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七年级上 units1---4

Teaching aims:

重点单词:Important words:

Sit ____ look____ borrow ____ orange _______ little ______


Open_____ draw______ write______ happy_____ sad_______


Right______ hurt_____ toothache______ foot_______ like______

change the form of the new words:

That— _ (复数) friend—_(adj.)--_(反义词)

borrow—_(反义词) close—_(adj.)—_(反义词)

happy—_(n.)--_(反义词) foot—_(复数)



How many/much ________ get up_________ go to school ________

Have breakfast/lunch/supper________ do one's homework_____________

Be hungry/thirsty__________ be the same________ want to do sth.____

On a Saturday morning___________ have a headache ________ would like



*Greeting and saying good-bye.(打招呼与告别)

1.---How are you? 2.---Nice to meet you.

--I'm fine,thank you. ---Nice to meet you,too. *Talking about colour.(谈论颜色)

1.---what color is it? 2.what's your favourite color? 3.how many

colors do you like?

---It's red. ---It' blue. ---Three.they're ...

*Talking about height.(谈论高度)

1. ---Are you short or tall? 2.How tall are you?

---I'm short /tall. ---I'm 1.6 meters tall.

*Seeing a doctor.(看病)

1.what's the matter? 2.How are you today?

---I cut my finger/knee.it hurts. ---I have backache.

*Having meals.(用餐)

1.Would you like some dumplings? 2. Are you ready to order?

---No ,thanks./yes,please. ---Yes,please.I'd


3.I'd like porridge for breakfast. 4.It's delicious. 5.What

would you like for supper?


1.be (am/is/are) 的用法。

2. 2.How many&how much的用法区别



5. 一般现在时态的用法。

Teaching steps:



Play a game “Sam says” with classes.

Step 2:New lessons:

Chech the new words and phrases in the class.

Role-play the expressions in groups.

Sum up the grammar by themselves.

Step 3:Consolidation:

Finish the exercises.

一.用be(is, am,are)动词的适当形式填空。

写出三个be动词: _____ _____ _____

口诀: 我(I)用_____, 你(you)用________,

is 跟着他( ) ,她( ) ,它( ),

单数 is, 复数are,勿忘be的三变化 1)I ______ a boy. ______ you a boy? No, I _____ not.

2)The girl______ Jack's sister.

3)The dog _______ tall and fat.

4)The man with big eyes _______ a teacher.

5)______ your brother in the classroom?

6)How _______ your father?

7)Mike and Liu Tao ______ at school.

8)Whose dress ______ this?

9)Whose socks ______ they?--- his.

10)Who ______ I?

11)The jeans ______ on the desk.

12)Here ______ a scarf for you.

13)Here ______ some sweaters for you.

14)The black gloves ______ for Su Yang.

15)This pair of gloves ______ for Yang Ling.

16)The two cups of milk _____ for me.

17)Some tea ______ in the glass.

18)Gao Shan's shirt _______ over there.

19)My sister's name ______Nancy.

22)There ______ some apples on the tree.

23)_______ there any apple juice in the bottle?

24)There _______ some bread on the plate.

25)You, he and I ______ from China.

26)There _______ a boy, two girls, three men and ten women in the park.



1.I have a ball.(否定句)


2.We have a big balloon. (一般疑问句)


3. They have three glues. (否定句)


4.Kate and Lisa have two bags. (一般疑问句)




1. 第三人称单数: wash_________ match _______guess______ study______ finish_________ go________ snow______ carry_________


2.写出下列动词的过去式:stop______ see________ drive ________let_______ carry______ keep_____ join______ find_______ think________ teach______ catch______

3. 写出下列动词的现在分词形式: stay_______ begin______ forget_______ forget______ lie________ die _______ run_______ prefer______ give________

ring_______ dance______ hope_______

II. 用所给动词的适当形式填空:

1.I ________(write) to you as soon as I _______(get) to London.

2. He doean’t feel well and ____________(not eat) any food this morning.

3. He ______ not _______(see) me come in, for he ___________(read) something with great interest.

4. I _________(l;et) you have the book as soon as I _________(finish) it.

5. While we ________(wait) for our teacher, a little boy ________(run) up to us.

6. Don’t make a niose. Grandpa __________(sleep).

7.It’s seven now, Tom’s family__________(watch) TV.

8. It ________(take) me two hours to finish my homework last night.

9. What ______ your mother _______(do) at eight yesterday evening? She _______(wash) clothes.

10. _______ it ______ (rain) when school was over yesterday?

11. What _______(do) _______ tomorrow? We ________ (play) football. Step4.Homework

Finish the exercise


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