. The population of it is much smaller than t________ of America. It rains l_________ in Mexico. Different kinds of people live t________. All the people do not speak the same language. Spanish is spoken by m_________ people, and Indian is spoken, too. Some people can also speak English. Great differences are found between the m_________ cities and the countryside. New ways of l__________ are popular in the cities, while the old ways of farming and v_______ life are also common in the

countryside. More and more people come to live and work in the cities every year. Many people around the world are b_______ to visit Mexico.

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