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六年级英语How do you go there

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人教PEP小学六年级 2010-2011学年度 上学期

Unit 1 How do you go there?

1. 掌握下列短语的用法:on foot, by bike, by bus, by train, by plane, by ship, by subway 2. 学会运用本课句型: —How do you go to…? —I go by…

1. 描述自己如何去某地; 2. 以下频度副词的用法:always, usually, often, sometimes, never

Let’s chant
How do you go to school? Sometimes by bike, Sometimes by car, But I never go by train. How do you get to Paris? Never on foot, never by bike, Always by car, bus, or plane.

New words

on foot
I go to school on foot every day.

I go to school by bike every day.

I go to school by bus every day.

I go to Shanghai by train.

I go to Beijing by plane.

My mother goes to ship. She goes to Japan by work by subway every day.

I’m a bird. I can fly. I’m big and hard. I don’t eat. What am I?

I live in the sea. I can swim very fast. But I’m not a fish. I’m a traffic tool. What am I?

I’m a traffic tool. I’m very long. What am I ?

It’s a kind of train. It’s under the ground. It runs fast. What’s this?

A: How do you go to …?

B: I go to … ____________ .

Listen again and answer the following questions.
1. Is Sarah’s home near or far? 2. How does Sarah go to school?
3. How does Liu go to school?

How do you go to school? 你怎样去上学?

— How does your mother go to work? — She goes to work by bus.

判断下列句子对错,并指出错在哪里: 1. Daming usually goes to school by a bike.


2. I go often home on foot.


3. My brother takes a car to work every day.

4. How do your sister come here?


1. 表示乘坐某种交通工具时,在介词by后 面直接加上这种交通工具的名称,不需要 加其他任何词; 2. Often等副词应该放在动词的前面; 3. take + a +(交通工具名称)也可以表示 乘坐某种交通工具; 4. 当主语为单数第三人称时,助动词要用 does。


1. —H_____ can we get to the post ow office?

—You can take the No.2 bus.

2. John g ____ to school at six o’clock oes

every day. 3. Mr. Smith is leaving Suzhou for
by plane Beijing __________ (乘飞机) .

4. How strange (奇怪) the black dog is! It has five ________ (脚). feet 5. Sometimes Miss White rides a

______ (自行车) to the farm near bike here.

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