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( )1. ——______ do you write to your pen friend? ——Once a week.

A. How long B. How soon C. How far D. How often

( )2. ——______ students are there in your class? ——Forty-one.

A. How much B. How many C. How long D. How heavy

( )3. ——______ does a car cost(花费)in China?

——It can cost as a little 50,000 yuan and as much as 300,000 yuan.

A. How many B. How price C. How money D. How much

( )4. Pass my glasses to me, I can _____ read the words in the newspaper.

A. hardly B. really C. rather(更确切的) D. clearly(清晰的)

( )5. Jackie is _____ careful, so he seldom(很少) makes mistake.

A. usually B. never C. always D. sometimes

( )6. _____ they are brothers, they don’t look like each other at all.

A. Because B. Though C. When D. As

( )7. I ________ at this time of yesterday.

A. started do my homework B. started my homework

C. started to do my homework D. started did my homework

( )8. Who knows the key ____ Exercise 1? Put up your hands.

A. to B. of C. with D. about

( )9. I usually come to school _______.

A. by a bus B. on foot C. by foot D. on bus

( )10. It’s a fine day _____ a walk.

A. in B. of C. for D. at

( )11. I like ______ in the early morning.

A. a walk B. walks C. walking D. on foots

( )12. ______ do you usually go home?

A. How B. What C. Where D. Who

( )13. _____ she leave home at six? Yes, she does.

A. Is B. Can C. Do D. Does

( )14. We can’t see ____ sun at night.

A. a B. an C. the D. no

( )15. I usually walk to school, but I ______ come by bus.

A. some times B. often C. sometimes D. maybe

( )16. Look, there is a boy over there _____ the tree.

A. on B. in C. at D. of

( )17. She ____ back home once a year with her parents.

A. is going B. go C. goes D. going

( )18. My father goes to work ______ every day.

A. by a bike B. in a bike C. on a bike D. ride bikes

( )19. ——What does your father do? ——_____________.

A. He is working hard B. He is at work now C. He is a teacher D. He is teaching English

( )20. Here is a post card_____.

A. from she to he B. from hers to him C. to him from her D. from her to him

( )21. American students go to school five days ______.

A. every week B. the week C. in a week D. a week

( )22. Can you ____ English? Only ______.

A. speak , a little words B. say, a little words C. speak, a little D. say, a little

( )23. He works very hard because he wants ______ money for his family.

A. to make B. doing C. look for D. to find

( )24. Sleeping too late is ____ your health.

A. good for B. bad for C. good to D. bad to

( )25. Some of us watch TV three ____ four _____a week.

A. and, time B. but, time C. or, time D. or, times

( )26. Li Lei likes _______ a red hat.

A. putting on B. to put on C. wearing D. wears

( )27. I do homework every day when I come ____ home ____ school.

A. to, from B. at, for C. \ , from D. from, to

( )28. I love junk food too, ____ I try to ____ only once a week.

A. but, eat B. but, eat them C. and, eat D. but, eat it

( )29. My mother isn’t in, I must ___________ my sister at home.

A. look at B. look after C. look up D. look out

( )30.I often ________ on weekends.

A. go to movie B. go the movies C. going to the movies D. go to the movies

( )31. —What ___ the boy always do on weekends?

—He always ____ football ___ his friends.

A. does, plays, with B. does, play, and C. do, plays, and D. do, play, with

( )32. My parents usually ____ books after dinner.

A. watch B. watches C. read D. see

( )33. ______ hours of sports do you do every week? Six.

A. How long B. How much C. How many D. How often

( )34. —Could you help me, please? —____________.

A. That’s all right B. No C. Not at all D. No problem

( )35. Eating vegetables maybe help you keep in _______.

A. healthy B. health C. healthily D. unhealthy

( )36.What’s wrong ______ your leg?

A. to B. at C. with D. in

( )37. ________? Nothing. I only want to sleep for a while.

A. What’s up B. How much is there C. What’s matter D. Are you OK

( )38. _____ your brother and you _____ any questions?

A. Do, has B. Do, have C. Does, have D. Does, has

( )39. ——Shall we go to visit the Great Wall first? ——________

A. Yes, we do B. Yes, let’s go C. No, you shouldn’t D. It’s a pity

( )40. You’d better ______ to send me an e-mail when you get home.

A. not to forget B. don’t forget C. to not forget D. not forget

( )41.---Can you come and play football with me? ---______. I have a lot of work to do.

A. Excuse me B. I hope so C. I’m afraid not D. It’s a pleasure

( )42. My brother doesn’t feel ______ today.

A. nice B. good C. well D. badly

( )43. She doesn’t feel like _____ anything today.

A. to eat B. eating C. eat D. eats

( )44. I have a toothache, I _____ to see a dentist.

A. want B. need C. should D. must

( )45. ----What’s the ______, Judy? -----I have a fever.

A. wrong B. matter C. thing D. question

( )46. National Day is _____ October 1st.

A. at B. of C. in D. on

( )47. ----What’s the matter? __________ ---__________

A. I’m not thirsty B. She has a sore throat C. I’m very sorry D. You’re wrong maybe

( )48.--____ did you start singing? --Two years ago.

A. How B. When C. Where D. Why

( )49. It is _________ today than yesterday . Shall we go swimming this afternoon ?

A. the hottest B. hot C. hottest D. hotter

( )50. ---You can go to the policeman for help. ----__________.

A. Sure B. It’s bad C. Good idea D. You’re right

( )51.——I have a toothache. ——Maybe you should see a _______.

A. teacher B. nurse C. worker D. dentist

( )52. ——What’s on TV tonight? Is there ______ interesting? ——I’m afraid not.

A. something B. nothing C. anything D. everything

( )53. ——Excuse me, have you got any ink(墨水)? ——Yes, but only ______.

A. a little B. a few C. little D. few

( )54. --May I take this book out of the reading room? --____, please read it here.

A. Certainly B. Sure C. No, you needn’t D. No, you mustn’t

( )55. —“It took me nearly 40 minutes to ride here”.

—“Have a drink, please. You ______ be thirty.”

A. will B. must C. should D. can

( )56. You must look _____ yourself and keep _______.

A. for, health B. after, health C. after, healthy D. for, healthy

( )57 She _____ babysit her sister this weekend.

A. need to B. must C. have to D. had to

( )58. It’s very useful ________ English well.

A. of us to learn B. for us to learn C. of us learning D. for us learning

( )59. Lu Yun is a famous people, _______ here knows him.

A. someone B. everyone C. no one D. anyone

( )60. Don’t cross the road now, you ______ wait for the green lights.

A. has to B. should C. can D. may

( )61. Eating ______ meat is bad for your health.

A. too many B. much too C. many too D. too much

( )62. You shouldn’t eat too much _____ you go to bed.

A. when B. before C. after D. while

( )63. People who are _____ and angry must eat too much yang food.

A. stressed B. stressed of C. stressed out D. stressed in

( )64. ——You don’t look well. What’s wrong? ——________

A. It doesn’t matter B. Please don’t ask me C. I don’t think so D. I was ill yesterday

( )65. I’m ill. Please give me some good _____.

A. advise B. advises C. advice D. advices

( )66. There is ______ snow here in winter.

A. too many B. too much C. lot of D. much too

( )67. Could you give me a piece of paper ______?

A. to write B. to write down C. to write on D. to write with

( )68. I don’t feel ______. The doctor asked me to go and see him ____ three days.

A. well, every B. well, each C. good, each D. good, every

( )69. There is ____________ with your computer.

A. much something wrong B. much wrong something

C. nothing much wrong D. something wrong much

( )70. You’re very tired. You’d better __________.

A. stop to working B. stop working C. to stop to work D. stop to work

( )71.--- ______ is he staying here? -----From Monday to Saturday.

A. How often B. How far C. How long D. When

( )72. We’re _______ this Sunday.

A. go fishing B. going camp C. going shopping D. go hiking

( )73. ---_____ are you doing for next vacation? ---I’m going to Tibet for a week.

A. Where B. What C. How long D. Why

( )74. My sister and I _____ a vacation this summer.

A. are taking B. is taking C. are have D. is having

( )75. That piece of music sounds _______.

A. beautifully B. happily C. nice D. pretty

( )76. ——May I ask some questions _______ that thing. ——Sure!

A. of B. for C. about D. to

( )77. I don’t know that boy _____ can dance well.

A. this B. who C. what D. where

( )78. He is a ______ star, everyone here knows him.

A. interesting B. exciting C. funny D. famous

( )79. I ____ you can get better soon.

A. wish B. hope C. hear D. would

( )80. My brother _____ with his friends tomorrow if it ________.

A. is going to hike, won’t rain B. is going hiking, doesn’t rain

C. will go hiking , won’t rain D. goes hiking, doesn’t rain

( )81. —My grandparents live in a village nearby. — I usually go ____ them once a week.

A. sees B. seeing C. saw D. to see

( )82. I’m interested in animals, so I ____ every Saturday working in an animal hospital.

A. pay B. get C. take D. spend

( )83. ——_______ have you been here? ——For a month.

A. How often B. How far C. How long D. How soon

( )84.——Sorry, I don’t /返回)your book on time.” —— “__________.”

A. I agree with you B. It doesn’t matter C. You’re welcome D. That’s a good idea

( )85. We went to the country ____ a very cold morning.

A. at B. in C. on D. for

( )86. ---What’s he doing for vacation? ---He ________ his brother.

A. is babysit B. babysitting C. babysitted D. is babysitting

( )87. She _____ going to have a trip, finally decided on going boating.

A. thought about B. thought over C. thought for D. thought of

( )88. ____ did you like the trip to Hainan?

A. When B. What C. Where D. How

( )89. They decided ________ a meeting next Monday.

A. have B. on have C. having D. to have

( )90. Jim, with his friends ____ going fishing this afternoon.

A. am B. are C. is D. were

( )91. Would you like ____ with me?

A. go surfing B. go surf C. to go surfing D. going surfing

( )92. That boy likes ______, he often goes _____ on weekends.

A. fish, fish B. fishing, fishing C. fish, fishing D. fishing, fish

( )93. I know there are many people there _______ speak English.

A. where B. whose C. what D. who

( )94. I often forget _______ my keys.

A. bring B. take C. to bring D. taking

( )95. That house is empty. There is _______ in it.

A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing

( )96. There __________ a football game this afternoon.

A. will have B. is going to be C. has D. have

( )97. Yesterday I saw _______ enjoy _______ in the park.

A. her, hers B. they, them C. she, herself D. them, themselves

( )98. Lucy and Lily are twins. Lucy likes playing basketball. _______ Lily doesn’t.

A. and B. as C. but D. or

( )99. ——Excuse me. Look at the sign “ NO PHOTOS!” ——Sorry, I _______ it.

A. don’t see B. didn’t see C. haven’t seen D. won’t see

( is coming.

Two _____ students in our school will go to the beach.

A. hundred B. hundreds C. hundred of D. hundreds of


1-5 DBDAC 6-10 BCABC 11-15 CADCC 16-20BCCCD

21-25DCABD 26-30 CCDBD 31-35 ACCDB 36-40 CABBD 41-45 CCBAB 46-50 DBBDC 51-55 DCADB 56-60 CDBBB 61-65 DBCDC 66-70 BCACB 71-75 CCBAC 76-80 CBDBB 81-85 DDCBC 86-90 DADDC 91-95 CBDCD 96-100 BDCBA

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